Monday morning rehab

I am a little slow this Monday.

But there are plenty of MMR updates to get to, including another Cadillac Williams update.

So much speculation is swirling around Caddy this offseason about whether or not he will be able to return to football after suffering a devastating knee injury last season. Coming out of college, I really thought he would be a great back in the NFL and it looked like he was destined to be a great one at the start of his career. But he hit a wall, struggled with some minor injuries and then *pow*, he suffered a career-threatening injury.

What do y’all think? Can Cadillac regain his previous form and be a starting runningback in the league again? Or is he destined to be a back-up or, even worse, out of the league?

Check the MMR for the Caddy update and more after the jump. Continue reading


Weekly Haze

Here are this week’s great reads:

  • Matt Ryan to the New York Jets at No. 6? I just do not see it. [RotoWorld]
  • In case you missed it, Chris Henry got himself in trouble again. And the Bengals finally cut ties with this guy. [Shutdown Corner]
  • Why Oakland should take Darren McFadden in the first round. [NFL FanHouse]
  • Maybe a Brett Favre comeback is not completely out of the question. [ProFootballTalk]
  • Why Miami should not take Matt Ryan in the first round. [Shot to Nothing]
  • Some statistics comparing fantasy football to fantasy baseball. [The Fantasy Football Geek Blog]
  • Is NFL Players Union Executive Director Gene Upshaw on the way out? One only can hope. [Every Morning Quarterback]

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Monday morning rehab

Sorry this is so late this morning. I had the bachelor’s party this weekend down in New Orleans, moved into a new apartment and ran back to New Orleans again this morning to get her ring engraved. Craziness!

So the wedding is Saturday, for those who care, which means my blogging schedule might be a little wacky this week. I want to finish the last early mock draft before the wedding, so I will try to get that out tomorrow. The Weekly Haze should run as scheduled on Wednesday. However, after Wednesday the blog will be on hiatus until I get back from the honeymoon, which is next Friday, March 28.

Now, onto the rehab, and there are some big names on the list this week. Hit the jump to see more. Continue reading

Let the Aaron Rodgers era begin

As reported everywhere this morning, the great Brett Favre has decided to hang up his cleats. This news follows one of his best seasons on record, which was even more impressive given how his skills seemed to diminish the last few years. Favre and the Packers came within one game of the Super Bowl.

The news also comes conspicuously after the Packers failed — again — to employ the services of wide receiver Randy Moss. Favre advocated acquiring Moss last year before he was traded to the Patriots and again this offseason when Moss became a free agent. According to reports, the Philadelphia Eagles came closest to luring Moss away from New England before Moss decided to stay with the Pats. Continue reading

Monday morning rehab

Football season never really ends anymore.

With the coverage received by the NFL Scouting Combine, free agency and the NFL Draft, the NFL offseason never is a dull place. Before you know it, rookies and veterans alike will be reporting to camps all across the nation in preparation for the 2008 season.

Some of those players are healthy, and some of them are not. Monday morning rehab takes a look at the not-so-healthy among those players, particularly the players with fantasy value for those of you in keeper and/or dynasty leagues. Hit the jump for this week’s updates. Continue reading

NFL Draft order finalized

The 2008 NFL Draft order has been finalized thanks to the all-powerful coin flip, which was needed to break the ties between Atlanta, Oakland and Kansas City. Lucky for us, we nailed the draft order in our early mock draft. Take that, coin flip.

The beauty of this news is that it also gives us the order for The Hazean’s second-annual NFL mock draft. As of right now, this only is a one-round mock and this post is going to be a massive link dump. Hit the jump to see the first-round draft order and please take some time to visit our contestants. Continue reading

Beginning of the end for LT2?

So can we all get up off LaDainian Tomlinson’s back now? According to RotoWorld:

LaDainian Tomlinson pulled out of February’s Pro Bowl due to a torn MCL. He will not be recovered for the next six weeks.

He was replaced on the AFC roster by Willis McGahee, who will make his first Pro Bowl appearance. LT doesn’t need surgery, but will be sidelined longer than original estimates. His quadriceps reportedly atrophied while playing in the AFC Championship. Still, Tomlinson should be ready for spring work. This is the first significant injury of LT2’s seven-year career.

This news might not offer a reprieve for Tomlinson following his less-than-heroic performance in the AFC Championship game against the Patriots. What particularly hurts Tomlinson is the fact that his quarterback played without an ACL in a knee he injured the previous week. Continue reading