Five fantasy football tools to use in 2008

Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, hit the gym more often or stop biting your fingernails. Maybe you want to save more money this year, implement a household conservation plan or study harder.

Or maybe you decided that it is time to win more often in all of your fantasy football leagues. Hey, to each his own.

If the latter is the case and you want to add it to your self-improvement list for this year and beyond, there are five essential tools across the internets that all fantasy footballers should employ. Hit the jump to learn more about these tools. Continue reading


Weekly Haze

Good luck to all those playing championships in week 17! Here are this week’s hot reads:

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Start & Sit: Week 16

I have to go to the doctor today to get the results of my MRI, so I will not be able to get the start/sit column up.

I know this is a terrible inconvenience given that this is championship week for most fantasy owners, so check out the Fantasy Football Librarian’s start/sit links. I think she will post a consensus start/sit column later today, which also should be able to help fantasy owners in need.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but check back next week for an update on The Hazean’s offseason content.

Good luck to all those playing this weekend!

Start & Sit: Week 15

Whew! Sorry this is so late.

First, for those of us still playing fantasy football, congratulations! Several fantasy owners are deep in the playoffs now. Remember, trust your gut and instinct when decided who to start and sit, now more than ever.

Mother nature is going to throw some curve balls at fantasy owners everywhere this weekend. Here are a few guys you may consider using given the bad weather (particularly in the Northeast).

Start ’em


  • Kurt Warner @ Saints: If Chris Redman can torch the Saints’ secondary, Warner should have a field day in a game that means everything for both teams.
  • Vince Young @ Chiefs: It is do or die time for the Titans, which means Young must step up his game. Tennessee’s playoff hopes rest on his shoulders now. Continue reading

Start & Sit: Week 14

The playoffs are here!!!

Every week from here on out is a one-game season. Now, more than ever, fantasy owners need to be diligent, trust their instincts and make the right roster decisions. If you have any of these guys on your playoff team, take notice:

Start ’em


  • Kellen Clemens v. Browns: You likely did not make it to the playoffs because of Clemens, or any of the Jets for that matter. But if you are in a pinch this weekend, Clemens does have a good matchup and has been playing better lately.
  • Marc Bulger @ Bengals: Bulger is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game. If he plays, he should exploit a terrible Bengals’ secondary. This game should be fun to watch, if nothing else. Continue reading

Start & Sit: Week 13

This is it. The final weekend in most fantasy football leagues. This could be the week that makes or breaks so many fantasy seasons, while other owners might be sitting pretty or eager to improve their playoff seeding (yours truly).

It is crunch time. Here are some guys to take a look at on this oh-so-important weekend:

Start ’em


  • Matt Schaub @ Titans: With Schaub at the helm and Andre Johnson in the fold, this offense is capable of good things.
  • Kurt Warner v. Browns: Warner lit it up last weekend against the 49ers secondary and get to do the same this weekend against a worse secondary. Continue reading

Start & Sit: Week 12

Due to technical difficulties, this weekend’s version of Start/Sit will not be available. Unfortunately, life has intervened these last few days.

Sorry for the inconvenience, especially being so close to the playoffs. The Start/Sit column will return for next weekend’s games.