May fantasy mock draft

So I realize the last two months or so have been all about the NFL Draft. And that is fine and all, but it is about time to get back to the good stuff: fantasy mock drafts.

Aaron Kadkhodai from The Microcosm joined me with the even-numbered picks in this mock draft. Take a second to head over to his blog for all kinds of content, mostly humorous. I even do a little side blogging over there with some Hell’s Kitchen recaps and other random goodies.

The last time I put out a mock, it felt a little rusty and off-the-mark. Now that free agency and the NFL Draft are behind us, I am feeling much better about this mock draft. See if you agree after the jump.

  1. LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, Chargers: No Michael Turner = more playing time for Tomlinson? Maybe not with the multi-talented Darren Sproles and the newly-acquired everyman Jacob Hester on the depth chart behind LT2. But you know LT2 will get his, as long as he can avoid injury.
  2. Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings: I see no reason for a sophomore slump. I think he may exceed his numbers from last year and the Vikings are only getting better. He’s a hoss.
  3. Steven Jackson, RB, Rams: Dude was supposed to challenge LT2’s numbers last year. Got hurt, missed a lot of time, but came back and finished strong. If the Rams’ can improve the offensive line somehow, SJax should be able to roam free.
  4. Tom Brady, QB, Patriots: Even though in the past QBs have had stellar years and then tapered off, I don’t expect this from Brady. After losing the Super Bowl there should be the same intensity and fire in the Patriots’ eyes. I get the feeling they will maintain the same course as last year, with the exception of rather than trying to win them all, trying to perfect their team for postseason play. I think, though the numbers won’t be as great as last year, Brady will still be the top QB and I will make the rare QB first-round pick.
  5. Joseph Addai, RB, Colts: Somebodies injury history and propensity still concerns me despite a strong 2007 season, so Addai is the pick here. Still an up-and-coming star, Addai has been more than lucrative as the starting runningback for the high-powered Colts’ offense. Hopefully, someone in the AFC South will challenge Indy this year, which would keep Addai on the field through the fantasy playoffs.
  6. Jamal Lewis, RB, Browns: Last year, Jamal proved to me that he is back in the saddle again. He has finally shrugged off prison and is a quiet football star waiting for his moment. With the offensive talent that surrounds him at the receiver position, he should explode with a lot of stats. Nine TDs rushing last year, will become 12 + this year as defenses focus on the Browns’ significant passing game.
  7. Brain Westbrook, RB, Eagles: Value, value, value. If Westy falls this far in the first round, consider yourself a lucky man/woman/being. Yes, he does have the ever-popular injury concerns. But he started and played in 15 games last year and was a fantasy stud. The reward greatly outweighs the risk here at No. 7.
  8. Randy Moss, WR, Patriots: It looks like a winning combination. Although defenses try their best to stop Randy Dandy Moss, it just can’t happen against an offense with this kind of versatility. He will get at least 16 TDs and 1000 yards. That makes him a reliable starting receiver every week. It adds something special to a fantasy team to have a receiver that averages at least 80 yards a game with a TD (but I expect Moss’ numbers to be more like 100 yards with a TD).
  9. Larry Johnson, RB, Chiefs: So far, my picks have been pretty straight-forward and solid (Tomlinson, Jackson, Addai and Westbrook), but this may be my first risk. LJ was less than great after his lengthy hold-out on a bad football team. Did the Chiefs improve enough this offseason? That remains to be seen. High risk, high reward: It all hinges on that offensive line and Brodie Croyle.
  10. Marion Barber, RB, Dallas: This pick should be solid. As a No. 10, I don’t feel I am taking too much of a risk. He has been a resilient, powerful runner for a while and without Julius Jones in the backfield he should be able to emerge from the shadows and take a spot in the limelight. Dallas is going to be potent and Barber scores TDs and racks up yards at nearly 5 a carry. Could be similar numbers to last year if taking a full time starting role backfires, but I expect a strong performance to compliment the passing game.
  11. Peyton Manning, QB, Colts: Several good runners still are available at this point in the draft, and the person picking at No. 11 could scoop one up after the turn. So why not grab the guy who arguably is the best quarterback in the league year-after-year? Yes, Tom Brady did surpass him last year, but this Manning is the most consistent of all the quarterbacks available and will battle Brady et al for top dog again this season.
  12. Willis McGahee, RB, Ravens: I expect that the Ravens are going to have a re-emergent year. Maybe not stellar, but playoff possibilities. I look for Willis to have his strongest year to date. He is nearing that period in most running backs careers in which they shine the brightest. That point where youth and experience meet to form the best two or three years in a RBs career. Barring an injury, I see McGahee posting some strong numbers.

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12 Responses

  1. The best pick in this draft has got to be Peyton @ 11. It’s obvious that running backs are a hot topic, but with someone who can easily average 10 more points than most other QBs, he’s a steal at #11.

  2. I like the list…but I’d add, and I realize this is a stretch pick, Maurice Jones-Drew. He won’t go in the top 12 of any fantasy drafts but the guy is a beast and with Fred Taylor at 32 years old (will be 33 next January), it’s only a matter of time before Jones-Drew becomes the primary back. I think he’ll be right up there with Marion Barber as sure things for 10+ TD’s in ’08, and he also could be a 2000 total yard type of guy if Taylor misses considerable time.

  3. Hey Hazey! Thanks for the Football Jabber feed on the side there! I’m going to do something soon with fantasy feeds that I will be sure to have yours in!

  4. Nice work! I think that Brady and Moss are too high, as I can’t see a repeat performance this year. I would say that Manning deserves to be taken number one QB no matter what, but who the heck knows what is going to happen with Harrison. I also wouldn’t take Jamal Lewis that high, but I think he is going to be a solid fantasy option. I am going to be posting up a mock in the next few days, hopefully, so check it out!

  5. I don’t like Lewis that high. Last year, he had to be gritty to get his last payday. I’d have Gore bouncing back into the list and I agree, if MJD ever gained a more prominent role, he’d be in the list.

  6. Guys who just missed the cut in this mock: MJD, Frank Gore, Marshawn Lynch, Clinton Portis, Braylon Edwards?

  7. I like your top 5. Those guys will be hard to choose between with one of those spots.

    I also wonder if SJax might fall in a lot of drafts this year to around the Larry Johnson level just because people don’t want to touch last year’s damaged goods. Of course, you can’t really drop his ranking just because people will forget about him, but he could be a steal later in the draft.

    Randy Moss worries me even though he is deservedly ranked in the first round. I think I’d rather take a RB than him in the first round. While we all know he can put it in for a TD, Moss also could get shut down more often this year. Not sure if I can trust him to be my stud and base my team around him.

  8. I like that some of my draft picks were not favored here. I definitely do not follow the pack with my picks and sometimes I get screwed, but sometimes it proves to be golden.

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  12. Why are you not drafting all RBS 1st round in a 12 team league? With the amount of running back by committee teams increasing, RB1 getting most of the carries is even lower. You cannot win in a 12 team league without a solid RB1 who gets most of the carries. If you dont draft them in the 1st round, somebody will draft in the 2nd before you and leave you with a running back by committee back as your primary RB. Tom Brady in the first round is also foolish given that defenses in the league will be more effective against the Pats passing game this year and the Pats have all but stated that they will be running the ball a lot more.

    Horrible mock draft.

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