Early fantasy mock draft

Maybe the NFL withdrawl is getting to me early this year. I rolled out an early NFL mock draft over the last month or so, and now the fantasy mock draft bug is biting at me.

Sometimes, you just gotta go with the flow. A number of other blogs/sites have been rolling out fantasy mock drafts already, so I figure it is time to try my hand at this. Granted, most fantasy leagues will not start drafting until August, so this is subject to change over the next few months.

With change in mind, this fantasy mock draft will get updated every month as we approach the 2008 season. Change will happen via free agency and the 2008 NFL draft among other things.

But as much as things change, some things do remain the same: Like the guy at the top of this fantasy mock draft. This mock is for a standard 12-team league with six points for every touchdown (even passing touchdowns). Hit the jump to see the entire first round.

  1. LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, Chargers: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Someone wise said that and it certainly applies to the Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson. Yes, he is aging but continues to produce consistently and is at the top of his class yet again. The departure of Michael Turner could mean more playing time for Tomlinson, which may or may not be a good thing.
  2. Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings: It may not be much longer until Peterson annually graces the top of this list. But not yet. The rookie came on strong in 2007 behind one of the best offensive lines in the league. The offense should remain mostly intact for 2008, which gives ADP the opportunity to run free once again.
  3. Joseph Addai, RB, Colts: If only someone in the AFC South would challenge the Colts for the division title down the stretch — those are the words fantasy owners proclaimed once again at the end of 2007 as Indianapolis rested its most important asset, Addai. The Jaguars and even Texans are closing the gap and could keep Addai playing well through the fantasy playoffs next season.
  4. Steven Jackson, RB, Rams: Jackson missed much of 2007 due to injury. Before getting hurt, his play was a little suspect. But after he returned from injury around midseason, SJax made his patient fantasy owners proud. He played well enough during the second half of the season to keep him near the top of drafts in 2008.
  5. Brian Westbrook, RB, Eagles: This is as high as Westy ever will be, because of the lingering injury concerns. Yes, he has put together back-to-back relatively injury-free seasons. But the shadow of doubt remains in most fantasy owners’ minds and will prevent Westy from going any higher.
  6. Tom Brady, QB, Patriots: It will not be long before the Golden Boy flies off the draft board in 2008. After tossing 50 touchdown passes in 2007, the chances of him even approaching that number in 2008 are slim-to-none. But numbers and hype drive many fantasy drafters, and no other player’s hype will eclipse that of Brady’s.
  7. Larry Johnson, RB, Chiefs: LJ had an off-year in 2007, which just happened to coincide with his lengthy training camp hold-out and new contract. He started slow …
  8. Peyton Manning, QB, Colts: Surprise! Manning not being the No. 1 quarterback off the board is a little bit of a surprise. But he is not the guy coming off a 50-touchdown season. Despite that, he had another year of fantastic numbers from the quarterback position and anything goes at the bottom of the first round, which makes this Manning a safe pick.
  9. Frank Gore, RB, 49ers: Gore may be a steal here, if he turns out to be the player eveyone thought he would be in 2007. Hopefully the 49ers can improve on offense, particularly in the passing game, to give Gore a little help in 2008. He is a safe pick near the end of the first round and may end up being a steal.
  10. Marshawn Lynch, RB, Bills: Lynch, like Peterson, burst onto the scene as a rookie in 2007. Despite playing on a sometimes inept offense, Lynch became the workhorse in Buffalo and figures to assume that role for seasons to come. He is an up-and-coming stud in this league who will find himself in the top half of fantasy drafts in the near future.
  11. Randy Moss, WR, Patriots: Moss makes his way back to first-round fantasy status if, and only if, he returns to the Patriots. His numbers are too hard to ignore and his presence guarantees that Tom Brady will be the first quarterback taken. But all bets are off if he leaves New England, for both he and Brady.
  12. Tony Romo, QB, Cowboys: Romo makes three quarterbacks in the first round. With six points per touchdown, Romo is a safe pick here as a player capable of single-handedly winning games for fantasy owners. As long as Terrell Owens plays up to par, Romo should have another solid season, challenging Brady and Manning as the league’s top quarterback.

Sorry that it has been a few days since my last post. The holiday weekend got to me and I have been apartment shopping and all that jazz, so you know how it goes.

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4 Responses

  1. […] The Hazean’s mock first round: Now this is more like it. Every pick makes sense to me. The only things I’d change would be to bump Addai (3) above Peterson (2), and to drop Peyton (8) down to 10 or so, which would slide Gore and Lynch up. To be honest, I really wouldn’t draft him in the first round at all this year. I truly believe he and Harrison had something special, and since Harrison doesn’t seem likely to ever be the threat he once was, I think Peyton’s numbers, while they’ll continue to be pretty great, won’t ever reach those astronomical 2004 levels again. […]

  2. Yikes. This will get a much needed overhaul next month.

  3. […] The Hazean posted his mock in mid-February with L.T. again leading and Tom Brady ranking sixth overall. Manning was eighth, and Tony Romo jumped in at 12. […]

  4. […] last time I put out a mock, it felt a little rusty and off-the-mark. Now that free agency and the NFL Draft are behind us, I […]

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