The 2007 NFL season

Found a video that is worth a blog post today. The condensed version of the 2007 NFL season. Enjoy:

H/T Shutdown Corner


Weekly Haze: Special edition

Another week, another awesome playoff-related video. This one courtesy of The NFL Guru:

I correctly chose the Jaguars, Seahawks and Chargers to advance last weekend, but misfired on the Giants. Still, three-out-of-four ain’t too shabby in my book and I thought I would give it another go this weekend. It is going to be a lot tougher, because these teams are really good, but here goes:

Packers > Seahawks
Patriots > Jaguars
Cowboys > Giants
Colts > Chargers

Man that is so boring, all the top-seeds advance. I would put the Cowboys and Colts on upset alert. I was too chicken to pull the trigger on picking the Giants and/or Chargers, but those games could go either way. Hell, all these games could go either way.

So, who ya got?


Weekly Haze

Good reads this week:

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This week’s video highlight brought to you by Signal to Noise:

Monday Nighting

This week’s start and sit column is in the works and should be up by lunch. Until then, enjoy this fantasy football inspired video:

H/T: Signal to Noise

Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller: November 27, 2007

The Hazean is proud to roll out a new video feature every week: Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller courtesy of the Versus network.

Check back every week for more great Dennis Miller videos, and enjoy!

Dennis Miller Interviews Michael Irvin and Denny McLain On VersusWatch the best video clips here

Note: Click the link to watch the video, for some reason the embedding feature is not working for me.

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Weekly Haze

Here are some things making news this week:

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And finally, you cannot have Thanksgiving without a little John Madden … or at least an impersonation of him:

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The magic of Brett Favre

If you missed it, shame on you.

Brett Favre did it again on Monday Night Football, and here is the video proof:

H/T: The NFL Guru

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