Championship weekend afterthoughts

I have less thoughts this weekend, mostly because of the crazy-busy nature of my weekend. The fiancee and I have been running around doing stuff to get ready for the wedding in two months.

But I did get to watch football this weekend which was a blessing. The football season is winding down now with only two teams remaining (Patriots and Giants, if you did not know already), of which I correctly chose one last week.

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Championship weekend

Last weekend I got screwed again. I went two-for-two on Saturday but laid an egg on Sunday. To be fair, I did put the Colts and Cowboys on upset alert, but I did not have the guts to pick either the Chargers or Giants.

So what about this weekend?

Green Bay > New York Giants
New England > San Diego

Brett Favre versus Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. How fun would that be?!? It seems inevitable that one of these two teams will falter this weekend given that it seems everyone is picking the Packers and Patriots for the Super Bowl. If I had to pick against one of the two, I would pick against the Packers.

But, alas, I will go with the favorites once again.

Who ya got?

Second-round playoff afterthoughts

I do not have the technology to live blog. Alas, I am tied down to the immobile desktop PC and like to move around from place-to-place during the weekends, while the wifey-to-be owns the rights to the laptop (which I used last weekend to record my thoughts live because I would have forgotten them by the end of the weekend).

So this is as close to live blogging as it comes for me. These thoughts of mine were, at one time, live and fresh. Yes, they may be fresh-frozen now, but I guarantee your satisfaction in the quality of my product. Or not. Whatever. Just read ’em after the jump, OK? Thanks a bunch. Continue reading

Weekly Haze: Special edition

Another week, another awesome playoff-related video. This one courtesy of The NFL Guru:

I correctly chose the Jaguars, Seahawks and Chargers to advance last weekend, but misfired on the Giants. Still, three-out-of-four ain’t too shabby in my book and I thought I would give it another go this weekend. It is going to be a lot tougher, because these teams are really good, but here goes:

Packers > Seahawks
Patriots > Jaguars
Cowboys > Giants
Colts > Chargers

Man that is so boring, all the top-seeds advance. I would put the Cowboys and Colts on upset alert. I was too chicken to pull the trigger on picking the Giants and/or Chargers, but those games could go either way. Hell, all these games could go either way.

So, who ya got?


First-round playoff afterthoughts

I watched as much NFL playoff football as I could this weekend in between taking care of the misses — who had her ONE wisdom tooth removed — and rubbing elbows with her family. It is a good thing the fantasy regular season is over, because I am not sure I could handle any more stress this weekend (and we all know family in-law fantasy can push a man over the edge).

But I do miss regular season fantasy football because playoff fantasy football just does not do it for me. But I still play, because it is something to do and I know the fantasy drought is coming soon (I could and do play fantasy baseball, but come on … we all know fantasy football is king).

So I tried to observe the games as closely as I could and take as much, or no, fantasy relevance as possible from each snap of the four games. This is what I came up with, feel free to comment/agree/disagee/care/care not after the jump. Continue reading