Second-round playoff afterthoughts

I do not have the technology to live blog. Alas, I am tied down to the immobile desktop PC and like to move around from place-to-place during the weekends, while the wifey-to-be owns the rights to the laptop (which I used last weekend to record my thoughts live because I would have forgotten them by the end of the weekend).

So this is as close to live blogging as it comes for me. These thoughts of mine were, at one time, live and fresh. Yes, they may be fresh-frozen now, but I guarantee your satisfaction in the quality of my product. Or not. Whatever. Just read ’em after the jump, OK? Thanks a bunch.

Similar to last week, here are my (un)live thoughts regarding things fantasy and other which occured during the NFL Divisional playoff round:

  • Well, I did not get to watch the Green Bay – Seattle game. I was too busy playing Rock Band and NCAA Football 2008 on X Box 360. But, man, did Ryan Grant, Brett Favre and Greg Jennings look good?
  • Laurence Maroney (22-122-1, 2-40) is going to be taken a lot lower than he should next year in most fantasy drafts.
  • The torch finally may have been passed from Peyton Manning to Tom Brady. Brady should be the first quarterback taken in fantasy drafts next year.
  • But Randy Moss, though unimpressive against Jacksonville, will have a lot to do with whether or not Brady goes No. 1 among quarterbacks in next year’s fantasy drafts. If he leaves New England this offseason, all bets are off.
  • David Garrard was extremely impressive against the Patriots, thus improving his fantasy draft stock for next year. All this from a guy who was not drafted in most leagues in 2007, who now may make a case as a starting fantasy quarterback next season.
  • Does Fred Taylor have another season in him? I think Maurice Jones-Drew will eat more into Taylor’s time next year. MJD (6-19, 6-49) did not run great but ran hard against New England.
  • Alright, I will give Phillip Rivers (14-19-264-3-1) some credit. He looked like a poised veteran against the Colts, especially on third downs. But I still dislike the guy.
  • Michael Turner will be a rich man in 2008, but with $33.03 million in cap space the Chargers might re-sign the guy before he hits the market. And maybe they should after seeing LaDainian Tomlinson go down early with a knee injury.
  • Marvin Harrison will slip greatly in fantasy drafts next year, and — sadly — rightfully so. He sat out most of this year with a mysterious knee injury and could not stay on the field against San Diego.
  • Maybe Peyton Manning (33-48-402-4-2) will have something to say about Tom Brady going as the No. 1 quarterback in fantasy drafts next year. Manning’s two interceptions against the Chargers were tipped by his own receivers; otherwise, he had a fantastic game.
  • Who would have thought that Eli would be the last Manning playing football this season? Eli has improved his fantasy draft stock in 2008 with his impressive play in the latter part of this season.
  • How much longer does Terrell Owens have as an elite wide receiver? The guy is a freak of nature athletically, but the age factor is going to catch up with him sometime … maybe next year?
  • Speaking of the Cowboys, why in the world would you (Tony Romo) throw the ball to Terry Glenn — who played in ZERO games this season — on fourth down with the game on the line?
  • Ahmad Bradshaw had another impressive showing as the Giants’ second runningback, all but guaranteeing him more PT next year.
  • Marion Barber (27-129-1) gave fantasy owners a preview of 2008 with an impressive showing, although the Giants did a good job of containing him in the second half of the game.



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