First-round playoff afterthoughts

I watched as much NFL playoff football as I could this weekend in between taking care of the misses — who had her ONE wisdom tooth removed — and rubbing elbows with her family. It is a good thing the fantasy regular season is over, because I am not sure I could handle any more stress this weekend (and we all know family in-law fantasy can push a man over the edge).

But I do miss regular season fantasy football because playoff fantasy football just does not do it for me. But I still play, because it is something to do and I know the fantasy drought is coming soon (I could and do play fantasy baseball, but come on … we all know fantasy football is king).

So I tried to observe the games as closely as I could and take as much, or no, fantasy relevance as possible from each snap of the four games. This is what I came up with, feel free to comment/agree/disagee/care/care not after the jump.

  • Seattle cornerback Marcus Trufant is going to be a rich man this offseason. Personally, I would like to see the Saints make a run at him in free agency AND draft a young cornerback in the first round of the NFL draft.
  • If D.J. Hackett can stay healthy, he could be a top-1o fantasy wide receiver. In Seattle’s pass-happy offense, Hackett appears to be Matt Hasselbeck’s favorite target — that is, when he plays.
  • Eli Manning finally looks like a quarterback coming-of-age. But it is frustrating how he still under-throws so many passes.
  • David Garrard looked good, then looked like Ben Roethlisberger terrible, then became a legend against Pittsburgh. I am not sure how great a fantasy option he will be next year, but if the Jaguars can improve the receiving corps he will be worth owning in all leagues.
  • Speaking of Ben Roethlisberger, the guy is hard to figure out. He had a great 2007, but sometimes looks like the Big Ben of last year. It might be a young quarterback thing, though, because Tony Romo had his stinkers this year, too.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw could eat into Brandon Jacobs’ PT next year the way he is running the ball against the Bucs today and over the last few weeks of the regular season.
  • It is too bad Antwaan Randle-El cannot be more consistent. The guy has serious skills.
  • I knew Vince Young was going to start against the Chargers. He is too tough. VY could be one of the best fantasy quarterbacks in the game if he can improve his passing. But that is what we said about Michael Vick, too.
  • The Titans need to add play-makers not named Vince Young on offense next year. Desperately.
  • I really hate dislike Phillip Rivers. And I am not alone.



2 Responses

  1. marcus trufant…didn’t even realize he was going to be a free agent. there’s been so much talk about asante samuels (like we could even afford him.) but i think marcus would be a good start to rebuilding the saints “burn me like toast” secondary.

  2. i grew up in LA, so it’s taken me a long time to get into football…but i think im settling into being a chargers fan because of proximity, and they used to be in la, and i saw LT on 60 minutes and he seems like a stand up guy….but its not easy falling into it…chargers is a stupid name, and jeez have you heard their theme song?? plus, i hate san diego…so….yeah….

    go chargers!

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