Start & Sit: Week 1

Let the anxiety begin.

With NFL preseason 2007 in the books and fantasy football drafts over and done, the time is now for fantasy owners everywhere to prepare their rosters for the action. The Hazean is going to offer a weekly column with some advice on who to start and who to bench, and here is the first edition.

Start ’em


  1. Peyton Manning versus New Orleans: I know, Captain Obvious. But we may as well get this out of the way now … this Manning should never see your bench.
  2. Drew Brees at Indianapolis: Brees is playing against Peyton this week, which means one thing: shoot-out. Expect impressive aerial displays and lots of points by both units Thursday night.


  1. Willis McGahee at Cincinnati: This is McGahee’s first game as a Raven, and he should see quite the workload against the Bengals’ suspect defense.
  2. Larry Johnson at Houston: LJ said he might not be ready physically for week one, but I do not believe him. Besides, Kansas City has no passing game. He is a stud, start him no matter what.

Wide receivers

  1. Marvin Harrison/Reggie Wayne versus New Orleans: You know Harrison and Wayne are going to light it up Thursday night. These guys go as Peyton Manning goes, which means you should start them every week.
  2. Terrell Owens versus New York Giants: You think TO will be ready for this game? Finally, an offseason with very little TO drama. He seems more mature, and it helps that Tony Romo loves throwing the ball to him.


  1. Oakland versus Detroit: Oakland has one of the most under-rater defensive units in the league. Expect them to make a statement at home for the 2007 season against Mike Martz’s pass-happy (and turnover friendly) offense.
  2. Minnesota versus Atlanta: The Falcons may be the 2007 version of the 2006 Houston Texans, but the Vikings have a good enough defense to start against anyone. Joey Harrington looked good in the preseason, but now the games count … expect a return to mediocrity.

Sit ’em


  1. Jon Kitna at Oakland: Everyone and their Mom has been drinking the Detroit Lions Kool-Aid this offseason. But do not sleep on Oakland, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. Kitna may throw a touchdown, but expect multiple turnovers as well.
  2. Ben Roethlisberger at Cleveland: Big Ben was terrible on the road last year, and until he proves otherwise this year, he should be on your bench when Pitt hits the road.


  1. Warrick Dunn at Minnesota: Dunn is aging and has a young back behind him in Atlanta, and it does not help that he is going against the Vikings defense in week 1. Plus, this will be the Falcons first real game sans Michael Vick, so we should see how the offense performs in the Joey Harrington era (read: not well).
  2. Cedric Benson at San Diego: You think teams are going to lay back to defend the potent passing attack of the Chicago Bears? Not likely. Benson is going to see a lot of attention as a result of having Rex Grossman at quarterback, and the Chargers D is one of the best in the business.

Wide receivers

  1. Randy Moss at New York Jets: Moss barely practiced this preseason, and Tom Brady is known for spreading the ball around. Do the math.
  2. Lee Evans versus Denver: Denver has two of the best cover-corners in the NFL in Champ Bailey and Dre’ Bly. Evans is going to get all the attention in the Buffalo passing-game.


  1. Denver at Buffalo: Despite having great cornerbacks, Denver’s D has been suspect this preseason. Now, we know it was just preseason, but we had to pick someone here.
  2. Carolina at St. Louis: Everyone’s favorite Super Bowl contender last year (Carolina) disappointed on offense and defense. Not much has changed on the defensive side this offseason, which certainly does not bode well for this matchup.

167 Responses

  1. Pretty decent calls here. Here are some other fools I’d add to this list:

    – Ladell Betts – he dominated last year when he got time & it’s pretty clear that Portis isn’t ready.

    – Clinton Portis – he isn’t ready
    – Steve McNair – with Ogden hurting Steve’s blind-side could be a problem
    – Ronnie Brown – looks like he’ll share carries with Chatman

  2. I like your Jon Kitna call, too many people are high on him and forget how good the Raiders defense was/is. The odds are heavily in favor of him having a bad game week 1.

  3. I currrently have Ahman Green, Reggie Bush, and Julius Jones for my Running Backs. I am going to start Reggie and Julius Jones for Week One any thought on when to go with Ahman?


    -The Maz

  4. I’d go with Ahman week 1 instead of Julius Jones!

  5. ok guys…i have Vince Young against Jags and Brett Favre against Philly. Who starts? I also have Jags D, so I was leaning toward starting Favre. What say you?

  6. Definitely start the Jags D, and go with Favre against Philly.

  7. Thanks!!!

  8. Who shoul I start for week 1?
    Coles vs Pats
    Henderson vs Colts

  9. Oooh, tough call. Coles is an established WR1 on his team, while Henderson is WR2 on the Saints. I think Henderson is a more explosive player than Coles, but Coles’ gets it done. Despite the matchup concerns, I think you should start Coles … he is the go-to guy on the Jets.

  10. How about rookie RB’s? I have Lynch and A. Peterson. Should I wait to start these guys?

  11. Lynch would be the safer play since he already is the starter in Buffalo. But if you can, I would take the wait-and-see approach with the rooks.

  12. I have Maroney starting, i also have Marshan Lynch, Tatum Bell, Adrian Peterson (minn), who should be my second back starting??

  13. Great site.. real cool!

    For QB’s, I got Romo vs. Giants at home and Hasslebeck vs. Tampa Bay at home. Who should I start?


  14. I have to start Portis, Betts, or Tatum Bell. What do you think?

  15. Will: I think Marshawn Lynch is your best bet at RB2. Bell and Peterson are more in a time-share situation than Lynch, who is expected to carry the full load.

    asabagna: I like Romo against the Giants. I know Hasselbeck is a proven guy, but I think Romo has the potential to have a big year, and he certainly has weapons on offense (read: TO) at his disposal.

    Bob: Portis is the safest bet of those three. As far as we know, Portis still is the starting back in Washington. Even if he only sees 60 percent of the action, he should perform better than Bell, and hopefully Betts too.

  16. i have opition to start. D. Williams RB CAR, or Start V. Jackson WR SD, or M. Mummad WR CHI who should I start week 1 ?

  17. Do u think that Wes Welker would be a better starter then putting in Mark Clayton from the Ravens???

  18. Nick: Usually in a RB/WR flex position, RBs are way more valuable than WRs. Your position is a little tough because DeAngelo Williams is the second man of a RBBC and Vincent Jackson is the No. 1 WR for the Chargers. However, Jackson has a tough matchup in week 1, and it is much easier to get the RB the ball. I would hold my breath and go with Williams for week 1.

    Will: I do not think Welker is a better start than Clayton unless Clayton is not playing. All signs point to him starting this week. Keep an eye on it and make that decision on gameday, but I would go with Clayton if he is starting.

  19. what a great post! I will definitely be checking back to get more info.

  20. I like your blog, and am sorry I didn’t know about it last year. Very informative.

    I have Carolina and Jacksonville’s D…who would you sit this week? I’m leaning towards playing Carloina.

  21. style: Jacksonville is an easy call here against the Titans. The Rams offense is much more explosive and there are some serious question marks in Carolina, particularly the defense. Good luck!

  22. 3 backs, 1 spot. Who should start between Betts, Peterson (Minn), or Norwood? Who to start between Bernard Berrian and Devery Henderson?
    -Thanks…love the page

  23. Nick: Adrian Peterson has the best matchup of the three. Not sure what Washington is going to do about the RB situation, but you know Minnesota is going to use Peterson after the preseason he had. I would go with Henderson over Berrian because of the matchups (Henderson v. Indy, Berrian v. San Diego).

  24. Good stuff on your blog! Thanks.

    I need help on a flex starter this week in my PPR league: DeAngelo Williams, Tatum Bell, Kevin Curtis, or Isaac Bruce

  25. Chris:

    Usually with your Flex, you want to go RB. In this case, Williams and Bell are you options and it is a tough call. I like Bell a little more right now because he is the starter in Detroit, whereas Williams is RB2 in Carolina.

  26. Ok need one out these three WR – Henderson, Vincent Jackson or Berrian – which would you choose? TE – Witten or Watson? D – Denver, Minn or Wash? in week one

  27. I have Seattle defense. Should i use them this week against the Bucs?? or should i pick up the raiders D and use them against the lions? what do think will be the better play?? oh yea this site is awsome.

  28. Do I start Thomas jones or Marion Barber in week 1?

  29. Doc:

    I like Henderson out of you WR group … the other two have tough matchups. Witten is the right play at TE b/c is a primary option for Tony Romo, unlike Watson in New England. Minnesota is the best defensive play of the bunch b/c of their favorable matchup at home against Atlanta.


    I think you would be safe in using Seattle’s D against Tampa. I am not a big fan of the Tampa offense and Jeff Garcia should be good for a few turnovers. Seattle’s D plays well at home, too.


    Thomas Jones, unless he sits out. You want to start the guy who is a RB1 on his team.

  30. Thanks for answering my question before, what iam getting at is in my league I can start 2 RB, and 3WR or 1 RB and 4 WR or 3 RB and 2 WR whats my best opition for week 1, RBs are Maroney NE, J.Lewis CLE, D.Williams CAR, J.Norwood ATL. WRs are Fitzgerad ARI, J. Walker DEN, V. Jackon SD, Calvin Johnson DET, or M.Muhammad CHI Thanks Hazs. .

  31. I have a question at WR. Should I start Driver, Favre’s go to guy or Coles, Pennington’s go to guy? I had Driver picked to start but I know he’s got that foot injury and I’m weary that he won’t be 100% at game time.


  32. Good calls and the starts and sits. I have a tough call at RB and my flex this week with a choice between T. Jones, J. Jones, M. Lynch, and L. Betts. I’d normally lean towards T. Jones and Lynch, but T. Jones is coming off the injury and Lynch didn’t show much this preseason and they are both playing tough defenses, as is Betts. I need two, but could also sub in the WR I don’t play out of Clayton and Cotchery, but I try to avoid a WR when I have a RB. Which two would you take and who would you choose between Cotchery (tough D, but good stats in both games last year) and Clayton at WR?

  33. Nick:

    Go with 3 RBs and 2 WRs. Maroney, Lewis and Williams at RB, Fitz and Walker at WR.


    Tough call. I would wait until gametime on Sunday to decide. Driver is better than Coles, but if Driver is limited you should start Coles. If Driver is starting, though, I would take a chance on him.


    I would start Thomas Jones and Marshawn Lynch, despite the concerns. They are both RB1s and should see significant action. I like Clayton out of those two because of the matchup, but be sure to keep an eye on his injury status going into the game this week.

  34. Problem here: I’m currently starting Travis Henry for my main RB Slot.

    For the 2nd rb starter im looking at: Ronnie Brown, Ahman Green, Fred Taylor

    Who should i start as the 2nd?

  35. Ava:

    I would start Ronnie Brown, but Ahman Green is a close second. You might want to monitor the time share situation between Brown and Jesse Chatman the next few days before deciding.

  36. Ok. Yea the chatman thing put a big stain on Ronnie Brown this season. Either way it goes i think i’m going to start Ronnie week 1, if it doesn’t work out well, i’ll stick in ahman green, and still have fred taylor another 1k+rusher incase someone gets hurt.

    Lets hope Ronnie Brown puts up some good numbers!

    Thx haz

  37. Nice Site!

    Ok this is a PPR league so what would you do I got Lee Evans slotted to start, I know you have him as sit em cause of bailey but he might be against bly he lines up on the left side (evans) – bailey on right they usually don’t switch cb spots (i think). Anyway I have Jericho Cotchery, Matt Jones and Brandon Marshall on my bench – with that said who should play this spot ? ?

  38. I have some questions as to who my starting WRs should be in a 3 WR league. I have Chad Johnson as my #1 but am unsure as to my next 2. Right now I have Terry Glenn, Santonio Holmes, Anthony Gonzalez, Amani Toomer and Devin Hester. I am leaning towards Santonio Homes and Anthony Gonzalez. Thoughts?


  39. Jeff:

    Lee Evans is your best WR, so you have to start him regardless of the matchup. Of the other three, Cotchery > Jones > Marshall.

  40. Like Such As:

    You are on the money. Chad Johnson, Santonio Holmes and Anthony Gonzalez are your best bets.

  41. Great site! Hopefully you can help me out with 2 questions:

    1 – who should i start for WR in a 2 WR league?
    Chris Chambers
    Deion Branch
    Braylon Edwards
    Wes Welker

    2 – Which TE should I start Cooley or McMichael (I have Bulger as my QB)

    Thanks so much for your help!

  42. Ok I have Vince Young and Eli Manning at qb, which one do I start this week?

  43. Who would you start… Farve vs. the Eagles or Cutler @ the Bills?

  44. need to start 3 of these guys: driver, lynch, barber iii, cotchery, or holmes
    which two would be best bets?

  45. i meant which 3, not two

  46. Great stuff here. 2 questions, D and TE:

    At D, I have MIN v. s ATL and DAL vs. NYG

    At TE, I have LJ Smith v. GB and Owen Daniels v. KC.

    MIN seems like a slam dunk, but I always want to bet heavy against Eli when I get the chance.

    Do I wait for game time on Smith to see about the groin, or might Daniels have a big enough day v. KC to warrant a start over LJ?

  47. el Jefe:

    Chambers and Branch at WR, Cooley at TE.


    I think Eli is due for a solid season. He was highly undervalued in drafts this summer. He has a good matchup week 1 against a weakened Dallas’ secondary, so I like Eli more than Vince Young (against the Jags) this weekend.


    Go with the young guy, Cutler, and see what he can do. He has a better matchup and the weather still is good up in Buffalo.


    Lynch, Barber and Driver. If Driver cannot go, I would go with Cotchery instead. But go with the 2 RBs for sure.

  48. TheKid:

    I actually like Minnesota as a defensive until, and they have a better matchup in week 1. I know how you feel about Eli, but he is a much better QB than Harrington.

    Go with Daniels at TE. From what I have heard, LJ Smith is 75 percent at best, and that is not good enough for me to start him. Daniels should have plenty of opportunities.

  49. Brady against NYJ or Rivers against the Bears? guessing Brady

    McAllister against Colts or Bell against Oak? guessing McAllister

    2 receiver spots open that I am deciding… which two to start?
    Marty Booker, Mark Clayton, D.J. Hackett, Joey Galloway, Eddie Kennison

  50. HE-MAN:

    Brady. McAllister. I think Galloway and Clayton are you best bets. It will be interesting to see how the ‘Hawks use D.J. Hackett, but until you know that I think it best to keep him on the bench.

  51. and in another league (sorry have two leagues with two groups of guys)

    Garcia, Green, or Cutler for QB

    4 WR’s to pick from these guys: Plaxico Burress (hasn’t played at all) @ Dallas, T.J. (almost the same) @ Baltimore, Hines Ward @ Cleveland, D.J. Hackett @ TB, Derrick Mason @ Cinci, Dwayne Bowe @ Hou, Mike Furrey @ Oak, Joe Jerevicius @ Pit.

  52. HE-MAN:

    Cutler at QB. Burress, Housh, Ward (your top guys, gotta play ’em) and I would go with Mason in the 4th spot. He has a good matchup against a weak Cincinnati secondary.

  53. McNabb or Alex Smith

    2 spots – Brandon Jacobs, Adrian Peterson, and Larry Johnson (been said he will start off slow to get his legs under him with a healthy backup)

    Andre Johnson or Mark Clayton

  54. HE-MAN (again?!?):

    Alex Smith has a better matchup, but Donovan McNabb is a top-2 quarterback when healthy. You gotta go with McNabb for your best chance to win.

    I know what they said about Larry Johnson, but he still is your stud and needs to be in the lineup. At the very least, they will use him by the goal-line. Jacobs is a good play against Dallas, and I am not sure yet how the Vikes are going to use Peterson.

    Andre Johnson is ahead of Clayton and should post a good week against KC.

  55. Thanks Hazean- With my league canot go 3RB, and 2WR, can only go with 2 RB and 3WR I know my 2 RB are Maroney and D. Williams and for my WR I go with Fitz and Walker, now for my 3WR go with Calvin Johnson or M. Muhammad ? Whats a better match up, Calvin against a tough Oakland DE at home, Or a SD DE at home for Muhammad. Thanks for your help this week, Wont bug you any more this week 🙂

  56. Nicky:

    That is a lot tougher. You may as well go with Calvin Johnson and the upside, in my opinion. I think has the best chance to break out. Good luck!

  57. I have a dilema with my flex position. I have A. Peterson, Tatem Bell, Reggie Brown, and Brandon Jackson (rb GB) Who would be the best to fill that position.


  58. I have 2 leagues and need help on both.

    League 1
    a) 1 QB, Leinart or Alex Smith
    b) San Diego D or Miami D
    The rest of my line up is as follows.
    Deion Branch, B. Edwards, V. Jackson, WIllie Parker, Edge, and Ahman Green for W/R. Just need help on deciding the QB and Defense to start

    League 2
    a) 1QB, Kitna or Leinart
    b) Minnesota or N.E Defense
    The rest of my line up is as follows.
    R.Wayne, TJ Housh, D. Branch, Addai, Edge, Barber for my W/R, but i can also switch Curtis, or D. Mason

  59. Great Post! I have an issue: I have chad johnson as my #1 WR, and Reggie Brown as my #2. But am torn between my #3 WR.

    I have Darrel Jackson, Donald Driver, and VIncent Jackson to choose from.

    Any advice? Thanks

  60. Do you think either Tony Gonzalez or Alge Crumpler is worthy of starting in front of Darrell Jackson, Santana Moss, or Deion Branch in a W/T position?

  61. I have 2 wr spots left and three wr to chose from…..Santanio Holmes, devery henderson or lee evans? I thought about holmes and henderson because of matchups…whatcha all think?

  62. […] Hazean is giving me a crisis of faith over Cedric Benson…check out their Start & Sit: Week 1 […]

  63. Ian: I always like the RBs in the Flex, but you have some interesting options. If you want to gamble, go with Brandon Jackson in the Flex. If you think he will be limited, you could try Tatum Bell or Adrian Peterson (play the matchup). If you want to play it safe, Reggie Brown is not a bad choice as McNabb’s go-to guy this year.

    Nokia: League 1 — I would go with Leinart and San Diego. League 2 — I like Leinart (again) and Minnesota. Good luck!

    pat: Donald Driver is your best option, but check on gameday to make sure he is playing. If he is out, it really is a toss-up between the Jacksons … I like Darrell Jackson a little better b/c of the matchup.

    Adam C: Tough call. I think Tony G is worth it, but not Crump yet until we know who he gets along with Harrington.

    Budman: I definitely feel you on Holmes, and even though I am a Saints fan I am going to tell you to start Evans. I know he has a tough matchup, but he is a better option against a tough D than Henderson right now. Evans is projected top-15 (some have him top-10), so I think you need to start him (even though we advise against it).

  64. You say sit Denver’s D/ST this week, but what if my other option is Oakland? I would think Detroit would be more likely to run up points than Buffalo, but am curious on your take? Oh, and thanks in advance for the response.

  65. On another note, would you recommend Coles or Darrel Jackson for the start this week. Other WR is Steve Smith…the real one.

  66. Oakland’s D is under-rated and I think they are a good start this week. I do not trust Denver’s D this year, and I do not think they will be as good as advertised. Kitna and Detroit should be due for a few turnovers.

    I would go with Coles. Not sure how Jackson is going to fit in on offense in San Fran yet, but you know what you are getting with Coles.

  67. who should i start in my 2 spots

    Rudi Johnson against BAL
    Tatum Bell against OAK
    Marion Barber against NYG

  68. Rudi Johnson (despite the matchup … start your studs!) and Marion Barber. I know Bell is the starter in Detroit, but I just do not trust him. Barber should be good for a few touches, a few catches, and some goal line opportunities.

  69. Who should I start at RB2 for week 1 Ronnie Brown (@WAS) or Ahman Green (KC)?

  70. I would go with Ronnie Brown until he gives you a reason not to … I do not think Chatman will eat too much into his work load. You can re-assess his situation again after this week, but you drafted him to be your RB2 so give him the benefit of the doubt.

  71. Who should I start as my number 3 wr this week? Usually I would have Lee Evans locked in the number one slot, but with the tough match up Buffalo has, would it be wise to start Devery Henderson over Lee Evans week 1?

  72. Who should i start

    Plaxico vs DAL
    Vincent Jackson vs CHI

  73. Who should i start for week 1 outa my RB’s M. Lynch, C. Benson, C. Williams, F. Taylor?

  74. Drock: I think Evans, despite the tough matchup, is a better start than Henderson.

    scott: I have the same situation in my competitive league, and I am going with Burress with complete confidence. Good luck!

  75. Sir Mix Alot: Assuming you start two RBs, I would go with Lynch and Williams.

  76. And which 3 WR’s should i start D. Brach, C. Johnson, S. Moss, B. Edwards, J. Galloway, or C. Chambers??? thanks

  77. i know tony gonzalez is a top 5 tight end, but with the qb play in kc is heath miller in Pit a better option? thanks

  78. I think you have to go with Tony G, despite the QB play. Huard was not that bad last year as a starter, so I think you can be a little assured there.

  79. Which 3 WR’s should i start D. Brach, C. Johnson, S. Moss, B. Edwards, J. Galloway, or C. Chambers???

  80. Sam: If that C. Johnson is Chad Johnson, start him. If it is Calvin Johnson, bench him. I am going to assume it is Calvin Johnson.

    Start: Santana Moss, Chris Chambers and Deion Branch for week 1.

  81. its chad johnson

  82. Then start Chad Johnson, Santana Moss and Deion Branch.

  83. Should I play Santonio Holmes or Bernard Berrian this Sunday?

  84. Phoebe: Santonio Holmes has the better matchup, and should have a better week.

  85. Which outa these qbs should i start? Carson Palmer, Big Ben, or Matt Leinart?

  86. Gary: I know Palmer’s matchup is tough, but he is a stud. Never sit your studs.

  87. Thanks for the advice on Santonio Holmes. I’m gonna start him. Also have another decision to make. Donald Driver (who may not be 100%) OR Deion Branch?

  88. Frank Gore #1. Who should be my #2 for week one?

    Thomas Jones
    Maurice Jones-Drew
    Cedrick Benson

  89. Phoebe: Donald Driver. He participated fully in practice today and is expected to start. He is a top-10 WR when healthy.

    Ryan: I would go with MJD in week 1 against Tennessee. Normally I would tell an owner to go with Thomas Jones, but starting a healthy MJD is better than starting a maybe-not-fully-healthy Thomas Jones.

  90. Steven Jackson #1
    Ronnie Brown or MJD #2?

    Thanks for your awesome sight!

  91. Unlimited: I like MJD more than Brown. Better matchup. Good luck!

  92. Ok, one more…at receiver I’m starting T.O. and Andre Johnson. I’m thinking Vernon Davis too. I have Mark Clayton, Mike Furrey and Alge Crumpler as well….would you go with Davis or one of these other options? ( I need 3 total receivers).

  93. Thanks for answering my last question but i’m in a bind again right before game time. I have to start three wr’s and i have laveraneus coles, marques colston, devery henderson, greg jennings, and dj hackett. Which of these three should i start? or is there someone out there that you think i should pick up? thanks


    THAT SITE IS VERY GOOD AS WELL…IT has an open forum

  95. Hi, I love this site!!! I have 5 WR and I can start 4. Owens and Colston are sure but I am not sure about 2 from the following 3. Stallworth, D.Jackson and S.Holmes! Please help

    Also, I have RB situation. I am starting MJD but I have to start one more. I have J.Lewis, Perterson, J.Jones Please help


  96. One more thing. I have Kitna and M.Shaub. I have to start one of them Whom do you recommend

  97. Bulger is my QB1, but who would you play this week as QB2: R. Grossman, V. Young, or T. Green?

  98. Who should start this week at my wr’s.

    WR #1 is locked : Terrell Owes

    other 2 spots i’m not sure
    Calvin Johnson *how much will he play?*
    Randy Moss *will he play?*
    Matt Jones
    Devin Hester

    I can also pick up James Jones out of GB as well and drop Hester im guessing?

    Any info is appreciated.


  99. Ryan: I would go with Davis over the other options, but Mark Clayton is a close second.

    drheartbreak: Sorry I could not get to you by gametime (I am a Saints fan and was quite busy!), but I would have told you Colston, Coles and Hackett.

    jsb: I like Santonio Holmes and Darrell Jackson at WR, and Julius Jones against a weak run-D at RB. I also would go with Schaub this week to have a good opener for Houston.

    Adam: I think it is safe to use Vince Young as your 2nd QB this week. He is too explosive to sit on the bench if you can play 2 QBs.

    AvaMatsu: Tough calls here. I would wait-and-see with Randy Moss on Sunday morning. Calvin is going to play, but we do not know how much yet. I think James Jones would be a good addition, and I think it would be wise to drop Hester for him. I would start James Jones and Randy Moss/Calvin Johnson (if Moss is a “go”, start him … if not go with the rook).

  100. I need 3 receivers. Who do you like best.

    1) Chad Johnson
    2)TJ Houshmandeh
    3)Randy Moss
    4)Kevin Curtis
    5) James Jones

  101. Nic: Wow, two guys from the same team. Tough. I think you have to start Chad Johnson and Housh because they are good starting fantasy WRs, and they both would be starting on someone else’s team. I would go with Kevin Curtis as your No. 3 WR.

  102. Thank you for your reply. I just finished trading Colston and J.Lewis for Clavin J and L.Betts last night before the game. Now I have Calvin Johnson and D.Stallworth to choose from.. Who should I start?

    CalvinJ or D.Stallworth?


  103. jsb: Ehh, I would go with Stallworth. If Randy Moss does not play then Stallworth is the No. 1 WR in New England, which has not actually meant much in the past but there is some potential there.

  104. Hey…GREAT site.
    I have two flexes and a few (maybe not-so-great) options:
    1) Tatum Bell
    2) Braylon Edwards
    3) DeShaun Foster
    4) DeAngelo Williams


  105. Matt: I like DeShaun Foster this week against a suspect Rams’ run-D. I think you should use Tatum Bell in the other Flex … always good to go with RBs in that spot!

  106. Romo vs NYG or Roethlis vs Cle this week to start?

    Roethilis had awesome games vs Cle in the past so im nto sure on this one, but i think Romo and dallas will put up some big numbers on NYG as well. They have no one to stop owens.

    Your opinion?

  107. in the flex I have the options of Ronnie Brown, Laverneus Coles, Ahman Green and Ronald Curry. What 2 do I start? Should I start Alge Crumpler or Randy McMichael at TE?

  108. Ava: I think Romo is the right play. The Giants D is not very good and they have no one to cover Owens, Witten and Crayton. Big Ben struggled on the road last year, so I want to see how he does in that new offense first before I would play him.

    Marc: I would start Ronnie Brown and Ahman Green in your Flex. I like Alge Crumpler at TE over McMichael, for now. McMichael could be a nice sleeper on that St. Louis offense, but I am not ready to use him yet.

  109. I’m also wondering is there any reason to really keep Devin Hester? I’m going to through week one to see how Chicago really uses him, but i never see him as a reliable starter for a WR position i dont think.

    Anyone else actually going to start this guy?

    League doesn’t give points for return yardage either.

  110. Thinking about dropping him and picking up Patrick Crayton since he’s moved into the starting position as well for Dallas atm and could end up doing well and raising his stock, which i could use in a trade later on.

  111. Ava: Drop Hester like a bad habit, particularly b/c your league does not award for return yards. Grab Crayton now!

  112. I have Portis, Betts, L White, Benson as RB2 options this week. Who do I start?

  113. Only once choice? I would go with Portis.

  114. Hey, Great Site….

    I have 2 Questions:

    WR: Driver or Burress?

    RB: Benson or Jackson (GB)?

  115. Chris: Burress against Dallas is a better play, in my opinion, than Driver against Philly. I do not like Benson too much, but I think he is the better choice of you RBs this week. You probably drafted him in the 2nd round to be your RB2, so you should use him in that capacity this weekend.

  116. Benson or Jackson will be the flex this week…LT and Westbrook are RB1 and RB2. Does that change anything? I was leaning toward starting Jackson because of the Eagles poor run d, especially w/out Trotter…

  117. You do have some good RBs, so you could gamble with Jackson’s upside and maybe not do so bad.

  118. A question for my other league now Haz.

    Which wr’s should i start:

    Tj housh – but against baltimore..will they shut him down?

    Randy Moss

    Donald Driver

    Kevin Curtis

    Patrick Crayton

    Jacoby Jones

    2 wr’s slots and a wr/te slot that im going to put a wr in. So basically which 3 wr’s should i start this week?

  119. Ava: Thanks for visiting the site so much! Start: Driver, Crayton and Housh. Watch for Housh’s injury status on Sunday (even though they play on Monday, you might have to pull him out of the lineup Sunday morning). If you need to pull him, I would start Curtis or Randy Moss, depending on if Moss is playing/healthy also.

  120. Thankee once again sir. I believe i’m out of questions for week 1 now. Think i have my two main teams set up nicely and i grabbed Crayton for both and Jacoby. Hopefully one will turn into what colston did last year!

    Thx for your help.

  121. Thanks Hazean….I’ll be checking back in next week.

  122. Im having a problem picking my flex player.

    Betts, Thomas Jones, Branch, or Kevin Curtis.

    I had Jones in there but dont like the calf problems against NE and now have Betts there but he isnt the starter. Branch is the number one and Curtis has a great match-up.

    Anything will help, Thanks

  123. Haz- Will the Packers win on Sunday?

  124. I need to know which running back to start in week 1.
    I have Clinton PortisVs Mia , Deshaun Foster Vs STL, Chester Taylor Vs ATL.
    I also need advice at wideout. I have 2 that I have to start.
    Hackett Vs TB, C. Johnson Vs Baltimore, C. Johnson Vs Oakland, L. Coles Vs NE

  125. Great Site! I have one question for you concerning who start as my wide recievers.. I started Reggie Wayne, and need to fill 2 more spots with Santonio Homes, Darrel Jackson, Patrick Crayton and Jacoby Jones.. Which two do you think should start?

  126. Great site and great advice!

    I’m in a deep competitive league and was wondering your thoughts on which two QB’s I should start out of the four that I have:

    Leinart, Favre, J. Campbell, and Garrard.


  127. Who to start?

    I got Cutler or Young at QB and at no.2 WR i got Lee Evans or Andre Johnson

  128. o ya my wr no.1 is Holt. I also have a flex where i could start either evans or johnson over Brandon Jacobs, but im pretty sure that isnt a good choice

  129. I have a flex spot and I am trying to decide over Mark Clayton, or Adrian Peterson. I want to use a RB, but A.P. is my best option I have on the bench and I am unsure how many points he will score as the number to RB. Who do you think will score more in a PPR league?

  130. I forgot to add that I have Portis too, is he a better option, I’m just not sure about him.

  131. Adrian Peterson, or Marion Barber III?

  132. No idea if you’re here but….

    For my wr’s in one league im starting Terrell owens and Randy Moss

    for my 3rd i have these choices

    Calvin Johnson
    Patrick Crayton
    Matt Jones
    James Jones

    Which would you start for your 3rd WR?

  133. Ronnie Brown @ Was
    LaMont Jordan vs Det

    Really need last opinion on this one for 2nd RB. LaMont has good matchup and is the only RB, but Oakland offense worries me. Then there’s Brown, who may share carries.

  134. Ahman Green or Brandon Jacobs?

  135. QB – Vince Young or Jon Kitna?

  136. AvaMatsu, I’d go with Crayton…

  137. Need to start 1 WR out of:
    Mark Clayton
    Joey Galloway
    Kevin Curtis

    Can you help?

  138. just found this site. great stuff man.

    quick question, and i have read your above posts, but i have a tough spot to fill:

    W/R position: Lee Evans, Ladell Betts, or Brandon Jackson?

    thanks for your help!

  139. Hi! I’m new here! I’m not sure how quickly The Hazean replies, but I’ll give it a try! For today, I’m not sure who to put in my flex spot! I know you say to start RBs in the flex spot, but still wanted your input! My two starting RBs are Frank Gore and Travis Henry! My two starting WRs are Steve Smith and Kevin Curtis! Should I put Ronnie Brown or DJ Hackett in my flex spot today? Hopefully you’ll respond before 12:20!


  140. Sorry…I meant to say 12:50!

  141. Who do you like for week four? Matt Schaub in Atlanta or Brett Favre against the Vikes? I need a backup when Tennessee is on bye.

  142. Bill: Schaub for week4.

    Readers: Sorry I could not get to all your questions this week. I spend most of my weekends out of town, so I will not be available to answer questions after 4 p.m. on Fridays. I hope you all did well this weekend!


  143. Would you except a Willie Parker Trade for Steven Jackson, even though Orlando Pace is done for the season?

  144. C: In a heartbeat!!!

  145. I want to make sure I phrased the question right. I would be getting Seven Jackson.

  146. given eli mannings injury, would you sit plaxico in favor of vincent jackson? thanks

  147. Hi! For this coming week I’m unsure about who to play as my QB and my TE….would you play Marc Bulger or Ben Roethlisberger and would you play Tony Gonzalez or Jason Witten? I wish I played Roethlisberger and Witten this past week and I didn’t!

  148. Should i trade Adrian Peterson and Terrell Owens for Reggie Bush? He looked pretty bad against Indy!

  149. Who to start in week 2, Vince Young or Jay Cutler?

  150. haz- Week 2 who to start at RB J. Lewis CLE, D. Williams CAR, C. Brown TEN ? Which One.

  151. Ronnie Brown or Tatum Bell is my running back decision for week 2. who should I start?

  152. Hi! Should I start marion barber or L. Fitzferald as my flex position in week 2? In my other league should I start barber or derrick ward?

  153. Should I start Deuce @TB, or Derrick Ward home against GB?

  154. or Brandon Jackson @ NYG?

  155. I have a tough week coming up…Leinart or Schaub?
    2 of these 4:

    3 of these:
    Andre Johnson is hurt so he is out
    Mike Furrey
    Mark Clayton
    Vernon Davis
    Alge Crumpler

    Any suggestions…I already have my lineup filled out, I’d like to see if we agree on anything…

  156. This is an important week for me. Who should I start for QB Tony Romo or Derek Anderson? Who should I start for 1 WR and 2 Flex players out of Randle-El, Ronald Curry, Laverneus Coles, Derrick Ward, Ronnie Brown and Ahman Green

  157. thanks

  158. MarcMan: Still gotta go with Romo. Derek Anderson had one good week, let him play a few more before considering to start him. I like Curry at the WR spot against Cleveland. Flex players: Ahman Green and Ronnie Brown (should have a decent week against the Jets).

  159. Haz- Maroney has done nothing for me no fantasy value so far! I got C. Brown, J.Lewis, D.Williams, L. Maroney with two do I start? Or I can Start 1 of them and play my Wrs J. Walker, L. Fitzs, Calvin Johnson, James Jones, V. Jackson I can play 4 of them? whats my best opition. Thanks Haz.

  160. I dont know who to play…Deion Branch, Chad Johnson, Chris Chambers, Joey Galloway, Braylon Edwards, or Santana Moss..thanks for the help mhann.

  161. in my flex this week should i go with derrick ward, ronald curry or dwayne bowe?


  162. at qb should i start tony romo verse the patriots defense or phillip rivers against the raiders defense? please keep in mind i get 6 points per touchdown pass or run. 1 point per 20 passing yards and 1 point per 10 rushing yards. Interceptions and fumbles lost do not effect me point wise


  163. Hey how about Oaklands defense or Jacksonvilles D…I would pick Jax normally but they are playing Indy this week…

  164. Go with Oakland, b/c they are NOT playing the Colts.

  165. McNabb or Aaron Rodgers? Thanks

  166. David:

    Check us out at the new site for answers to all your questions:


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