Weekly Haze

Here are this week’s great reads:

  • RBBC is trying to take over the world … err … NFL. [PAFFL.com]
  • Why Bills Parcells and Co. should keep Ronnie Brown off the field early next season. [Real Football 365]
  • A collection of fantasy football goodness from our favorite librarian. [Fantasy Football Librarian]
  • Willie Parker tops this list of veterans looking over their shoulders in 2008. [Fantasy Football Goat]
  • Say it a’int so, Cedric Benson. I grew up down the street from Matt Forte, so you know who I am pulling for this season. [FanHouse]
  • Of all the people to get in trouble with the law. [The Big Lead]
  • Good idea or not: Trading down in the first-round of a fantasy draft. [The Fantasy Football Geek Blog]
  • Some players did benefit nicely following their team’s 2008 NFL Draft. [Fantasy Football Fools]

I will be a guest on the Fantasy Football Goat’s podcast tonight (check out last week’s podcast). As soon as the show is published, I will be sure to link to it from here for your enjoyment!

For more great reads, check out my Google Reader Shared Items page.


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