May fantasy mock draft: Analysis

We ran our now-monthly fantasy mock draft for May earlier this month (1st round, 2nd round), and before we set off to do the June fantasy mock draft we wanted to get some feedback regarding May’s edition.

So our friend Tim from Fantasy Football Exchange offered to give a little feedback. His grades and analysis for our May fantasy mock draft is after the jump. Feel free to leave some feedback of your own in the comments.

Team 1 – LaDainian Tomlinson (#1) and Brandon Jacobs (#24)

Tomlinson is the safest choice of the top three RBs. Peterson and Jackson have similar ceilings, but more risk. Jacobs is a good pick if you like the 2 RB approach, but I think he falls into a tier of RBs where I’d rather choose Brees, probably the only remaining elite QB, or one of the remaining elite WRs because I think I could get a similar back, but lesser back when my turn comes back up in the 4th round.

Grade: B

Team 2 – Adrian Peterson (#2) and Tony Romo (#23)

It is hard to argue with having a top 3 RB and top 3 QB after two rounds. Both have been a little inconsistent, but expect some monster weeks.

Grade: A

Team 3 – Steven Jackson (#3) and Reggie Wayne (#22)

It is also hard to argue with having a top 3 RB and top 3 WR, especially when he’s the 4th receiver off the board. Jackson could have a huge comeback year with Al Saunders taking over as the offensive coordinator and a healthier team.

Grade: A

Team 4 – Tom Brady (#4) and Ronnie Brown (#21)

Brady had a huge year last year, but neither Manning nor Marino could come close to matching their career year when they had it and I expect the same here. Brady is taken a little early for me, because as happened here, by the time you can take your first RB, he has a lot of question marks. Ronnie Brown is coming off an injury and is now not the only back in Miami.

Grade: C

Team 5 – Joseph Addai (#5) and Braylon Edwards (#20)

I was as big on Joseph Addai as anyone at the start of last year and I thought he was a huge disappointment because of my high expectations. He finished with good numbers, but he didn’t finish strong, he had no 100 yard rushing games in the second half and TDs were down as well. Add Dominic Rhodes back into the mix and this is a little high for me, but still a very good back and a steal if he put it all together. Add a top 3 WR in Edwards and this makes a good start of a team.

Grade: B

Team 6 – Jamal Lewis (#6) and Ryan Grant (#19)

I’m a believer in the notion that you can’t win your league in the first round or two, but you can lose it. Jamal Lewis is the one pick that stands out as a potential team killer as a 6th pick overall. Finding a site that lists Average Draft Positions can be useful. Even if you are the biggest Lewis believer and think he might put up top 5 RB numbers, if the ADP suggests him being drafted in the 3rd or 4th round, take a risk that Lewis will be there in the 2nd or 3rd round and draft Westbrook here and Lewis a round or two later. I actually like Ryan Grant better than Lewis.

Grade: D

Team 7 – Brian Westbrook (#7) and Marshawn Lynch (#18)

Great value on both picks. I expect both teams to be improved and Lynch to break out this year. Lynch was overshadowed by Peterson last year, but he rushed for more than 1,100 yards in only 13 games. With a new offensive coordinator, dedicated to the run, Lynch could be a top 10 RB.

Grade: A

Team 8 – Randy Moss (#8) and Willie Parker (#17)

These are both guys I know everyone will like better than me. I know Moss can put up huge numbers, but he can also disappear in games. Parker had trouble finding the end zone last year and the Steelers have added Mendenhall, which could cut into Parker’s numbers.

Grade: C

Team 9 – Larry Johnson (#9) and Clinton Portis (#16)

Johnson is a little risky this year, but this isn’t a reach, he was great two years ago and the Chiefs should have improved. Portis is great value at 16 and I actually have him ranked just ahead of LJ in my rankings.

Grade: B

Team 10 – Marion Barber (#10) and Larry Fitzgerald (#15)

I liked Barber a little more when he was playing for a contract, but still feel he’ll put up great numbers. Fitzgerald is taken too early. Again, an ADP list would show him at least a round later. You could probably have taken Barber, Portis, and still taken Fitzgerald in the next round.

Grade: C

Team 11 – Peyton Manning (#11) and Frank Gore (#14)

This is a great spot to take Manning, knowing there are still some elite RBs on the board and Frank Gore fell to 14, which is incredible value. Gore had a disappointing year, but had huge numbers the year before. Gore should be healthy and play in a rejuvenated offense with a coordinator that loves RBs that can catch the ball.

Grade: A

Team 12 – Willis McGahee (#12) and Maurice Jones-Drew (#13)

McGahee is a top 10 RB who can have bad games because he plays for a bad team. MJD is a great versatile back, but is the 2nd RB in his committee, so he can be inconsistent. If Fred Taylor ever shows his age or regains his “Fragile” title, MJD could be an elite RB. This is a great tandem, but could have some off weeks.

Grade: B

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