Weekly Haze

Here are this week’s great reads:

  • A mock draft with PPR and six points per passing touchdown. [RotoWorld]
  • Good idea: Using a tiered cheat sheet. [Fantasy Football Fools]
  • How important is home-field advantage to your fantasy team? [Fantasy Football Goat]
  • More on using RSS to uber pwn your fantasy football leagues. [Football Jabber]
  • Five up-and-coming offenses to watch out for this season. [Pancake Blocks]
  • Vince Young considered retiring after his first NFL season. WTF? [Deadspin]
  • I am just going to steal the title of this article: Why does Brett Favre still have a locker? [Every Morning Quarterback]
  • Selvin Young: The next 2,000-yard rusher? Hmmm … [FanHouse]

For more great reads, check out my Google Reader Shared Items page.

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