Monday morning rehab

Kinda bored at work this morning, but some sad news to report: My boss’ mother passed away this weekend. That downer makes this Monday even worse.

But the MMR must go on, so here it is. And on-time this week, unlike last week’s installment. Please forgive me, it was a holiday after all!

Jake Delhomme, Deuce McAllister, Andre Johnson and more after the jump.

Jake Delhomme [QB, Panthers]

From ProFootballTalk:

Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme participated in team drills today for the first time since an elbow injury ended his 2007 season in September.

He threw about 40 passes during today’s minicamp practice at Bank of America Stadium and said he felt no ill effects.

As Delhomme goes, so go the Panthers. So much is riding on his right arm (elbow) this season, including the values of Steve Smith, D.J. Hackett, DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

It seems like everything is going well for Jake. Training camp will be the real test.

Terry Glenn [WR, Cowboys]

From FanHouse:

Glenn tells the Star-Telegram that the team has asked him to sign an agreement that the team would owe him only $500,000 if he suffers a season-ending injury during organized team activities. Ordinarily, if players are injured in practice they are entitled to their base salaries, which in Glenn’s case is $1.74 million.

I was never confident in seeing Glenn return to the field anytime soon, or ever for that matter.

This news just solidifies it for me — the Cowboys do not think he will, either.

Deuce McAllister [RB, Saints]


29 year old Saints RB Deuce McAllister went through about a third of Saints practice yesterday, and reportedly looked solid doing it.

Still no bad news out of the McAllister camp. No setbacks, no trade talks, no getting cut talks.

There has been plenty of talk, however, about his role going forward. Nothing will be decided immediately, but it is worth watching in training camp how much time Pierre Thomas gets in the backfield with Reggie Bush.

Jerry Porter [WR, Jaguars]

From FanHouse:

Jaguars fans, try to remember to breathe. I know you don’t want to hear that your $30 million receiver blew out a hammy in workouts last week. Just remind yourself, “It’s only May … It’s only May …”

OK, I will be the first to admit that there is not much in that above quote regarding Porter’s injury. But the story, linked above, does have some good information. Make sure to head over to FanHouse to check that out.

I am not too worried about this injury. Porter caught the pulled hamstring bug that goes around the NFL every May and June. If the hamstring comes back to haunt him in training camp, however, I would start to worry.

Andre Johnson [WR, Texans]

From ProFootballTalk:

But there is good news: Johnson says his knee will be OK for training camp.

“If you are worried about my knee, my knee’s doing fine,” Johnson told Texans fans at a public event hosted by the team.

As TO would say (I think he said this?), the proof is in the pudding. It is nice to talk about how good the knee feels now and all that jazz, but until Johnson gets on the field and starts high-level practice all bets are off.

AJ needs to prove he can stay on the field for an extended amount of time for fantasy owners not to worry about his injury-laden past.

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