May fantasy mock draft: Round 2

It felt good banging out a first-round fantasy mock draft with Aaron Kadkhodai from The Microcosm last week. So good, in fact, that I just had to extend the mock into the second round.

Mocking the real NFL Draft was fun and a good way to kill some time during the offseason. But with this year’s draft in the books and the calender turned over to May, all football fans’ eyes are focused intently on the upcoming NFL and fantasy seasons.

All that means is there will be more fantasy mock drafts than any one man can consume during the next few months, leading up to everyone’s real fantasy draft(s) and the start of the 2008 season. And you know we are here for you, from now until your draft, to help you consume as much fantasy knowledge as possible.

With all that being said, hit the jump to see the results from round 2 of May’s fantasy mock draft.

[Round 1 Recap]

Aaron picks up where we left off, at the turn. I am going to keep track of how each “team” is shaping up after two rounds, so note the players in italics after each selection. Then we can make some judgements as to which spot might be the best from which to draft.

With the No. 12 selection in the first round, Aaron chose Willis McGahee. And now, at the turn, he pairs McGahee up with a running mate:

13. Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jaguars: He is hard to catch, lightning quick and extremely versatile as a RB. Even though Taylor had a career year in 2007, I think it is the downside of the slope for his career. I picture Taylor being the power back and Jones-Drew being the everything else back. If too many TDs are not stolen from him in the short yardage, goal line runs, he could have a major fantasy impact. [After two rounds: Willis McGahee, Maurice Jones-Drew]

14. Frank Gore, RB, 49ers: This is a pretty big slip for Gore, who went high — very high — in some drafts last year. Many fantasy owners may shy away from the big back after a woeful 49ers’ offense took the field last year. With Mike Martz at the helm, things could get better, or worse, for Gore. I do not consider this much of a gamble here, though, and many would consider this a steal. [After two rounds: Peyton Manning, Frank Gore]

15. Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Cardinals: There are still some good backs out there, and some might argue that Braylon Edwards deserves some consideration, but I think that Fitz has the work ethic and skills to prove his big new contract was worth the money. I like his chances of being the top receiver in the league especially with Matt Leinart getting more comfortable as a pro. Arizona underperformed last year and this is a good time for them to prove they are ready to play with the big boys and Fitz is a crucial playmaker. [After two rounds: Marion Barber, Larry Fitzgerald]

16. Clinton Portis, RB, Redskins: This is a tough call for the Larry Johnson owner, but a good situation in which to be. The decision came down to Portis or Buffalo bruiser Marshawn Lynch. I went with Portis because of his experience and the more positive outlook of the Washington offense, but Lynch would have been a nice consolation had Portis been off the board. The backs are comparable. [After two rounds: Larry Johnson, Clinton Portis]

17. “Fast” Willie Parker, RB, Steelers: Although Marshawn Lynch has been mentioned as a top prospect for the draft, I cannot say that I believe he has totally proven himself. Buffalo still has not proven it can win consistently and Lynch is not a household name, so I am going with the proven yard devourer Parker. Though he has never been a touchdown monster like LT, he has unquestionably quick feet and I think his fumbling troubles are long gone. The Steelers will be good, and Parker will score enough to make this a worthwhile pick to complement first-rounder Randy Moss. [After two rounds: Randy Moss, Willie Parker]

18. Marshawn Lynch, RB, Bills: I keep tipping my hand but Aaron keeps slapping it away. He has his own agenda and I like that. Lynch makes a great complement to the first-rounder taken at this spot, Brian Westbrook. Funny coincidence: A guy in our main league likely will be rolling these two guys out onto the field for his fantasy team every week this season, assuming he uses his two keeper spots for Westy and Lynch. After two rounds: Brian Westbrook, Marshawn Lynch]

19. Ryan Grant, RB, Packers: I worry about this pick, because I think it is a toss up. It could be that the very potent and young and talented Packers flounder under Rodgers and Grant is not able to produce, or they could play to their potential and Grant could be a superstar. That is why I waited this long to select arguably one of the most solid running backs of the second half of last year’s season. Either way, he’s a starter and will get some good points even if the Packers struggle, but I don’t want to see the next Kevin Jones. [After two rounds: Jamal Lewis, Ryan Grant]

20. Braylon Edwards, WR, Browns: My first non-runningback pick since Peyton Manning in the first round, Edwards is an up-and-coming star on an up-and-coming team. He is going high in early fantasy drafts, some even higher than this spot in the second round, so this is not a bad place for him. This pick here also gives this team two of the top players at their respective positions. [After two rounds: Joseph Addai, Braylon Edwards]

21. Ronnie Brown, RB, Dolphins: With Bill Parcells helping to bring this team new life, Brown should be back to his old form. He has certainly proven himself and before he got hurt, he was performing incredibly well, despite his team’s woes. Even with Ricky Williams (where’s the wedding dress?), I think he will be a good for a TD and 90 yards a game barring he does not get hurt (and that is a major fear). [After two rounds: Tom Brady, Ronnie Brown]

22. Reggie Wayne, WR, Colts: Aaron did not fall for what I thought would start a run on wide receivers with the Edwards pick. Try, try again here: Now the best receiver in Indianapolis, Wayne stepped into that role in a big way in 2007 after Marvin Harrison went down with a mysterious knee injury. Wayne should continue to develop into the feature role while Harrison ages and gets himself in trouble (maybe). [After two rounds: Steven Jackson, Reggie Wayne]

23. Tony Romo, QB, Cowboys: A gunslinger, a reckless throwback to Brett Favre, the love of Jessica’s life, Romessica, whatever you want to call him, Romo has proven he can be consistent enough to get the Cowboys deep in the playoffs and throw for big stats week in week out. He has the right supporting cast and the burning desire to win. He could prove to be a TD machine with his crew of wide receivers healthy and a solid running game. [After two rounds: Adrian Peterson, Tony Romo]

24. Brandon Jacobs, RB, Giants: Not a bad back to snag here at the end of round 2 for the team that already owns the league’s best back, LaDainian Tomlinson. On the other side of the turn, several top-notch wide receivers are available, including Steve Smith, Terrell Owens and Andre Johnson. Plenty of talent still available! [After two rounds: LaDainian Tomlinson, Brandon Jacobs]

So who has the best team so far?

More analyses of this month’s mock draft to come later, so stay tuned!

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6 Responses

  1. Gore, Portis, and Lynch could all be steals where you got them. Despite the QB trend, I still have a RB philosophy and like the Westbrook/Lynch team best so far.

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  3. I think that it is hard not to think there might be a new back in Bradshaw at NY. Jacobs seems risky to me.

  4. Many NFL teams are going to the two-back system. I think Bradshaw can help take some of the pressure off Jacobs.

  5. yeah, good point. Bradshaw scoops up the big yards and Jacobs becomes the Marion Barber style runner and TD scorer.

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