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The time has come for The Hazean’s 2008 mock NFL Draft.

Check back every day this week (or subscribe to the blog so the updates come to you, see instructions below) for mock draft updates. We will unveil five picks per day until Friday, when the final six selections of the first round will come your way.

Make sure to comment, too, if your favorite NFL grabs a guy you like or dislike. Also be sure to visit the websites of the people making selections. This is a quality group of mock drafters!

Hit the jump to see the first five picks of the 2008 NFL Draft.

The Miami Dolphins [Brad Jones] select Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU.

Here we go Ladies and Gentlemen … time to kick off the 2008 NFL Draft.

Up first we have the Miami Dolphins.

There have been significant changes in the make-up of the South Beach natives of the Miami Dolphins. The last time I have heard this much talk about Dolphins and Tuna, the United States was setting an embargo on the imports of yellow-fin tuna because of the concurrent “accidental” poaching of dolphins. Is it possible that Miami’s front office insistence of catching “The Big Tuna” could also risk the life of the beloved Dolphins? Only time will tell …

For now, we will focus on what the Miami Dolphins will do with the first pick of the first round in the 2008 draft. For simplicity, I will assume that Miami keeps the first pick (something I feel they may not do). This draft and this pick clearly revolves around two key masterminds: Bill Parcells and the newly acquired Tony Sparano. It is my opinion that Parcells will do most of the talking and will examine his role first.

Parcells has head a total of 17 first-round picks as a head coach and of those 17 he has taken 10 defensive players to only seven offensive players. It is clear through his Super Bowl wins that Parcells puts a major emphasis on defense and has run a 3-4 defense in all four of his pit-stops around the NFL. Parcells has a history of focusing on defensive line and defensive back positions and seeing as there are no prevalent DBs in this year’s draft, one must assume Parcells turns his attention to the trenches. In the BIG 5 of this year’s draft (Darren McFadden, Chris Long, Jake Long, Glenn Dorsey and Matt Ryan), only two of those sit on the defensive line: Dorsey and C. Long.

In his recent NFL workout in Baton Rouge, Glenn Dorsey showed no signs of a nagging leg injury and actually bested C. Long in the 40-yard dash. Even though Dorsey completed fewer bench reps he was able to showcase an incredible ability to shed the hands of an O-lineman. Another argument in favor of Dorsey in the specific need of the Dolphins D-line. In their 3-4 defense they contain two young players (24 and 25 year olds) at either end but have an aging Jason Ferguson (33) as the sole nose tackle. With the moving of Jason Taylor to OLB Miami will need a big man to take on and hold down a double team on the inside to allow Jason Taylor and Joey Porter to rip up the outside of the line. Coupled with C. Long’s inability to shed a double team, Dorsey stands as the obvious choice to fill the Dolphins’ defensive needs. Let me also point out that Parcells has drafted a D Lineman named Dorsey in the first round before and he went on to start for Parcells XXV Super Bowl Winning New York Football Giants.

To play devil’s advocate, let me also point out that Parcells has drafted seven offensive players in the first round including the only time Parcells has ever been awarded the No. 1 overall pick in which he picked up Washington State stand-out QB Drew Bledsoe.

This is where we find out exactly who runs this Miami team with the introduction of Tony Sparano. Though you may think you know this man let me remind you that this Tony has NOT spent the last six years living on HBO. Tony Sparano has spent the last four-to-five years in Big D as the Dallas Cowboys offensive line coach. Sparano has earned Parcells’ trust and received many accolades with the success of the Cowboys’ offensive line and running game. Left up entirely Sparano, I feel he would pick up big Jake Long out of Michigan to fill the GLARING need at right tackle. Miami desperately needs someone to help protect their depleted backfield. But who are they protecting? Josh McCown or BYU’s John Beck? Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams and the rest of his pot-smoking fan club? Too many questions in the backfield plus the investment of all those players rule out the possibility of Miami taking Matt Ryan or Darren McFadden. Parcells has drafted an offensive tackle ONCE in his 17 head coaching seasons and this guy turned out to be jacked up on anabolic steroids and was later suspended and kicked off the team. Parcells has a VERY good memory and something tells me he doesn’t play with fire twice.

The Miami Dolphins’ No. 1 pick comes down to two players: LSU’s Glenn Dorsey and Michigan’s Jake Long. Bill Parcells’ stout devotion to defense and Tony Sparano’s uncanny resemblance to the aggressive former Dolphins standout Larry Csonka makes this analyst think Miami attacks this draft with a big-name player who will make BIG, Sportscenter-esque plays. I mean really … who wants to watch a top-10 full of a right tackle protecting a QB no-one gives a damn about???

Miami takes Glenn Dorsey No. 1, landing the LSU Tigers a second consecutive No. 1 overall pick.

The St. Louis Rams [Cowboys 4 Life from the Fantasy Football Cafe] select Chris Long, DE, Virginia.

I think the Rams have 2 major needs right now. Most of all I think they need either a defensive end or an offensive tackle. I feel this draft is very deep at tackle and the Rams have a few OL-men coming back from injury. OL is a need that can be had with value in the 2nd round. I will be taking a defensive end but am torn between Gholston or Chris Long. The Rams only got 5.5 sacks from that position and Leonard Little is getting long in the tooth. Even with the re-signing of James Hall I feel this is a need that has to be addressed.

I want Chris Long. Has good size and bulk. Very active and has an unparalleled motor. He is a hard worker and team leader with top-notch intangibles. He is strong, tough and powerful and sheds blocks well. Outstanding use of hands and does a terrific job versus the run. He is technically sound and understands leverage. Great in pursuit and has a burst to close. Real smart with good instincts and awareness. Versatile and could play in either a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme. Durable. Has a lot of experience. And he had a fantastic senior campaign. He is a bit slow in timed speed but that can be improved.

The Atlanta Falcons [TJ Ford from Football Jabber] select Jake Long, OT, Michigan.

The Falcons select Jake Long, OT, Michigan. The Falcons allowed 47 sacks in the regular season. Unacceptable, especially for a team that with be grooming a potential franchise QB. I believe the Falcons can grab a QB in the second round and find a starter at DT with one of the multitude of FAs signed. The situation Atlanta finds itself in is eerily similar to the situation that Cleveland was in one year ago. I believe the Browns were correct in getting a franchise tackle, and the Falcons should do the same.

The Oakland Raiders [The Big Lead] select Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas.

It has to be the best player in the entire draft, Darren McFadden. Personally, we feel sorry that such a talented player will wind up in such a woebegone franchise. Most teams are employing the dual-back system, and splitting carries this season between Fargas, Michael Bush, Dominic Rhodes and McFadden isn’t a terrible idea. What is a bad idea: passing on McFadden in hopes of shoring up one of the worst rush defenses in the league with someone other than Glenn Dorsey.

The Raiders were, arguably, the most uninteresting team in the NFL last season. The Bears and Vikings are also horrendous, but at least they have home run hitters in Devin Hester and Adrian Peterson, respectively, who are exciting to watch. Gotta be McGadden here, who brings that same type of flair to the offense.

The Kansas City Chiefs [Ed Tajchman] select Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College.

2007 was the Chiefs’ first season with twelve losses since 1978, and a lot of the blame can be pinned directly on the offensive line. So this would be an easy pick for Kansas City if Jake Long were still on the board. He’s gone, in which case the Chiefs in reality will most likely trade down for at least 2 picks. (The Cowboys have shown interest in Darren McFadden, but he too is gone in this draft). The offensive line is going to be the Chiefs main focus in the 2008 draft and they can get the players they want with lower picks. Look for them to draft at least three offensive lineman, (possibly Anthony Collins from Kansas).

With the fifth pick though there is an outside chance they could draft Matt Ryan. Owner Clark Hunt said in an interview that he’s not sure why Ryan wouldn’t be a franchise quarterback. Brodie Croyle has Herm’s support, but the question of his injury troubles resurfaced when he missed all or some of several games after he was named the starter last year. (Partly the offensive line’s fault). But coupled with the fact that the Chiefs only other option at quarterback is the decent, but beaten-up veteran Damon Huard…..? (In reality they will trade down if Jake Long is gone almost assuredly) – But I would feel better with more depth at QB, so with the 5th pick of the 2008 draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Matt Ryan, Boston College.

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  2. “Check back every day this week (or subscribe to the blog so the updates come to you, see instructions below) for mock draft updates. We will unveil five picks per day until Friday, when the final six selections of the first round will come your way.”

    Damn that is some bad math. That only would be 26 selections and we all know there are 31 in this year’s first round.

    Now you see why I could not cut it as an astronomy major in college!

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