Monday morning rehab

The Hazean’s second-annual mock draft is coming at you later today with picks 1 – 5 in the first round. So far, no huge surprises in the mock draft, but definitely some interesting insight. I hope you all come back later to check that out and leave your comments as we being NFL Draft week.

First though, we need to get to the clinic for a check-up of some of the NFL’s injured stars. Hit the jump to see the latest from around the league.

Deuce McAllister [RB, Saints]

From The Times-Picayune:

When McAllister was last contacted in March, he had not yet begun full-speed running drills, but he expected to be full speed in time for training camp in late July, and possibly in time for the team’s summer minicamp (usually around June 1). His spokesperson said he remains confident in his recovery timetable.

McAllister had surgery to repair the torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in late September. At the same time, he had a microfracture procedure on his right knee to clean up some of the damage left over from when he tore his right ACL in 2005.

And from RotoWorld:

Deuce McAllister (knee surgeries) says his left knee has been limiting him more than his right while performing strength and conditioning drills.

McAllister’s left ACL was torn, while his right was repaired with microfracture surgery. He says he’s had “no setbacks…just the normal soreness and stiffness.” Avoiding soreness is often a big obstacle for players with knee trouble. McAllister expects to be limited in the Saints’ June minicamp.

Deuce received his roster bonus a week ago, but now needs to continue his strong recovery from ACL and microfracture surgery. Though he will remain on the Saints’ roster through training camp, Deuce must work to prove he should remain on the active 53-man roster for the 2008 season.

All the news has been good about McAllister’s recovery, which is promising. As long as he does not suffer a setback between now and training camp, we should get a better idea of how he has progressed when camp opens.

Michael Turner [RB, Falcons]

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

His first day as a Falcon passed quietly. He was withheld from drills in the team’s first mini-camp while still recovering from a shoulder procedure due to a minor injury in December. But in one neighborhood back in Chicago, the lesson learned from those back yard games endures today.

“He is a hard runner,” Kevin Turner said. “The people are going to get a kick of how he plows into people. He plays hard. If he doesn’t, he knows he can’t call home.”

Turner went under the knife for his shoulder, but it does not sound too serious. The above article only briefly mentions the injury.

That is good news for Turner, who the Falcons expect to shoulder more of the load this year than he ever has before.

Steve McNair [QB, Ravens]

From the Baltimore Sun:

Ravens quarterback Steve McNair abruptly announced his retirement today, saying his banged-up body wouldn’t allow him to continue playing.

Considered a “warrior” by teammates because he’s played with injuries throughout his career, McNair told players of his decision during an emotional meeting before the start of coach John Harbaugh’s first minicamp.

His teammates gave him a standing ovation.

Not a current injury, but probably because of all the past injuries. McNair had a successful NFL career that came one-yard short of a Super Bowl victory.

Unfortunately, his body no longer could handle the physical demand of the NFL.

Brandon Jacobs [RB, Giants]

From the NY Daily News:

Giants running back Brandon Jacobs walked into Madison Square Garden Friday with something unexpected – a cast on his left forearm and his arm wrapped up in a sling.

It turns out Jacobs had surgery recently on his left wrist, as he told my colleague Ian Begley, who was busy covering the Daily News Golden Gloves finals at MSG. Jacobs told Begley the doctors “just cleaned some stuff out,” and that he “definitely” will be ready when training camp begins in July.

So Jacobs even gets hurt in the offseason.

The most frustrating thing about this guy last year for fantasy owners was his penchant for getting hurt. Jacobs seemed to be banged up every week of the season, causing much turmoil in the pits of fantasy owners everywhere.

It is kind of ironic that a guy as big and tough-looking as Jacobs gets hurt so easily. Hopefully, it was just a one-year thing as his body got used to being a starting runningback in the NFL.

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