TH mock draft: 26 – 31

Well, we did not completely reach the end of the first round … yet. We are going to try and have the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants drafters enter their first-round selections via the comments to this post, so keep an eye out for that if you are around today.

Otherwise, picks 26 – 29 in the first round are after the jump.

I will be afk the rest of the day, so enjoy the real thing later today on ESPN!

The Jacksonville Jaguars [The Microcosm] select Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan.

I’ve decided to do it my way. Jacksonville lacks that special WR that makes a great team an exceptional team. Though they lost Stroud on D, they will hold their own with most teams with their current roster and later round picks, but they have yet to find a reliable playmaking wideout. With a star receiver Garrard can take his franchise to the Super Bowl. Mario Manningham is the choice. He’s young, lightning fast and makes catches most receivers dream about. He will have to get stronger, but for now his speed will compensate. Even if Manningham isn’t a star in his first season or two, his speed as a deep threat will open the field up to the rest of Jacksonville’s bigger, slower receivers. Look for him to be a return specialist as well.

The San Diego Chargers [Justin Vogt] select Curtis Lofton, LB, Oklahoma

The Chargers have drafted well the last few years, leaving them with a good collection of talent. Because of this, they look to add another electric player. They have Shawne Merriman and Shaun Philips as their inside linebackers, but lack a star in the middle. They need someone to stop the run, as Merriman and Philips are as good as they coming rushing the QB. Because of that the pick is Curtis Lofton, ILB Oklahoma.

The Dallas Cowboys [
Cowboys 4 Life from the Fantasy Football Cafe] select Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas.

The Cowboys biggest needs are at CB, RB, WR and it would help if one of them was a good kick returner. The cornerback position was addressed with Talib who slipped past where he will go in my opinion. The Cowboys currently have Marion Barber who is closer to a deal but still unsigned. The only other guy you haven’t heard of. They really need a RB that can act as a change of pace guy and Felix Jones fits the mold.

Excellent speed and quickness…Explosive with a terrific burst…Elusive in the open field…Good feet…Nice balance and change of direction skills…Great vision…Terrific hands as a receiver and runs good routes…A legit big play threat who can take it the distance…Good production…Team player with good intangibles…There isn’t a lot of wear and tear on his body….Versatile and also an outstanding kick returner.

Never carried the load in college…Size and bulk are just average…Not very strong or powerful…Doesn’t break a lot of tackles or pick up many yards after contact…A sub par blocker…Needs to show more patience…Won’t do much damage between the tackles…His upside could be limited to a change of pace role at the next level.

I feel Marion Barber will be signed at some point. Jones is from Ark and has the same last name as Jerry. If you know the Cowboys as well as me then you know that these are intangibles that Jerry likes :). He can play as a 3rd down – change of pace role and also help on kick returns. I feel the roles he would play are perfect for his strengths.

The San Francisco 49ers [Marc from the Bruno Boys] select Desean Jackson, WR, California

I believe at #29 the 49ers should take the gamble on Jackson. He is a local kid (Oakland), from a local college (Cal) and very well could be that lightening in a bottle that the 49ers offense is looking for. To quote NFL great Jerry Rice, he said that Jackson has the game breaking speed and explosiveness that Devin Hester has, but he is a better route runner and receiver. Despite Jackson’s lack of size, his ability to make defenders miss, combined with his world class speed could be what the 49ers need to get back to the top of the NFC West.

The Green Bay Packers [The NFL Minute]
select ???

The New York Giants [The Arena]
select ???


4 Responses

  1. The Green Bay Packers select … Antoine Cason – CB – Arizona

    The Packers primary need right now lies at cornerback. With both Al Harris and Charles Woodson in their 30s, the Packers need to get younger at this position, and soon. After watching Harris’s weaknesses get exposed last season and noting the team’s overall lack of depth at the nickel position, it only makes sense that the team invest in Cason.

    Another pick considered – had he not been drafted earlier – was Kenny Phillips, the safety out of Miami. It might not have been the Packers most glaring need, but Phillips is someone who could provide a lot of talent for years to come at a position that doesn’t have a whole lot (Atari Bigby? Nick Collins?).

    Still, I’m satisfied with Cason, a very athletic defensive back who has some great intangibles that make up for his lack of 40-time speed.

  2. I also mock the draft.

  3. With the 31st pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Super Bowl champion New York Giants should take about five minutes to perfect their Nelson Muntz laugh and revel in their “biggest upset of ever” status.

    But they’re too classy an organization to do that, and they should instead take Tyrell Johnson of Arkansas State.

    He’s a great athlete from a tiny school, renowned as a big hitter. And he is a great fit and a good value pick for a Giants team that lost Gibril Wilson to free agency, and, despite bringing Sammy Knight in, is still fairly porous in the defensive backfield.

    Dan Connor, the Penn State LB, is also a consideration here, as the Giants have something named Gerris Wilkinson as a starting outside ‘backer on their depth chart, but Johnson presents far more value and could develop into a star safety, whereas Connor’s ceiling is perhaps no better than a run-stuffer with limited coverage skills.

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