Weekly Haze

Good luck to all those playing championships in week 17! Here are this week’s hot reads:

For other great reads, check out my Google Reader Shared Items.


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the mention Haze.


  2. That must be someone who got their ass kicked early in the fantasy season to already be looking that far ahead!

    Hey Hazey, come check out the new spread, http://footballjabber.com

    Not much there yet, been going about 24 hours and I’m uploading toys. Can you help a guy starting over and change the blogroll address for me?


  3. You got it, dude.

  4. Thanks Hazey!

  5. Hey Hazey!

    Want in on some playoff fantasy action?

    I also set one up for the blog, you or anyone reading can jump in!

    Choose a team that has a name Franchise (number here)
    Password: football (then change your team name and password)

    Simple, choose a lineup each week from available players. Once you use one though you can not use them again…so choose wise.

    Anyone can get in.

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