Start & Sit: Week 13

This is it. The final weekend in most fantasy football leagues. This could be the week that makes or breaks so many fantasy seasons, while other owners might be sitting pretty or eager to improve their playoff seeding (yours truly).

It is crunch time. Here are some guys to take a look at on this oh-so-important weekend:

Start ’em


  • Matt Schaub @ Titans: With Schaub at the helm and Andre Johnson in the fold, this offense is capable of good things.
  • Kurt Warner v. Browns: Warner lit it up last weekend against the 49ers secondary and get to do the same this weekend against a worse secondary.


  • Adrian Peterson (CHI) v. Giants: Peterson gets his first crack as the starter this weekend at home against the Giants. His tough running style should be fun to watch.
  • Justin Fargas v. Broncos: Fargas has taken the reigns on the Oakland starting runningback job and done well. He should benefit from a good matchup this weekend.


  • Larry Fitzgerald v. Browns: Fitzgerald, not Anquan Boldin, now has become Warner’s favorite target, which is a great thing in a pass-heavy offense.
  • Roddy White @ Rams: White continues to have a solid season on a terrible offense. He should see his share of targets and big-play opportunities again this weekend.

Sit ’em


  • Eli Manning @ Bears: Bad Rex meets Bad Manning this weekend. Eli was terrible last weekend and has to play in a hostile environment this weekend. He is not worth the risk if fantasy owners have better options.
  • David Garrard @ Colts: It is amazing that Garrard has yet to throw an interception this season even though he did miss a few games. His luck should run out this weekend in Indy.


  • Maurice Morris/Shaun Alexander @ Eagles: This tandem likely will split time against a good rushing defense this weekend, so neither make a good play as RB1 or RB2.
  • Rudi Johnson/Kenny Watson @ Steelers: The field and weather conditions of this game could mimic last Monday’s game between the Steelers and the Dolphins. That is not good news for any Bengals’ offensive players.


  • Steve Smith v. 49ers: It feels like he makes the sit list every week now. Fantasy owners need a reminder that Carolina is terrible, especially at the quarterback position, and Mr. Smith is suffering.
  • Dwayne Bowe v. Chargers: Bowe and the rest of the Chiefs’ young offense could struggle against a team that needs a divisional road win badly.

Note: The Hazean will try to answer any and all fantasy questions until quitting time on Friday. Good luck to everyone this weekend! ~TH~

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13 Responses

  1. kolby smith or earnest graham

  2. Actually a tough call. Kolby had a great game last weekend but might come down to reality this weekend. Graham goes against a solid run D with all its starters back this weekend. I might go with Kolby at home, but this is a very tough decision.

  3. kitna or schaub?
    O daniels or b watson?
    for RBs I need two: E james, J chatmen, S young, C taylor? Assuming chatmen and young are healthy? thanks

  4. I like Kitna against the worst pass D in the league (despite how Eli tried to make them look last weekend).

    I like Daniels.

    I like James against the Browns and Young if he starts. If not, I might go with Chatman (if healthy) or Taylor.

  5. i need WR help. driver already played last night. which two?

    donte stallworth
    shaun mcdonald

    is kevin jones good this week for RB? edge is going to be my other starter.

  6. Two WRs: Bowe and McDonald.

    Yeah, KJ should be OK this week, even though the Vikings are stout against the run.

  7. Couple questions, Warner or Hassleback…

    Also I have 3 WR spots and these 5 WR… Burress, Hilliard, Calvin Johnson, Lee Evans, and Chris Henry… Please Pick 3

  8. I need some help at WR in a PPR league.

    Pick 3:

    Plaxico Burress
    Steve Smith
    Brandon Marshall
    Anthony Gonzalez
    Kevin Curtis
    Chris Chambers

  9. Hey I just picked up Sydney Rice off waivers, can you throw him in the mix as well please…

  10. I need a little help on WRs in my PPR league.

    Pick 3:

    Plaxico Burress
    Kevin Curtis
    Brandon Marshall
    Steve Smith
    Santana Moss
    Chris Chambers
    Anthony Gonzalez

  11. Which player should I start in the Flex? (Non PPR)

    Chester Taylor
    Kevin Jones
    Adrian Peterson (Chicago)
    Selvin Young

  12. Which Rb’s to start? Pick 3.
    R. Bush
    K. Smith
    K. Jones
    A. Peterson (Chi)
    Which WR’s to Start? Pick 2.
    B. Marshall
    D. Bowe
    S. Rice

  13. I read this today on the Adrian Peterson website:

    “Peterson becomes the first Vikings rookie since Randy Moss (1993) and first Vikings rookie running back since Chuck Foreman (1973) to be named to the Pro Bowl.”

    “The Vikings have the No. 1 rushing offense in the league, and that success has helped get center Matt Birk and guard”

    What a god he is and he is only just starting, if he can avoid more injuries…dammmm.


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