Start & Sit: Week 14

The playoffs are here!!!

Every week from here on out is a one-game season. Now, more than ever, fantasy owners need to be diligent, trust their instincts and make the right roster decisions. If you have any of these guys on your playoff team, take notice:

Start ’em


  • Kellen Clemens v. Browns: You likely did not make it to the playoffs because of Clemens, or any of the Jets for that matter. But if you are in a pinch this weekend, Clemens does have a good matchup and has been playing better lately.
  • Marc Bulger @ Bengals: Bulger is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game. If he plays, he should exploit a terrible Bengals’ secondary. This game should be fun to watch, if nothing else.


  • Earnest Graham @ Texans: Graham looked great againt the Saints last week (I watched in person). He is a tough runner with good hands out of the backfield. He should continue to do well this weekend against Houston.
  • Travis Henry v. Chiefs: It is put up or shut up time for Henry and the Broncos. Everyone saw what LT did against the Chiefs last week. I would not expect the same from Henry, but he should be decent.


  • Hines Ward @ Patriots: Ward is looking young again. The guy is downright fun to watch. He loves the game. And he is playing well. This is the game of the week and Ward will be ready to shine.
  • Sean McDonald/Mike Furrey v. Cowboys: Both guys should see increased looks with Roy Williams out of the lineup for an extended period of time. Reports are that either could start opposite Calvin Johnson, but both will produce regardless of who starts.

Sit ’em


  • Phillip Rivers @ Titans: Rivers is grossly inconsistent and fantasy owners should avoid him like the plague during this part of the season. If you got to the playoffs, I doubt it was because of Rivers.
  • Eli Manning @ Eagles: Manning, too, is as inconsistent as they come. He salvaged a horrendous outing last weekend with a late touchdown, but it still turned out to be a pitiful fantasy outing.


  • Laurence Maroney v. Steelers: The Pats have shown all year they do not care about a running game. So why even try against Pittsburgh. Maroney might see more time, but you can expect the same mediocre (or less) fantasy results from him.
  • Frank Gore v. Vikings: Minnesota’s weakness on defense is through the air, and even though the 49ers suck as passing they likely will try to exploit some weakness in the secondary. That leaves Gore out of the mix.


  • Dwayne Bowe @ Broncos: Bowe gets to travel to Denver in one of the league’s most hostile environments. And he also gets to go against the best secondary in the league, too.
  • Lee Evans v. Dolphins: Evans is too inconsistent. Yes, he usually blows up this time of year. But can fantasy owners afford the high risk of Evans?

Note: The Hazean will answer lineup questions until quitting time today. I will be out of town and AFK this weekend, so get your questions in today! Good luck this weekend. ~TH~


11 Responses

  1. i have a lot of good rbs, dont know who i should start, i need 3.

    ryan grant
    earnest graham
    kolby smith
    marion barber
    travis henry
    rudi johnson
    kenny watson
    fred jackson

  2. Wow you are loaded at RB. Nice!

    I like:


  3. i too have a decent RB corps … i need to start 2. your thoughts?

    kolby smith
    willis mcgahee
    joseph addai
    brandon jacobs
    justin fargas

    i’m leaning towards addai and smith/mcgahee

  4. hey hazean,
    im wondering if i should start both fargas and graham at rb along with berrian, who had a good game last night, and k. curtis. i also have chris henry (bengals) and was tempted to start him in place of fargas. what do you think??

  5. Hey just wondering if you would start Fred Jackson in buffalo if he starts over reggie bush?

    Also I have 2WR spots and these 5. Burress, Bryant Johnson,Justin Gage, Toomer, and Sydney Rice. What do you think? Thanks!

  6. chad: Addai is a starter, and I like McGahee in the other spot. I know that puts all your starting RBs in the same game, but McGahee is really hot right now and just about all the offense the Ravens have these days. If you are uncomfortable starting him, Kolby Smith would be your next best bet.

    will: I always find it hard to start a WR over a RB, particularly in this case where Henry is the No. 3 WR on his team and Fargas is the No. 1 RB on his. I would go with Fargas.

    Craig: No, I would not start Jackson over Bush. I know Bush is struggling, but he could be in for a good night against Atlanta. And he is the undisputed starter on his team. For WR: Burress, despite the injuries, remains a decent fantasy starter and I like Bryant Johnson this week with Fitz and Boldin banged up.

  7. PPR League

    Would you start Donald Driver or Kevin Curtis?

  8. Readers take note: Marc Bulger is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game.

  9. Would you start Carson Palmer or Brett Favre this week?

  10. Questions on QB starts – Warner, Cutler, Garrard, Young, Garcia, Clemens

    RB starts – JLewis, JFargas, RJohnson, FTaylor, TJones

    Def starts – Patriots, Bucs

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