NFL Draft order finalized

The 2008 NFL Draft order has been finalized thanks to the all-powerful coin flip, which was needed to break the ties between Atlanta, Oakland and Kansas City. Lucky for us, we nailed the draft order in our early mock draft. Take that, coin flip.

The beauty of this news is that it also gives us the order for The Hazean’s second-annual NFL mock draft. As of right now, this only is a one-round mock and this post is going to be a massive link dump. Hit the jump to see the first-round draft order and please take some time to visit our contestants.

  1. Miami Dolphins [Brad Jones]
  2. St. Louis Rams [Cowboys 4 Life from the Fantasy Football Cafe]
  3. Atlanta Falcons [TJ Ford from Football Jabber]
  4. Oakland Raiders [The Big Lead]
  5. Kansas City Chiefs [Ed Tajchman]
  6. New York Jets [The Fantasy Football Geek Blog]
  7. New England Patriots [The NFL Guru]
  8. Baltimore Ravens [Kelloggs23 from Football Jabber]
  9. Cincinnati Bengals [Danny Belcher]
  10. New Orleans Saints [The Hazean]
  11. Buffalo Bills [Curveballs 4 Jesus]
  12. Denver Broncos [Fantasy Football Librarian]
  13. Carolina Panthers [Peter Schrager from Fox Sports]
  14. Chicago Bears [Football Jabber]
  15. Detroit Lions [Joe Strahl]
  16. Arizona Cardinals [Ryan from NFL NewsBreak]
  17. Minnesota Vikings [Marc from The Hazean]
  18. Houston Texans [Blaine from The Hazean]
  19. Philadelphia Eagles [Inside the Iggles]
  20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [Tampa Bay Sports Fanatic]
  21. Washington Redskins [Justin Vogt]
  22. Dallas Cowboys [MWC Football]
  23. Pittsburgh Steelers [NFL NewsBreak]
  24. Tennessee Titans [don vito 615]
  25. Seattle Seahawks [The Seahakws Blog]
  26. Jacksonville Jaguars [The Microcosm]
  27. San Diego Chargers [Rob from NFL NewsBreak]
  28. Dallas Cowboys [MWC Football]
  29. San Francisco 49ers [Marc from the Bruno Boys]
  30. Green Bay Packers [The NFL Minute]
  31. New York Giants [The Arena]

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