Monday morning rehab

I am a little slow this Monday.

But there are plenty of MMR updates to get to, including another Cadillac Williams update.

So much speculation is swirling around Caddy this offseason about whether or not he will be able to return to football after suffering a devastating knee injury last season. Coming out of college, I really thought he would be a great back in the NFL and it looked like he was destined to be a great one at the start of his career. But he hit a wall, struggled with some minor injuries and then *pow*, he suffered a career-threatening injury.

What do y’all think? Can Cadillac regain his previous form and be a starting runningback in the league again? Or is he destined to be a back-up or, even worse, out of the league?

Check the MMR for the Caddy update and more after the jump.

Cadillac Williams [RB, Buccaneers]

From the St. Petersburg Times:

Williams isn’t backing off his stated goal of participating in training camp in some capacity, even though he remains a long way from gaining medical clearance to take the field.

“It’s a matter of when I’m going to be back,” he said. “I know I’m going to be playing on this field again. I know I’m going to be productive.”

Another positive message from Williams’ mouth. But the words from the Bucs’ front office have been skeptical at times, and rightfully so. They do have to prepare for life without Williams.

I do hope he can return to significant football action.

Kellen Winslow [TE, Browns]

From Every Morning Quarterback:

So miffed is Kellen Winslow that he’s not the highest-paid tight end in football, he decided to skip the Browns’ recent OTAs. Of course, he didn’t actually come out and say that. Most would believe his absence was simply due to his recovery from a fourth knee surgery. But with Indy’s Dallas Clark making $42 million over six years ($27M in the first three years and an average salary close to $7M annually — making him the highest paid player at that position), I would think Kellen is upset.

His injuries have been well-documented in the past, and so has his mouth/attitude.

Winslow wants to get paid, and he certainly has played well enough when on the field to command top tight end money. Whether or not the Browns will cave into his demands remains to be seen. There is an awful lot of bad history in those knees of his.

Phillip Rivers [QB, Chargers]


Like Carson Palmer did after undergoing ACL surgery prior to the 2006 season, Chargers QB Philip Rivers will wear a knee brace on his reconstructed ACL throughout all of 2008.

We don’t think this will really limit him too much from a fantasy perspective, as he’s feeling great, and isn’t really a rushing weapon anyway – or elusive, for that matter.

No a huge deal, and not terribly unexpected. Several NFL quarterbacks wear knee braces despite never having severly injured a knee (Peyton Manning).

This does not set Rivers back any as he progresses toward a full recovery from ACL surgery.

Antonio Gates [TE, Chargers]


The good news is that Chargers TE Antonio Gates has moved past the “crutches/walking boot” phase and is now walking gingerly. He still has not tried running yet, and things appear to be coming along very slowly as he tries to recover from toe surgery in time for mini-camp.

This is at least a step in the right direction for Gates. Estimates on his actual return date abound, with some saying as early as week 1 or as late as week 6 of the 2008 season.

I think it may fall somewhere in between, which makes it almost certain Gates will not be the consensus No. 1 tight end in fantasy drafts this summer.

Brandon Marshall [WR, Broncos]

From the Rocky Mountain News:

Receiver Brandon Marshall won’t practice as he continues to recover from injuries and surgery to his right forearm suffered in a horseplay incident with his brother at a Florida resort in March. He can participate in team and position meetings.

It was a terribly unfortunate injury for Marshall, an up-and-coming wide receiver who had a breakout campaign in 2007.

Hopefully, he can stay on track and restore confidence in fantasy owners looking to pick up a young gem at receiver.

Larry Johnson [RB, Chiefs]

From the Kansas City Star:

Any doubt about Larry Johnson’s value to the Chiefs disappeared last year when they lost all eight games after his season ended prematurely because of a broken foot.

That’s why the Chiefs intend to go easy on Johnson when offseason practice begins today. The Chiefs have 15 practice sessions planned over the next four weeks, including their June 6-8 minicamp.

“We’ll bring him along slowly,” coach Herm Edwards said. “We’re not going to beat him up. We’re not going to rush him a whole lot. We want to see where he’s at.

“He’s been running straight and he’s been doing all of that for a long time, but as far as cutting and football things like that, we want to limit him some.”

LJ is no spring chicken anymore and took a pounding last year behind a suspect offensive lineman. He is a bruising runningback by nature, which makes him even more fragile at this point.

I would not be surprised to see LJ go in the first round of most drafts, but buyer beware: The Chiefs’ offensive line may not be much better this season.

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One Response

  1. Cadillac has too much to overcome with the injury and too crowded a backfield with Graham, Dunn, and Bennett. Not to mention his last good year was 2005.

    Winslow has been great, but I can’t draft him early because of the past injuries, too risky. I also won’t draft Gates, Rivers, or Johnson. I don’t like their risk/reward and I know someone else will be more willing to take that chance.

    The only one in the group I like is Marshall. He practiced by just running routes, but I expect he’ll be ready and he has called into question his own character and vowed to make changes, so I still expect big things from him.

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