Let the Aaron Rodgers era begin

As reported everywhere this morning, the great Brett Favre has decided to hang up his cleats. This news follows one of his best seasons on record, which was even more impressive given how his skills seemed to diminish the last few years. Favre and the Packers came within one game of the Super Bowl.

The news also comes conspicuously after the Packers failed — again — to employ the services of wide receiver Randy Moss. Favre advocated acquiring Moss last year before he was traded to the Patriots and again this offseason when Moss became a free agent. According to reports, the Philadelphia Eagles came closest to luring Moss away from New England before Moss decided to stay with the Pats.

However, none of this degrades the career of Favre, who became a legend in Green Bay and beyond during his run as the quarterback of the Packers. On a personal level, Favre is one of my all-time favorite players and I will miss watching him play the game of football.

Favre’s career will be celebrated and rightfully so. And now the torch must be passed to the next Green Bay quarterback, young Aaron Rodgers. Per RotoWorld:

Aaron Rodgers will become the starting quarterback of the Packers following Brett Favre’s retirement.

Adding uncertainty and downgraded values to Donald Driver, James Jones, and Greg Jennings. We’ll hear a lot of opinions on Rodgers, but no one truly knows how he’ll perform. He’s improved in preseason play and looked solid in a 2007 relief effort, but he also suffered injuries the last two times he’s played significant minutes.

Rodgers played very well in relief of Favre this year when the Packers and Cowboys squared off late in the season. He actually kept the Packers in the game after Favre started poorly before leaving with an injury to his elbow.

But can Rodgers become a good or great starting quarterback in the NFL? That remains to be seen. It will be difficult to replace Favre, who has become a legend in Green Bay. If Rodgers can step out of Favre’s shadow and become more than just a trivia answer, he should be able to have a meaningful career.

For now, though, the Packers’ offense takes a big hit in the fantasy department.

Video H/T: Shutdown Corner


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