Monday morning rehab

Sorry this is so late this morning. I had the bachelor’s party this weekend down in New Orleans, moved into a new apartment and ran back to New Orleans again this morning to get her ring engraved. Craziness!

So the wedding is Saturday, for those who care, which means my blogging schedule might be a little wacky this week. I want to finish the last early mock draft before the wedding, so I will try to get that out tomorrow. The Weekly Haze should run as scheduled on Wednesday. However, after Wednesday the blog will be on hiatus until I get back from the honeymoon, which is next Friday, March 28.

Now, onto the rehab, and there are some big names on the list this week. Hit the jump to see more.

LaDainian Tomlinson [RB, Chargers]

Per The San Diego Union-Tribune:

After finishing his round at Junior Seau’s charity golf tournament yesterday, LaDainian Tomlinson said his left knee is doing “pretty good.”

Tomlinson is uncertain whether he will be full-go for minicamp in May.

“There is still some pain when I do certain things,” he said.

Tomlinson should recover just fine from his first major injury. But he is getting closer to the age of 30, when most NFL runningbacks begin to see a decline in production. Tomlinson has shown no signs of slowing down, however, and should be good to go for a few more seasons.

Shaun Alexander [RB, Seahawks]

From Seahawks Insider:

KJR’s Softy Mahler was reporting that Alexander is about to be let go. We ran into Mike Holmgren in the parking lot of the practice facility as he was leaving, and he confirmed that he did speak with Shaun today at the facility. He did not disclose what was said. But he said unequivocably that Shaun is not being released immediately. He said he could not be released right now anyway because of his injury.

This is a few days old and nothing new has come out of Seattle regarding Alexander. Rumor has it that Seattle will cut Alexander as soon as possible, and there may be a few teams out there waiting for that to happen. Detroit comes to mind, where Alexander would not have to compete against much for the job.

Deion Branch [WR, Seahawks]

From FanBall:

Wide receiver Deion Branch is in Birmingham, Alabama going through intensive rehabilitation from surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee, according to USA Today. The Seattle medical staff expects Branch to miss training camp, but anticipate him contributing during the season.

Our View: Branch had the surgery in January ’08, and the normal rehab time for such an injury is between nine and 12 months, which makes it possible that he could be available sometime towards the end of September to the middle of October, if all goes well with his recovery.

Branch never lived up to expectations throughout his career and it now will be harder than ever for him to do so. It would be a minor miracle for him to return to significant action this year after suffering a devastating knee injury. The days of his over-hyped potential are behind him now, but he could evolve into a nice No. 3 or 4 receiver if he fully recovers from the injury.

Jonathan Stewart [RB, None]

From RotoWorld:

NFL Network’s Adam Schefter reports Oregon RB Jonathan Stewart underwent surgery on his big toe Wednesday. He’ll be out four to six months.

If Stewart heals quickly, he’ll have a chance to be ready before the start of training camp. Still, Stewart will miss all pre-camp work and his draft status will likely be affected severely. It’s a somewhat similar situation to Adrian Peterson’s in 2007, but Stewart doesn’t have the same talent or upside. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him fall to round two.

Most people seem to think this will not hurt his draft stock much. Chances are he will go somewhere in the mid- to late-first round of the NFL Draft. I have him going to the Lions in the middle of the first, unless Detroit acquires a runningback sometime now before the draft.

Cadillac Williams [RB, Buccaneers]

Two news stories from the Williams front today. First, from the Orlando Sentinal:

Quietly, there are some concerns within the organization that Williams’ injury may have been career-ending. Given the magnitude of the damage, that certainly is a possibility, but no one has resigned themselves to that dooms-day scenario yet.

In fact, word out of One Buc Place is that the 2005 NFL Rookie of the Year — 1,178 yards and six TDs that season — has been dedicated and diligent about his rehabilitation following reconstructive surgery last fall by James Andrews, the reknown orthopedist based in Birmingham, Ala.

And from the St. Petersburg Times:

Injured Bucs running back Cadillac Williams says he expects to play in 2008.

“Oh yeah, no doubt,” Williams said. “I definitely have a great shot. I feel good about it.”

Williams, sporting a nine-inch scar on his right knee from surgery to repair a torn patellar tendon, took a break from rehab Friday to discuss his future.

He admitted that shortly after the injury occurred in a game at Carolina last Oct., he doubted whether he would ever play football again.

The news is optimistic regarding Williams’ rehabilitation from what was called a career-threatening injury. Chances are his injury may keep him from playing a significant role this season with the Buccaneers, especially considering how busy Tampa Bay has been so far in free agency at the runningback position. It would be a great story if Williams can work his way back from injury to become a starter again one day, and news stories like this are encouraging.

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