Pay me!

By: Blaine Clancy

Pick me, please me, pay me!

With most teams’ OTA’s wrapping up, three of the top five selections in the 2008 NFL draft have already been signed: Jake Long, left tackle with the Miami Dolphins, Matt Ryan, quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, and Darren McFadden, running back for the Oakland Raiders.

Each player brings huge fantasy implications to their respective teams. Hit the jump to go in-depth.

For Miami, Long will strengthen the line and give Ronnie Brown a little more room to maneuver for those extra yards.

Matt Ryan is the future of the Falcons. After dropping $130 million dollars in December of 2005 on the now-incarcerated Michael Vick (aka Ron Mexico), Atlanta unloaded their dough to lock Ryan up for the next half decade. Unfortunately for Ryan, Atlanta’s offensive line has not improved much so he will be earning his millions while spending time on his back.

Oakland avoided another lengthy holdout this year by signing Darren McFadden to a reported six-year, $60 million contract. Being able to participate in OTAs and training camp could potentially make McFadden an instant starter and a fantasy stud for the 2008 season.

Just in case you were feeling adequately appreciated at your job, check out how much money these guys are going to make in the next five-to-six years. Humbling.

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