Monday morning rehab

WordPress was down for a little while this morning, so I was afraid I would not get this out on time. But alas, WP came through in the clutch like the LSU baseball team in getting things up-and-running again.

So I was in Austin this weekend for an ultimate frisbee tournament, and by now you all know our good friend Cedric Benson was — once again — in Austin again for the weekend. And again, Benson got himself into trouble.

It could be big trouble for Benson. Rumors are flying that he could be canned today. Good thing the Bears drafted Matt Forte in the second round of this year’s draft.

The moral of the story: If you are a Cedric Benson owner, keep your eyes peeled for updates today. Everyone else, hit the jump for this week’s MMR.

Antonio Gates [TE, Chargers]

From the North County Times:

Also, tight end Antonio Gates (toe) hasn’t yet begun running, but Turner said Gates is “making good progress.”

Not sure what kind of progress a tight end who cannot run is making, but it sounds good when you read it.

I have seen a few early rankings, and Gates has topped several of them at his position. I think that will change as the summer heats up, training camps open and Gates’ timetable becomes more apparent.

Ronnie Brown [RB, Dolphins]

From the Miami Herald:

Running back Ronnie Brown’s progress continues at a good pace. He’s getting more carries and more repetitions than he did earlier in the OTA workouts.

“Each one of these practices, he’s been able to do a little bit more and that’s good for us and good for Ronnie,” Sparano said.

Still no setbacks.

Ricky Williams has reportedly looked good in practices so far as well, which could be a good thing for Brown this season. He may not be able to carry the entire load for the entire season, but a season like Deuce McAllister’s 2006 comeback year is not out of the question if Brown gets decent help in the backfield.

Plaxico Burress [WR, Giants]


We’re hearing that Giants WR Plaxico Burress will not be a full go by the time training camp starts. He’s still nursing knee, ankle and shoulder injuries that he suffered and played through last season.

As much grief as Plax gave his fantasy owners last year (myself included), he stepped up and played huge when called upon in the games.

It would be nice if he could actually practice this season, even though he did well without it last year, so that fantasy owners can worry less about his status on a weekly basis.

Phillip Rivers [QB, Chargers]

From ProFootballTalk:

But even though Rivers initially was regarded as a longshot to be ready to go when training camp opens, Rivers is already back on the field, as Adam Schefter points out in his Wednesday “Around the League” segment for NFLN’s Total Access. He took ten snaps with the starting offense during the last practice before Memorial Day, and he led the offense throughout 11-on-11 drills on Monday of this week.

Rivers seems well ahead of schedule. His body is healing very quickly according to reports, and he has proven himself as a tough guy already.

I would not move him up my draft board just yet, but I would not move him down much either.

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