Weekly Haze

Here are this week’s great reads:

  • Some fantasy football thoughts following the NFL Draft. [Fantasy Football Goat]
  • Winner and losers of the 2008 draft. [Every Morning Quarterback]
  • Matt Forte, who lived down the street from me growing up, is No. 4 in these dynasty rookie rankings. [RotoWorld]
  • While the draft did hurt a few guys (FWP, Benson), some veterans caught a break. [Pancake Blocks]
  • Here are some of those guys hurt by last weekend’s NFL Draft. [Fantasy Football Fools]
  • Peyton Manning getting mad. [FanHouse]
  • Chad Johnson continues to piss me off … and everyone else, too. [ProFootballTalk]
  • Too early to call a Super Bowl winner? [The Big Lead]
  • With the arrival of Run DMC, the Raiders showed Dominic Rhodes the door. Next stop Indianapolis? [The NFL Guru]

For more great reads, check out my Google Reader Shared Items page.


One Response

  1. Appreciate the link. Good finds here. Chad Johnson is def going to keep stirring people up. Maybe Peyton Manning can unload on him.

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