Steve McNair to retire

Not going to write a huge post about this, but Baltimore quarterback Steve McNair has decided to retire.

That leaves Kyle Boller and Troy Smith as the most prominent quarterbacks on the Ravens’ roster. The Baltimore front office might be taking a longer, harder look now at Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan.

I am glad McNair decided to hang ’em up before the NFL Draft. Had he waited until after the draft and the Ravens failed to draft a quarterback, it would have been a pretty sorry move on McNair’s part. This way, it allows the Ravens to prepare accordingly for next season by addressing the quarterback position in the draft, if they choose to do so.


3 Responses

  1. I feel for air mcnair. His super bowl chances dashed. He had a flawed but brilliant career. Especially someone who came from such a humble university.

  2. I hope the Ravens give Troy Smith a chance. I think he can be a great NFL QB.

  3. i’ll always be sad for what happened in that titans v rams super bowl game when mcnair came within inches of a ring. it wasn’t so much that i loved mcnair as i hated the rams. but then i realized, mcnair’s cool. that would have been awesome for him. luckily, he’s a millionare so he’ll have his 1000 thread count sheets made of $100 bills to help ease the pain.

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