Monday morning rehab

A bunch of runningbacks made their way to the MMR today.

Willie Parker, Cadillac Williams, Jonathan Stewart and LaDainian Tomlinson dropped by for a visit. This is not the first time some of these guys have been covered by the MMR, and probably will not be the last.

Phillip Rivers — not a runningback — is the odd man out this week.

Hopefully the news continues to be good about all these guys. Hit the jump to see whether or not it is all good news this week. Willie Parker [RB, Steelers]

From RotoWorld:

Willie Parker may be used infrequently on passing downs in 2008.

Mewelde Moore will likely replace Parker when the Steelers want a back in they can check down to or send on a downfield route. Najeh Davenport will come in to pick up the blitz. Losing passing-down work would hurt Parker’s PPR value. Parker also could surrender short-yardage carries to Davenport.

Not the greatest of news for Parker fans and owners. But I think this was to be expected. FWP did not exactly excel in 3rd-down and short-yardage situations last year, especially near the goal line.

I doubt Mewelde Moore excels near the goal line, either, given his small frame. But he is a very useful 3rd-down back with good blocking skills and excellent talent as a pass-catcher.

My bet would be that Carey Davis or Gary Russell take over near the goal line next year. That makes Najeh Davenport the odd man out this summer.

Cadillac Williams [RB, Buccaneers]


Two players who are also recovering from surgeries but did work out on their own were RB Cadillac Williams and LB Cato June. Williams spent some of his time doing a plow-horse drill in which he ties himself to a harness and pulls a Bucs trainer behind him as he walks forward.

It is great to see Williams’ working out with the team during OTA’s.

There have been mixed reports about the progress of Williams’ recovery from what was called a career-threatening injury. News from his camp continues to be good, but news from others continues to be skeptical.

I think being skeptical of Williams’ chances of recovery is safe, but I never would bet against a determined athlete.

Jonathan Stewart [RB, None]

From RotoWorld:

The Houston Chronicle notes that the Texans need to find a running back in the draft, but one “who’s not coming off an injury.”

The Chronicle seems to strongly suggest that the Texans will pass on Oregon RB Jonathan Stewart at No. 18 if they find a defensive end, left tackle, or corner worth that choice. They currently don’t have a second-round pick.

If Darren McFadden and Rashard Mendenhall are off the board, the Texans would be wise to pass on pin-ball runner Jonathan Stewart.

The Texans might be better off drafting an offensive lineman in the middle of the first round, where the talent still may be top tier. Yes, the running game does need help, but maybe the best way to help the running game is to continuing upgrading the O-line.

LaDainian Tomlinson [RB, Chargers]

From RotoWorld:

LaDainian Tomlinson (torn MCL) has not been participating in the Chargers’ offseason program.

He’s still expected to be ready for post-draft minicamps. Tomlinson did not require surgery for his knee injury.

Not exactly sure if this is good news or not for LT2.

Sure, not every player participates in OTA’s, but Tomlinson is coming off injury. Everything he does from here on out will be heavily scrutinized by coaches, players, fans and the media.

Phillip Rivers [QB, Chargers]


Quarterback Philip Rivers has contested throughout this offseason that patience would be his biggest challenge as he recovers from a February operation to repair the Anterior Cruciate Ligament in his right knee.

Rivers had that patience tested once again when he had to watch as Bolts quarterbacks and skill players began throwing together at Chargers Park this week.

“It was tough,” Rivers said. “I snuck in there and threw a couple from the shotgun but I got pulled out of there pretty fast.”

Twelve weeks into his rehabilitation period, Rivers is very pleased with the progress he’s made. He started running roughly one week ago and on Friday added some more resistance training to his workout.

Things are looking good for Rivers.

He displayed an enormous amount of toughness during the playoffs as he played through a torn ACL. There is no reason to believe that he will not be ready to go for the 2008 season given the high level of his intestinal fortitude.

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