TH mock draft underway

The Hazean’s second-annual NFL mock draft gets underway today. Though not yet accessible to the public as all the picks are being made behind the scenes, the mock draft will debut the week of the NFL Draft.

Since there are 31 selections in the first round this year, the plan is to run six selections a day starting Monday, April 21. Since 31 is not nicely divisible by five, there will be one day — Friday — with seven selections.

Each selection will get its very own post on the blog, so make sure to check the blog often during the week of the draft. Or you can just subscribe to the blog via email or RSS (see below for subscription details). RSS is a great way to keep up with a blog without having to navigate to the page … the page updates come to you!

Hit the jump to see the draft order one more time. Make sure to take some time to visit all of the participants’ blogs/sites, if applicable.

  1. Miami Dolphins [Brad Jones]
  2. St. Louis Rams [Cowboys 4 Life from the Fantasy Football Cafe]
  3. Atlanta Falcons [TJ Ford from Football Jabber]
  4. Oakland Raiders [The Big Lead]
  5. Kansas City Chiefs [Ed Tajchman]
  6. New York Jets [The Fantasy Football Geek Blog]
  7. New England Patriots [The NFL Guru]
  8. Baltimore Ravens [Kelloggs23 from Football Jabber]
  9. Cincinnati Bengals [Danny Belcher]
  10. New Orleans Saints [The Hazean]
  11. Buffalo Bills [Curveballs 4 Jesus]
  12. Denver Broncos [Fantasy Football Librarian]
  13. Carolina Panthers [Peter Schrager from Fox Sports]
  14. Chicago Bears [Football Jabber]
  15. Detroit Lions [Joe Strahl]
  16. Arizona Cardinals [Ryan from NFL NewsBreak]
  17. Minnesota Vikings [Marc from The Hazean]
  18. Houston Texans [Blaine from The Hazean]
  19. Philadelphia Eagles [Inside the Iggles]
  20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [Tampa Bay Sports Fanatic]
  21. Washington Redskins [Justin Vogt]
  22. Dallas Cowboys [MWC Football]
  23. Pittsburgh Steelers [NFL NewsBreak]
  24. Tennessee Titans [don vito 615]
  25. Seattle Seahawks [The Seahakws Blog]
  26. Jacksonville Jaguars [The Microcosm]
  27. San Diego Chargers [Rob from NFL NewsBreak]
  28. Dallas Cowboys [MWC Football]
  29. San Francisco 49ers [Marc from the Bruno Boys]
  30. Green Bay Packers [The NFL Minute]
  31. New York Giants [The Arena]

Get your subscription to The Hazean for just $0 a month! You can subscribe to The Hazean by email and have this stuff in your inbox seconds after I post it or you can subscribe in your feed reader or on your home page. Either way you get all the fantasy info you need fast and easy. But hurry because this offer may not last forever!*

Don’t understand this whole subscribing thing? Check out this short video on RSS courtesy of my friend The Fantasy Football Goat. Isn’t technology great?

*This offer will last forever

4 Responses

  1. Hope that leg is getting better.

  2. Hey Hazean-
    I have recently have seen some highlights of Haruki Nakamura, Free Safety from U of Cincinnati, I was very impressed he looked much like a Troy Palumalu clone(minus the hair). To my dismay however he isn’t on anyones draft boards as far as I can tell. I was wondering what you all thought of him and maybe explain to me, in layman terms of course, why analyst aren’t seeing what I am. Youtube as some pretty great footage of the guy.
    GO BEARS!!

  3. […] I mentioned previously, we’re participating in the Hazean’s 2008 NFL mock draft. We’re representing the Jets and their #6 pick. We went with Vernon Gholston, whose name has been […]

  4. @ Ryan:

    I cannot say I am too familiar with Nakamura, but if you want evidence of his talent I suggest checking him out on youtube, as you mentioned:

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