Monday morning rehab

Another late MMR this morning. My apologies. I was preparing for what will soon be my own rehab, as I have arthroscopic knee surgery scheduled for this Friday. Hopefully it will not be too bad.

Huge day in the MMR today. Lots of updates from around the NFL, and most of them are positive, starting with Carolina quarterback — and Louisiana boy — Jake Delhomme. Hit the jump to read the news.

Jake Delhomme [QB, Panthers]

From Pro Football Weekly:

Panthers QB Jake Delhomme is on schedule, or even a bit ahead, in his rehab from the Tommy John surgery that he underwent last October, according to our source in Carolina. However, word is Carolina will be very cautious in bringing him back to full speed once training camp begins.

And from the Gaston Gazette:

It’s only April, but today is an important day in the future of the Carolina Panthers.

When starting quarterback Jake Delhomme arrives at Bank of America Stadium this morning, he’ll take the biggest step yet in his recovery from elbow surgery as he begins throwing a real football for the first time with trainer Ryan Vermillion.

This isn’t some silly lightweight Nerf football, but a real regulation NFL football.

Players always seems to be “ahead of schedule” during rehab in the offseason. But it is a good sign, nonetheless, that the news about Delhomme is positive and that there have been no setbacks.

Carolina’s decision to work Delhomme back to health slowly is a wise one. The team is much better offensively with him at the helm, which became painfully obvious for Panthers’ fans last season.

Malcolm Kelly [WR, None]

From the The City Paper:

In an e-mail circulated to league general managers and scouting personnel, agent Chad Speck declared his client Malcolm Kelly fully healed and ready to participate in his pro day April 9 at the University of Oklahoma.

Kelly, regarded as one of the top wide receiver prospects in the 2008 draft, was hampered by a quadriceps tear. But in the letter from Speck, Dr. Michael Hatrak said Kelly’s injury showed “no further risk of injury” and that an MRI showed “all other structures assessed were within normal limits.”

And from The Buffalo News:

Bills coach Dick Jauron said today he has no problem with the health of Oklahoma wide receiver Malcolm Kelly, whose knees have become a question mark heading into the draft. Kelly is a prime candidate to be picked by the Bills at No. 11 overall – if he’s healthy. He already has visited Buffalo.

I like Kelly’s chances of being the first wide receiver off the board at the end of the month. It is good to hear that his doctors are not too concerned with his past knee troubles.

If he stays in the clear the next few weeks without any setbacks or negative PR, he could be off the board as soon as the eleventh pick in the NFL Draft to Buffalo.

Ronnie Brown [RB, Dolphins]

From the Miami Herald:

Ronnie Brown, recovering from a torn ACL, is expected back by training camp.

On if Ronnie will be ready for training camp:

“We’ll see how the thing goes right now but I think in our minds Ronnie should be ready for training camp,” Sparano said.

More good news out of the Brown camp.

The Dolphins did not approach a runningback in free agency. If Bill Parcells and Co. forgo choosing one in the NFL Draft, that will signal the team’s confidence in Brown’s recovery from a torn ACL. Ricky Williams is expected to help Brown at runningback next year, but that never is a sure bet.

Colt Brennan [QB, None]


Colt Brennan, Hawaii’s record-setting quarterback, will undergo hip surgery on April 7 to repair a torn labrum in his right hip and will be sidelined eight to 12 weeks.

The announcement was made to NFL scouts at Hawaii’s pro-day workout Tuesday at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., and means Brennan will drop from a projected middle round draft pick to a very late round pick.

What a fall from grace. It has been all downhill for Brennan since the Sugar Bowl against Georgia. He went from being a first-day selection last fall to maybe not even draftable at this point.

Shaun Alexander [RB, Seahawks]

From the Tacoma News Tribune:

Shaun Alexander has had the cast removed from his wrist but is wearing a splint. He is scheduled to have the wrist tested and examined in the not-too-distant future.

This seems like a slow process for Alexander, which may indicate either the severity of the injury or his age.

SA is no spring chicken and his performance on the field last year has spawned rumors of his immediate future with the Seahawks. Many football insiders believe he will be cut by the summer, and that movement gained steam when Seattle signed TJ Duckett and Julius Jones during free agency.

Marvin Harrison [WR, Colts]


Dungy said he believes wide receiver Marvin Harrison will be fully ready next season.

Harrison, an eight-time Pro Bowl selection, missed the last 10 regular-season games last season with a knee injury. He returned for the team’s 28-24 loss to San Diego in a Division Playoff game.

“I think Marvin’s going to be fine,” Dungy said. “That’s what we’re hoping for. We’ll see. It was kind of strange last year. It was every couple of weeks, ‘he should be ready to go,’ and it didn’t happen. My sense is with an off-season, he’ll be good to go.”

He may be ready for the season, but Harrison is beyond the age of elite productivity for a wide receiver. It is a sad end of days for Harrison, who was one of the most consistent fantasy wide receivers in the game for several seasons.

Cadillac Williams [RB, Buccaneers]

From RotoWorld:

Asked if Carnell Williams is expected back next season by the NFL Network, GM Bruce Allen dodged the question.

He said Williams will work as hard as he can, and they will know more in late June. At the very least, it appears Caddy will start the year on the PUP list. His summer health updates will determine his fantasy value, but he’s probably going to be a late-round pick at best.


Not the best news on the Williams’ front this week. It is never a good sign when GM’s dodge questions this early in the offseason. It is not an uncommon practice during the regular season to prevent tipping one’s hand, but this is a little out of the ordinary.

Many wondered if Williams would be able to recover from what was called a career-threatening injury, and it appears as if the Bucs have the same concern.

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  1. Good stuff! Good luck with your own rehab Hazey.

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