NFL Scouting Combine 2008

For those of you without the NFL Network, I was planning on live blogging the action as I watched it in the comforts of my bedroom.

However, I will be afk this weekend on a jaunt to Baton Rouge, La., to tackle some wedding planning issues, which means I will not be able to keep you guys updated on the movers and shakers at the combine.

Luckily, our friends at NFL NewsBreak do plan to have some combine blogging going on this weekend, so you should be able to get your fix over there. In addition to NFL NewsBreaks’ coverage, the guys over at My Mock Draft will be dabbling in some live combine coverage this weekend as well. Be sure to check those out.

I do have my DVR set to record the quarterbacks, wide receivers and runningbacks workout on Sunday, and will watch that Sunday night or Monday night. I should have an unlive update sometime next week after processing that information. I also plan to update the early mock draft next week after this weekend’s action, as it likely will change a few things.

If you have some thoughts on the combine or plan to watch it and want to talk about it, come back to this thread and throw it out in the comments. Maybe we can get a little discussion going.


2 Responses

  1. Like you site good luck with the wedding plans

  2. Thanks, I appreciate it!

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