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  2. What up Haze. One thing you forgot to mention in your weekly review is that the Steelers have decided to stay with grass on Heinz field. Uggh! Does this drive anyone else as crazy as me? Their field is rated the worst in the league nearly every year. For a cold weather team to have a grass field, when the college and all their high schools play on it as well, is just insane. The NFL should step in and mandate they have an acceptable professional level field. I mean, some of these pro players are making millions to play the game and for them to take on additional risk to play on that crappy field (see the Miami game last season) is nothing short of negligence.


  3. God bless Warrick Dunn. He hasnt produced much on the field as of late and he won’t now that the Falcons running game has been torn to shreds with the loss of Vick and the stupid decision to dump off their power runner tj duckett last season. dunn’s a good guy and a hardworker. i wish he didnt play for the falcons. until that point though, i’ll need his head on a platter.

  4. Thanks for the plug Hazey. Those guys at Witty banter are under the impression that grass is news…geesh 😉

  5. i bet you are a saints fan but you are right Dunn was the man. he should have stayed in tampa

  6. they will never take away our free fansay football NEVER!

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