Pro Bowl afterthoughts

OK, I lied. I know I said how much I hate dislike the Pro Bowl, but I ended up watching most of it. But only because I was bored, I swear!

The thing that bugs me about this game is that you have all these great NFL players banging heads in a game that means nothing. I know it comes after the season finale, but most of these players are too valuable to risk losing to injury in a meaningless game.

I personally know that many New Orleans Saints’ fans were relieved this year when no Saints were selected to the Pro Bowl (even though Marques Colston got robbed). That is because we watched in horror last year when Drew Brees went down awkwardly by way of an unnecessarily vicious hit. Luckily, Brees’ injury was to his non-throwing arm and not very serious, but the risks far outweigh the gains in such a game.

For the life of me, I will never understand why impeding free agents — like Marion Barber, Asante Samuel and Marcus Trufant — even bother to play in the game. These guys are set to cash in on multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts in a month when free agency begins. But a serious or even semi-serious injury could compromise the big pay day and/or cripple the teams paying for these players’ services.

Alas, the game was played and some things did happen in it. Overall, it was a healthy Pro Bowl with lots of scoring and excitement. Hit the jump for some things I thought about while watching the game:

  • Adrian Peterson is a beast. Kid picked up where he left off before injuring his knee, which is a good sign for fantasy owners next season. ADP will make a run at LaDainian Tomlinson as the first back off the board in most redrafts.
  • Terrell Owens looked much like the TO the Cowboys saw at the end of 2007. But then he started catching the ball, and even caught a few passes and a touchdown from former quarterback Jeff Garcia. I have made it clear that TO is no spring chicken, but the guy is in tremendous shape and should have another elite year or two left in him.
  • Derek Anderson wowed no one on Sunday. I doubt it jeopardizes his chance at being the starting quarterback in Cleveland next year after what he was able to accomplish during most of 2007, but his trade value may have taken a big hit.
  • It was good to finally see Fred Taylor in the Pro Bowl, but come on Norv: A fade route on the one-yard line? Give Taylor the ball!
  • I used to like Chad Johnson, but he has been spouting off at the mouth too much lately for my liking. Besides, he is not even the best receiver on his own team anymore. That guy is T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who caught four passes for 44 yards and two touchdowns yesterday.

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