Super Bowl afterthoughts

And football season is over.


Now the offseason begins, though not yet in earnest. The Pro Bowl is a sad reminder that real football is on a six-month hiatus. Free agency kicks off in early March and the NFL Draft follows at the end of April. Mini-camps, fantasy football sign-ups, training camps and the preseason quickly follow the draft.

And then real football returns! So maybe the offseason will not be that terrible after all.

Anyway, hit the jump for some fantasy-related thoughts from this year’s Super Bowl.

  • Well, Eli Manning did it. He put together one of the best postseasons a quarterback could have, culminating in a Super Bowl victory. He should be considered a top-10 fantasy quarterback next year.
  • What happened to Randy Moss in the playoffs? I know he caught a touchdown against the Giants but for most of the day he was a non-factor. Not that his playoff production matters much to regular season fantasy owners, but still.
  • Neither running game was overly impressive. The Giants used both Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, and we should see more of that duo next year. The Patriots abandoned the run despite how well Laurence Maroney had been playing.
  • Jeremy Shockey is going to have some competition next year.
  • Tom Brady did not have a bad day, but he did look pretty ordinary at times. He missed a lot of wide open opportunities.

By the way, happy Mardi Gras!!!


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