Nine must-subscribe fantasy football feeds

You can get your fantasy football news from anywhere these days. Big television networks like ESPN, Fox and CBS offer fantasy coverage before, during and after games on Sunday and beyond. The internet is crawling with fantasy football information, leagues and advice from those television networks and other major publications. It is hard to pick up a magazine or newspaper without seeing some kind of fantasy advise or advertisement.

It can be a lot to handle as a fantasy owner, young or old. The information overload is so great it can drive fantasy owners to the brink of disaster. Well, maybe not that far, but the amount of information available can numb an owner to the point of fantasy apathy.

With all that in mind, I spent the majority of this season weeding out the good fantasy information from the bad. It took a lot of work and a lot of patience, but I came up with my favorite nine feeds for fantasy football knowledge. Now, these feeds are not my only source of football knowledge, just my personal favorites. Hit the jump to see who made the list.

  1. Fantasy Football Librarian: In my opinion, this is the best starting point for any fantasy owner. The Librarian brings all the best fantasy football news and advice to your doorstep.
  2. Fantasy Football Goat: Great player rankings and fantasy analysis.
  3. Football Jabber: Lots of useful information and an all-around fun site.
  4. NFL FanHouse: Lots of updates all day long from every team in the NFL.
  5. FanProphet: Great site for fantasy analysis and strategy.
  6. Gregg Rosenthal’s NFL Blog: Rosenthal offers his views on player rankings, news, injuries and other important fantasy information.
  7. The NFL Guru: Good fantasy discussion with a lighter side thanks to all the great videos.
  8. The NFL Minute: Focuses on all the latest NFL news.
  9. The Hazean: A shameless plug, yes. But I love playing and writing about fantasy football, so why not read what I have to say? At the very least you could disagree with everything I blog, in which case I would appreciate hearing your beef in the comments!

These are just a handful of the multitude of fantasy football and NFL-related blogs available on the internet. Do not limit yourself to just these blogs, seek out and find others that appeal to you! And if you do have a great blog not listed here and want to share it, feel free to post it in the comments.



2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the Football Jabber pimping Hazey! We have big plans for the offseason taking our NFL daft coverage right into fantasy Dynasty/Keeper coverage.

  2. Wow, I’m honored! And love this kind of info, too. Nice work.

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