Weekly Haze: Special edition

If you need predictions for this weekend’s NFL playoff games, look no further than the infinite wisdom of Tecmo Super Bowl. ArmChairGM brings you scores, stats and highlights for each of this weekend’s games via TSB simulation. Enjoy.

As for my own predictions, I like the following this weekend:

Tampa Bay > New York Giants
Seattle > Washington
Jacksonville > Pittsburgh
San Diego > Tennessee

H/T Deadspin


4 Responses

  1. […] finally, the Hazean has a few predictions himself. He also enlightened me to another interesting link. This link is to […]

  2. Awesome stuff…lol. During the offseason some buddies and I used to watch the computer play out games on Madden….desperation, huh?

  3. Two-for-two after day one of the playoffs … not bad.

  4. 3-out-of-4 is not too bad, but I was hoping for a perfect weekend!

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