Open thread

Before the football regular season ends, I want to open the blog up for discussion on how to make it better in 2008.

So … let’s hear it in the comments. What can The Hazean do in 2008 that will make it a better resource for fantasy football news and information? What type of content would you like to see more of? Less of?

Post away, I look forward to your comments/suggestions/advice/etc.



2 Responses

  1. One cool thing I found on other sites that are helpful for players and this would make your site a must see. This podcast I listen to sends out this spreadsheet to listeners where they take the teams average fantasy points giving up per position. It is nice because it can help decide if a matchup is close on who to choose or to play a player you normally may not when the matchup is a huge advantage. They usually didnt start this until week 5?? just so there is enough data, this was a great second half tool

  2. You know, that is a tool I used often throughout the year from Fantasy Football Today. I doubt I could do it any better than they do, so I will remember to include a link to it each week with the Start/Sit columns. Thanks for the suggestion!

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