Grab Bag: Week 15

The fantasy football playoffs either began for your league in week 14 or will begin for your league in week 15 (or maybe they started a long, long time ago). Regardless of when your playoffs started or will start, there are a few players on the waiver wire worth a look after week 14’s results.

  • Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Colts: Gonzalez blew up against the Ravens on Sunday night football and could make for a nice fill-in for all those Marvin Harrison owners out there.
  • Samkon Gado, RB, Dolphins: Slim pickin’s at runningback on the waiver wire. Gado could add some depth at runningback for a strapped playoff team.
  • Darius Walker, RB, Texans: Walker might be the next in line for time at runningback in Houston after Ron Dayne injured his ankle.
  • Reggie Williams, WR, Jaguars: Williams is playing well lately with Garrard back in the lineup. He could be worth a shot for a team in need of some help at wide receiver.
  • Devin Hester, WR, Bears: With the playoffs nearly out of reach, the Bears likely will employ Hester more on the offensive side of the ball to see what his is capable of doing as a receiver. He looked mostly good against the Redskins last Thursday.

8 Responses

  1. I would add Aaron Stecker, RB, Saints, to this list now after Monday night’s performance (even though it was against the Falcons, somebody has the run the ball for New Orleans with McAllister and Bush out).

  2. QB start – Warner, Cutler, Garcia

    RB start (2) – JLewis, RJohnson, JFargas, LWhite, KJones, AStecker

    My 3 WRs are RMoss, RWayne, HWard. Would you be satisfied with these 3 or would you start AGonzalez or JGaffney in Ward’s place?

  3. QB: Warner

    RB: Rudi Johnson and Jamal Lewis. Aaron Stecker would be next on that list.

    WR: Those three should be good, but Anthony Gonzalez against Oakland is a nice play this weekend if you do want to sub for Ward.

  4. this might be the last hurrah for me this week, but i want to go down with a fight.

    wr (3): anthony gonzalez, bowe, driver, shaun mcdonald
    rb (2): kevin jones, edge, maroney, darius walker

    kevin jones scares me. he is so iffy from week to week. 2 weeks ago nothing…last week 2 touchdowns!

  5. Gonzalez, Driver, McDonald

    KJ and Edge. I know KJ is scary, but I cannot see Maroney and/or Walker being a better option this weekend. If you had to go with either, I would go with Maroney in the snow. Maybe the Pats will try to establish a running game for the first time this season.

  6. Who should I start?

    Justin Fargas vs Ind
    Aaron Stecker vs Ari

  7. Need 3 RB’s. Pick from Earnest Graham or Jamal Lewis.

    I have Adrian Peterson (Minn.) and Marshawn Lynch already going. Or, is Lynch a risky play?

  8. Derek: I think Stecker has the better matchup this weekend and he should be effective.

    Nic: Peterson, Graham and Lynch. He may be risky, but he is getting healthier every week and the Bills will need a good running game this weekend.

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