College Bowl Pick’em

We did an NFL Survival League on Yahoo! earlier this year and someone won after only week 5. That was kind of boring and everything.

So now, The Hazean is proud to offer a College Bowl Pick’em league for everyone to join. Now, the league is called LSU Tigers because my brother set it up. I know not all of your are LSU fans, but you can at least pretend. Or we can kick you out of the league. Your choice.

But seriously, this league is all in good fun and we welcome everyone to join (even you, Buckeyes’ fans). If you can handle a little trash talk (ahem … OSWho?) and want to earn a little respect, this could be the place for you.

To sign up, login to your Yahoo! account and use this info at the College Bowl Pick’em sign up page to get into the private league:

Group ID: 3953
Password: tigers

Hope to see y’all there!


2 Responses

  1. Hey Hazey, if you want to get into another one we have our own software at our site, come on over!

  2. “LSU quarterback Matt Flynn passed for four touchdowns as second-ranked LSU (12-2) won its second national title in five seasons.”
    Way to go Matt Flynn you did us proud!!

    Tigers 2007/2008 Champs!!

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