Grab Bag: Week 13

Most fantasy leagues have one more regular season week before the playoffs begin. This could be the last chance for fantasy owners to secure a playoff spot. With the holiday shopping season in full swing, it is time for desperate fantasy owners to shop the waiver wire. Here are a few bargains who could vault fantasy teams into the playoffs:

  • Andre Hall, RB, Broncos: Two weeks ago, Selvin Young was next-in-line for Travis Henry’s job. Then Hall busted a long touchdown run against the Titans on Monday Night Football and produced a solid effort yesterday against Chicago. He has been impressive and should be owned in all leagues.
  • Adrian Peterson, RB, Bears: Peterson now is the starting runningback in Chicago for the rest of the season due to Cedric Benson’s lower-leg injury. He is a tough runner, but also good as a receiver out of the backfield. He could be a real boost to a fantasy team struggling at runningback.
  • Kolby Smith, RB, Chiefs: Smith had the best game of any runningback in Kansas City this year, and that is saying something. With Priest Holmes done and Larry Johnson’s return in jeopardy, Smith could be in line for a few more nice performances.
  • Ricky Williams, RB, Dolphins: OK, the ‘Phins have not played against the Steelers on Monday night as of the time of this article, but he has a chance to be the starter the rest of the way. Ronnie Brown was doing just fine in that role before succumbing to injury.
  • AJ Feeley, QB, Eagles: If you own Donovan McNabb, it might be a good time to add Feeley as insurance. Feeley managed to look good in his first action this season … against the Patriots. He could be a good spot starter if McNabb misses more time.
  • Kurt Warner, QB, Cardinals: Warner may not be able to lead the Cardinals to victory, but he sure can throw the $#!@ out of the ball. If you need depth at quarterback, Warner is a good choice down the stretch.

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15 Responses

  1. is rudi johnson worthy of being a #1 back on fantasy rosters now?

  2. As long as he is healthy and starting, I would say he is close to No. 1 again. I might consider him a good RB2, but I know most people drafted him to be their RB1. But if he is starting and playing the entirety of the games again, I think he needs to be in fantasy lineups.

  3. hows this for luck…my first two picks were rudi and travis henry.

  4. oh and i drafted bulger 3rd….what a year

  5. hey thanks for the wavier wire!! But now I have a problem my current RBs are Kolby Smith, Andre Hall, Travis Henry, and Reubon Droughns. And In my league Adrian Peterson(chi), Fred Taylor, Ricky Willams/patrick hobbs, Anthony Thomas are all still available. Now there are all on waivers until thursday so who should I put a claim in for and who should I drop and what should my prioty be. By the way I also just put in a cliam for scheffler, dropping crumpler.

    Thanks Dylan

  6. Dylan:

    I would put in a waiver request for Peterson and/or Taylor. At this point, I like Peterson more than Taylor b/c he may be the exclusive tailback for the Bears the rest of the season (though there are rumors about how much the Bears plan to use Garrett Wolfe). However, Fred Taylor is a proven veteran. It is a tough call, but I like Peterson’s upside more than Taylor’s. If you drop any of your current backs, I would get rid of Droughns. Derrick Ward should return this week and Brandon Jacobs next week, which makes Droughns irrelevant again.

  7. I would like Peterson and Hall
    But I want at least one
    Here are by Backs:
    Jamal Lewis(Starter)
    Kevin Jones
    Ryan Grant(Starter)
    Maurice Jones Drew
    Edgerrin James

    Who should I drop

    Thank you so much!

  8. Is there anyone else you could drop? I am not sure I would drop any of those guys right now. If I had to choose, I would drop Kevin Jones.

  9. So do you think it would be a good decision to drop James/Jones For Peterson?…or Just don’t do anything

  10. Certainly not James. I would consider Jones, yes.

  11. James hasn’t topped 90 rushing yards in a game since Week 2. He’s virtually ignored in the passing game and has averaged a paltry 3.29 YPC the past 10 weeks. If he’s going to be removed from goal-line situations – like he was Sunday – he’s unusable in fantasy leagues. James hasn’t had even a 10-yard run since Oct. 21.

  12. FFL Week Opponent Points Scoring
    Week 1 @OAK 0 None.
    Week 2 MIN 0 None.
    Week 3 @PHI 8 Kevin Jones 2 yard touchdown run (6 pts)
    Kevin Jones 1 reception (1 pts)
    Kevin Jones 16 yards receiving (1 pts)
    Week 4 CHI 11 Kevin Jones 5 yard touchdown run (6 pts)
    Kevin Jones 38 total yards rushing (3 pts)
    Kevin Jones 2 receptions (2 pts)
    Week 5 @WAS 7 Kevin Jones 48 total yards rushing (4 pts)
    Kevin Jones 2 receptions (2 pts)
    Kevin Jones 17 yards receiving (1 pts)
    Week 6 — —
    Week 7 TAM 22 Kevin Jones 1 yd rushing TD (6 pts)
    Kevin Jones 76 total yards rushing (7 pts)
    Kevin Jones 6 receptions (6 pts)
    Kevin Jones 34 yards receiving (3 pts)
    Week 8 @CHI 27 Kevin Jones 4 yd rushing TD (6 pts)
    Kevin Jones 105 total yards rushing (20 pts)
    Kevin Jones 2 receptions (2 pts)
    Kevin Jones 10 yards receiving (1 pts)
    Kevin Jones 1 fumble lost (-2 pts)
    Week 9 DEN 8 Kevin Jones 71 total yards rushing (7 pts)
    Kevin Jones 1 reception (1 pts)
    Week 10 @ARI 17 Kevin Jones 4 yd rushing TD (6 pts)
    Kevin Jones 8 receptions (8 pts)
    Kevin Jones 36 yards receiving (3 pts)
    Week 11 NYG 6 Kevin Jones 25 total yards rushing (2 pts)
    Kevin Jones 3 receptions (3 pts)
    Kevin Jones 12 yards receiving (1 pts)
    Week 12 GNB 19 Kevin Jones 1 yd rushing TD (6 pts)
    Kevin Jones 93 total yards rushing (9 pts)
    Kevin Jones 2 receptions (2 pts)
    Kevin Jones 27 yards receiving (2 pts)
    Week 13 @MIN — —
    Playoff Week 1 DAL — —
    Playoff Week 2 @SDG — —
    Playoff Week 3 KAN — —
    Playoff Week 4 @GNB — —
    Total Points: 125 Average: 11.36

  13. Seems to me you have already made up your mind … Go with your gut!

  14. Thanks for your input I’m putting in a cliam as we speak.

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