Start & Sit: Week 11

The 2008 NFL Bye weeks are behind fantasy owners as the stretch run to the playoffs begins.

No more waiver wire spot starters for studs on bye … now it is crunch time for the studs on every owner’s roster.

Here are some guys to think about this weekend:

Start ’em


  • Kurt Warner @ Bengals: I have seen Warner on a number of other blog’s “start” list. I guess we all see the same thing: A terrible Bengals’ secondary.
  • Matt Schaub v. Saints: The Saints have been giving up big plays (again) through the air. Yes, the Saints D has not given up a 100-yard rusher since week 1, but why run the ball when they give up so much to the air attack?


  • Chester Taylor v. Raiders: Taylor now regains the starting runningback job in Minnesota, and just in time for a great matchup. The best part about him is he could be available on your league’s waiver wire.
  • Earnest Graham @ Falcons: Graham is in for another big day as the main ball-carrier in Tampa. The Bucs likely will rely on him to eat yards and kill clock.


  • Larry Fitzgerald @ Bengals: See Kurt Warner.
  • Andre Johnson v. Saints: See Matt Schaub.

Sit ’em


  • Phillip Rivers @ Jaguars: Rivers is … well … not that good. If the Chargers would give the games to LaDainian Tomlinson, Rivers might look better as a quarterback.
  • Jason Campbell @ Cowboys: Campbell looks good one week and not so good the next. He looked great last week, so I expect a not-so-great performance this weekend.


  • Travis Henry v. Titans: Henry meets with the commish today (Friday), but the details of their meeting will not be known until next week. He still is bothered by a knee injury, which he revealed is a partially torn PCL, so he may not even suit up again this week.
  • Kevin Jones v. Giants: Jones might be a little banged up, and that might not be a good thing against a pretty good Giants D. Both of these teams might score a lot of points, but I expect most of it to come through the air.


  • Steve Smith @ Packers: Smith has fallen from grace because of inconsistent quarterback play in Carolina. Couple that with this weekend’s matchup against the Packers’ secondary, and Smith looks like a bad start.
  • Laveranues Coles v. Steelers: The Steelers D should feast on Kellen Clemens and Co. this weekend.

Note: I will be in and out of the office today, so I will get to as many reader questions as possible today. As always, good luck this weekend! ~TH~


18 Responses

  1. Have some tough calls to make with mediocre guys
    need 2 wr and 2 rb spots and one flex spot….

    WR RB
    wayne=lock barber
    burress r. johnson
    crayton t.henry
    bowe k. watson
    c. henry r. grant
    hackett graham

  2. WR: Wayne, Burress
    RB: Barber, Grant

    Flex: Hackett or Rudi … tough call. Depends on your level of tolerance for risk. I think Hackett is the safer play.

  3. Big Ben vs the lowly Jets
    Derek Anderson vs the beat-up Ravens secondary

    (could have worse decisions to make!)


  4. addendum:
    Jets can’t stop the run, so concnered Willie Parker will be all that’s needed, whereas the Browns won’t be able to run against the Ravens so it’ll be all aerial.

  5. I need to pick one for my flex position. Who whould you go with?

    DJ Hackett
    J Galloway
    B Marshall
    C Henry (Cincinnati)
    M Morris

  6. WR: Wayne, C. Henry, Burress.
    RB: Grant, Barber

  7. Would you you play here:

    W. Dunn, Curtis, Hackett, S. Smith, Patten.

    I need 1 Flex + 1 WR.

    I have Grant + Parker playing along with Jennings for other spots.

  8. i need some help as well. 2 RB and 3 WR

    rb options: maroney or faulk. i have kj, but will sit him because of the foot. i also have edgerrin james, so he’s a lock for me.

    wr options: bowe
    donte stallworth
    shaun mcdonald

    mcdonald is so iffy. one week i sat him he got over 11 points. i’m in a must win this week.

  9. I’m not sure about a few calls:
    need 2 RBs out of: Chatmen, Sel young, Ch Taylor, and Ed James
    need 2 WRs out of: M Harrison, L Evans, R brown, D bennet
    QB: kitna or Schaub
    TE: Daniels or Watson?


  10. do you think branch’s return this week will hurt hacketts overall production?

  11. John: I agree with your addendum. The Ravens’ pass D is more susceptible, so I would go with Anderson.

    Rich: I would go with Hackett or Galloway, unless Mo Morris starts for Seattle again this weekend. Then I would go with him.

    Chengo: I would go with Hackett and Dunn.

    aquababie: Maroney. He should start scoring TDs very soon. I would go with Bowe, Driver and McDonald this weekend. The Giants give up some plays through the air, so Detroit should air it out.

    Brian: Selvin Young (if he starts) and Edgerrin James. If Selvin does not start, I would go with Chester Taylor. Evans and Brown might be your best options this week at WR. I like Kitna over Schaub b/c this is Schaub’s first game back (not sure what to expect). I would go with Daniels over Watson (again, first game back).

    pat: It might, but I really think Hackett is the better redzone target (b/c of his height), so even if he loses a few touches between the 20s he will get more looks near the goal line.

  12. I am outta here for the day. Good luck everyone!

  13. Two WR positions: Players are: Boldin, Evans, Bowe, Hillard, or M. Clayton for week 12.

  14. Ron Dayne or Marion Barber? Dayne is starting this week and Dallas will probably be getting it done through the air right?

  15. I must pick two out of these four RBs, and am worried about their matchups:

    Chatman @ PHI
    Dayne v. NO
    Barber v. WAS, and
    Buckhalter (if he starts) s. MIA.

  16. […] Taylor, RB, Vikings: If you missed the memo, chances are the opportunity has passed to grab Taylor. But if he still is available, it would be […]

  17. Who should I start at RB’s, I can only start 2??

    Also, who should I start at WR’s, I can only start 2??

    Edge James

    Chris Henry
    Santana Moss


  18. RB: Jones-Drew and Edge

    WR: Evans, Henry

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