Weekly Haze

Not sure about you guys, but Tuesdays and Wednesdays this time of year are pretty nice. I actually spend so much time Thursday through Monday researching, reading and writing about fantasy football that a little midweek break from the madness actually is welcome.

Of course, by Thursday, I am ready to get back at it another week.

But with this midweek break in mind, I am unveiling a new system for the Weekly Haze. Thanks to all the greatness that is Google and Google Reader, I will be sharing my top links of the week via Google Reader’s Share option. This is good for a few reasons: first, I will be able to share all my favorite fantasy football stories of the week; and second, I also will be able to share all my favorite non-football stories of the week (and there are some useful items out there, believe it or not).

So, without further delay, here is this week’s Weekly Haze:

Michael’s Shared Items via Google Reader

As an added bonus, if you bookmark the page you can check back more than once a week to see if I have added anything new!

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