Start & Sit: Week 10

Oh no, the Patriots are on a bye this week! What’s an owner to do?!

We have got your covered. For each position this week, The Hazean will give you one guy to start who probably is available on your league’s waiver wire … because we know how important those Patriots are to everyone’s fantasy teams.

Good luck as always!

Start ’em


  • JP Losman @ Dolphins: This one is for you, Tom Brady owners. Losman seems to be back on track as the Bills’ starting quarterback, and has Buffalo in the thick of the playoff hunt in the AFC. With Lee Evans and Marshawn Lynch heating up, Losman has the weapons to have a big week in South Beach.
  • Marc Bulger @ Saints: The Rams may not be able to beat the scorching hot Saints, but they might be able to put up some points. Bulger is going to need to air it out, and the Rams are healthier now than they have been for a long time.


  • Priest Holmes/Kolby Smith v. Broncos: I know most Laurence Maroney owners are disappointed by his performance so far this year, but even Maroney owners may need a fill-in this weekend. Look no further than the old faithful Priest Holmes. Or Kolby Smith, if Holmes is gone. Hey, they may not be great, but you should get Maroney-esqe production from either (or both).
  • Cedric Benson @ Raiders: Benson needs to quiet the critics quickly. Coming off the bye and facing the Oakland Raiders just may be the recipe for success for Benson and the Bears’ running game.


  • David Patten v. Rams: No Randy Moss or Wes Welker? No problem. Patten is thriving as Drew Brees’ No. 2 guy behind Marques Colston, and should continue to do so — especially this weekend against the Rams.
  • Bobby Engram v. 49ers: Engram is as consistent as they come at wide receiver and he is a safe play this weekend against the reeling 49ers.

Sit ’em


  • Phillip Rivers v. Colts: For three quarters last weekend, the Colts made Tom Brady look like a regular quarterback. What do you think they will make Rivers look like?
  • Donovan McNabb @ Redskins: McNabb has been highly inconsistent so far this year, and there is no reason to believe he will turn it around at Washington this weekend.


  • Rudi Johnson @ Ravens: Johnson is off the injury report, but draws a tough matchup. The Ravens shut down Willie Parker last weekend and are looking for revenge after last week’s embarrassing loss to Pittsburgh.
  • Travis Henry @ Chiefs: Henry has yet to practice this week and just does not seem like the same runner as last year’s version. He may be troubled by his off-the-field problems. Selvin Young is waiting in the wings …


  • Chris Chambers v. Colts: If Rivers struggles, so too does Chris Chambers. Besides, the Colts do a great job of covering all receivers not named Randy Moss.
  • Steve Smith v. Falcons: Smith is being bothered by a hip pointer, but may be more bothered by the Panthers quarterback situation. It may be time to sit the stud if you have better options.

Note: I will try to answer all roster related questions until quitting time on Friday. Please, tell your friends about this blog! And as always, good luck to everyone this weekend! ~TH~

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19 Responses

  1. thanks for your help all year long!!

    I have a wr dilemma…WHo should I start? I need 3 WR for the week…

    Chad Johnson
    Chris Henry
    DJ Hackett
    Donald Driver
    Greg Jennings
    SHaun Mcdonald

    ANd who should i start at TE??

    I got Donald Lee and Greg Olsen..

    Thanks again!!!

  2. Jennings, Chad Johnson and DJ Hackett would be my starters. If Chad Johnson does not play, however, I would be tempted to start Chris Henry in his stead, but that is a little risky. At tight end I would start Greg Olsen at this point.

  3. a little dilemma myself, Priest Holmes or Jesse Chatman to start?

    Also, would you drop Heap at this point and pick up Olsen or some other TE, he’s given me zeros the past two weeks and I would hate for him to flake out again.

  4. Hmmmm, I think Jesse Chatman is the safer play but Priest Holmes has the best upside this weekend. Might want to go with Priest against a poor Broncos’ run D. I like Olsen the rest of the way. I might not drop Heap if you can afford to hold onto him, but Olsen makes a good play for the rest of the year with his pass-catching abilities.

  5. PPR League WR question

    Which 3 to start

    TJ Housh
    Anquan Boldin
    Donald Driver
    Bobby Engram
    Kevin Curtis

    I’m thinking TJ Housh,Boldin, and Engram.

    Which 3 would you pick?

  6. Who do I start? Roethlisberger, Palmer or Brees?

  7. Ava: Housh, Boldin and Engram … and I picked those three before I read who you would pick! Good choices 🙂

    Tacv: Wow you have some good quarterbacks. This is tough. I have to say I am leaning toward Drew Brees right now b/c he is so hot. But it is a close call between all three guys, you might not be able to go wrong.

  8. Couple quick ?s –

    1. QB:

    Marc Bulger (@ NO) or
    Derek Anderson (@ PIT) (standard scoring)?

    2. Pick 3 WRs (no PPR):

    Plaxico Burress (DAL),
    Braylon Edwards (@ PIT),
    Donald Driver (MIN),
    Chris Henry (@ BAL).

    3. Pick one *crappy* RB:

    Rudi Johnson (@ BAL),
    Ryan Grant (MIN),
    Julius Jones (@ NYG),
    Chestor Taylor (@ GB),
    Musa Smith (CIN).

  9. i need 2, possibly 3…

    bernard berrian, roy williams, david patten, kevin curtis, chris henry

    my rb’s are deshawn foster and justin fargus. im thinking of starting both unless a 3rd wr has a better matchup..

    what do you think?

  10. I like Bulger over Anderson.

    I like Burress, Edwards and Driver.

    I (sorta) like Ryan Grant.

  11. PPR league

    Which 3 WRs should I start?

    Plaxico Burress
    Brandon Marshall
    Kevin Curtis
    D.J. Hackett
    Chris Chambers
    Steve Smith

  12. HELP, I have a RB0 dilemma…Woo should I start? I need 2 RB for the week…
    Chatman, Jesse MIA
    Fargas, Justin OAK
    Holmes, Priest KCC
    Jackson, Steven STL
    Taylor, Chester MIN
    Which 2 would you pick?

  13. SDLOVE: Burress, Hackett, Steve Smith. I know Smith has struggled and all, but he is your stud, and I think a better play than the other guys.

    James: That is a dilemma. I would go with Priest Holmes against the worst rushing D in the league and Steven Jackson, even though the Saints’ run D has been pretty good.

  14. will: I would go with Foster and Fargas as your starting RBs, and use Williams and Patten at the WR position.

  15. starting qb: jp losman, derek anderson, or brian griese..

    much appreciation!!

  16. zeroCOOL: I would say it is between Anderson and Losman. I know Anderson has a tough matchup, but he has been doing well so far this year and has been a reliable starter every week. The same cannot be said about Losman, even though he has a great matchup this weekend. I would go with Anderson b/c of his success so far this year, but I do not say that with much confidence. I think you could go either way.

  17. Who should I start at WR, I can start only 2??

    Evans, Engram, Chris Henry, Patten

  18. which 2 should i choose
    clinton portis
    brandon jacobs
    lendale white
    kevin jones

    which kicker…shayne graham or matt strover

    which defense…tennesee or stealers

    thank you!

  19. Jim: Evans and Engram are good plays this weekend.

    fbfanatic: Jacobs and Kevin Jones (better matchup than the other two guys). I would go with Stover (Cincy’s D ought to allow Baltimore’s O to move the ball effectively). I like the Steelers D in a division matchup.

    Good luck everyone, I am officially out of here for the weekend!!! Woo-hoo!!!

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