Grab Bag: Week 10

Different week, same story: Injuries to big-name players in the NFL continue to haunt fantasy owners. Although there appear to be no serious, long-term injuries, several players figure to capitalize on any missed time or ineffective play by the incumbents. Here are a few gems that may be on your waiver wire:

  • Maurice Morris, RB, Seahawks: With Shaun Alexander struggling, it might only be a matter of time before Morris starts getting more opportunities in the Seattle offense.
  • Priest Holmes, RB, Chiefs: Larry Johnson might be out this week with an ankle injury, and Holmes figures to get most of the work at runningback in LJ’s absence. Kolby Smith likely will split time with Holmes, too.
  • Chris Henry, WR, Bengals: Finally back from suspension, and in the nick of time. Chad Johnson may not play this weekend after suffering a neck injury against the Bills last weekend, so the Bengals need Henry’s big-play ability in the lineup.
  • JP Losman, QB, Bills: Losman is turning it on at the right time while fighting for his job. It always seems he and Lee Evans wait until the second half of the season to get things going.
  • Justin Fargas, RB, Raiders: Fargas got most of the work last weekend and should continue to see time as the starting runningback with LaMont Jordan ailing and Dominic Rhodes a non-factor.

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31 Responses

  1. What do you think about this trade….

    I gave up Bulger, J. Chatman and T. Gonzalez


    p.manning, p.crayton and a scrub TE

    my other qb was cutler and i have wayne, burress and heath miller as a backup te. good trade???

  2. Yeah, based on what you already have on your team I would say you did pretty well in this deal. A very nice upgrade at QB!

  3. Is it worth it to drop either Frank Gore, Rudi Johnson, or Thomas Jones for Earnest Graham? I have Marshawn Lynch as my other back and he is the only one really giving me any points thus far.

    Also, the Lions defense is available and has been getting alot of fantasy points lately. Do you think that they will continue to produce in the coming weeks. I have Minnesota’s and Houston’s D’s at the time.


  4. I’ll echo the last question. Is the Lions D a viable choice at Arizona this week? Yahoo’s projections have them ranked pretty low… I don’t get that.

  5. Ryan: Those guys would be tough to drop. I might consider dropping Thomas Jones out of the lot, but if you have another player you could drop other than a RB I would consider doing it. Graham is worth a pick-up for sure.

    I would drop Houston’s D for Detroit.

    Onry & Mean: The Detroit D is a GREAT option against Arizona this weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. My running backs are LJ, MJD, and Jacobs. With the injury to LJ, I want to pick up another back for insurance. Since I’m in a large league, the only options are Maurice Morris and Ron Dayne. Which is more likely to help me?

  7. Who do I start this weekend: Brees vs St Louis or Roethlisberger vs. Cleveland?

  8. trying to decide beetween Anquan Boldin, Kenny Watson and Justin Fargas for my flex.

  9. You dont have David Patten listed up there… Do you think he is a solid pickup going forward? I would have to drop someone like Lamont Jordan (I’m ready to give up) or Kenton Keith (Never comes off my bench anyway) to grab him (I have FWP, Lynch and Graham alrady) but I need a hot WR to keep me balanced.

  10. Renee: Hmmm, I actually like Maurice Morris going forward. SA is battling a knee injury and may be limited, and has been ineffective so far this season. Dayne always is a tease, too, and I would not trust him too much.

    Nick: I would start Brees, he is too hot right now. Check back on Friday when I post my Start/Sit column for the week!

    Maurice: Ask me again on Friday when I post the Start/Sit column. I have not gotten into analyzing the matchups for week 10 yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

    R: I listed David Patten last week I believe. Yes, I think he is a great pickup going forward. I might be inclined to drop LaMont Jordan at this point.

  11. I need a QB. What do you think of offering RMoss for DAnderson? My other WRs are RWayne, HWard, BEngram, and KCurtis.

  12. Hmmm, I do not like it. I know DA has been good this year and all, but Randy Moss is the top of his class. I would not want to give another owner the advantage of owning him. Who is your QB and what other options do you have?

  13. Have a flex at WR/TE – should I start Jeremy Shockey or Reggie Brown? Both have tough games this week and both are inconsistent (to say the least).

    If Chad Johnson plays I can start him instead – but I’m worried that he won’t, or if he does, he won’t get more than two catches since Henry is back.


  14. Dan: Right now I would say start Shockey, but I have not done much research yet for week 10. Check back with me Friday if you have a chance in my Start/Sit column.

  15. As for David Patten, he’s going to have a good week, and should be good the rest of the season.

    Lee Evans is going to have a big week.

    Axexander had a bad knee and hand. Morris will see increased carries, but that doesn’t change the fact that Seattle’s offenisve line isn’t opening any holes. Seattle is going to be pass pass pass from here on out. It’s their only chance to win games.

    As for Patten and Evans, I have strong opinions about them this week because I already did my homework on them and their matchups this week.

  16. Back to question #11. My QBs are Bulger, Cutler, and Rivers. My RBs are KJones, LWhite, RJohnson, SAlexander, and JLewis.

  17. Garcia, Losman, and Clemens are on the waiver wire.

  18. need to make a good pickup this week how would you rank,fred taylor,kolby smith,chris brown(tenn),chester taylor thanks

  19. Mad Dog: You certainly cannot drop any of those RBs for a QB on the waiver wire. And I might not drop any of those QBs either. Your best bet, without a trade, would be to play the best matchup. That would be Marc Bulger this weekend.

    Tom: Fred Taylor > Kolby Smith > Chester Taylor > Chris Brown

  20. Adrian Peterson is killing for me right now, anyone else have him?

  21. ADP is a beast. I do have him in one of my leagues, and he is personally responsible for (my only) two wins. Too bad the rest of my team sucks!

  22. I’ve been offered CPortis and GJennings for RMoss. I was able to pick up JFargas off waivers to add to other RBs KJones, LWhite, RJohnson, and JLewis. My WRs are RWayne, BEngram, KCurtis, and HWard. What do you think? My concern is will NE start pulling their starters from games because they have the division title wrapped up?

  23. Yes, I understand your concern as a Tom Brady owner myself. This deal is a little better, and it gives you more stability in the running game. But Portis is not a great upgrade over any of your existing RBs (he just had his first 100-yard game of the year). Jennings has been solid since coming back from injury and is the big-play guy in the Packers offense.

    Still, I think Randy Moss is a clear-cut No. 1 at his position, and you are downgrading at WR for a slight upgrade at RB. If you are going to trade him, I would try to get a top-notch RB.

  24. I need some line up assistance. My RB’s are Fargas, Holmes, and Kevin Jones, and I can start 2 of them. Also, QB’s are Eli Manning and Mcnabb, which is the better start? For Defense, I have Gaints (who are rested) but play Dallas, or Seattle who goes against a shaky Niner’s offense. Recommendations Please.

  25. S Dot: Fargas and KJ are you best plays at RB. I like Eli against the Cowboys, and I like the Seahawks against the bad 49ers offense. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I need some lineup help this week:

    QB – I have Jeff Garcia (bye) and John Kitna (at ARZ), but Mark Bulger, Matt Schuab, J P Losman and David Garrard are available on Waivers

    RB – I have Brandon Jacobs (DAL), Marion Barber (at NYG), Ernest Graham (bye), Selvin Young (at KC), Rudi Johnson (at BAL). I can still pick up Ron Dayne, Kenny Watson and Justin Fargas from Waivers.

    WR – I have Kevin Curtis, Larry Fitzgerald, Roy Williams and Greg Jennings – D J Hackett and David Patten are still available.

    TE – I have Greg Olsen – Alge Crumpler and Tony Schffeler are still available.

    DEF – I have Pittsburgh – Detroit is still available.

    Question –
    1) If I could pick up one player from waivers (as listed above), who would it be? Who should I drop?
    2) Who should I start at QB (one only) and RB (two starters)? (WR I think I’ll sit Curtis and start the other 3)

    Thanks for this wonderful Blog!

  27. Jay: QB — I would go with Kitna. Bulger and Losman are good waiver wire wonders, but you have a QB on your roster worth starting just about every week. I think he is the safest play.

    RB — You gotta start Jacobs and Barber.

    WR — I would start Williams and Jennings and Fitzgerald.

    TE — Olsen for sure.

    DEF — Stick with Pittsburgh.

    1. Justin Fargas might be the best pickup. He is due to be the starting RB in Oakland the rest of the year, if he can stay healthy and productive.

  28. i have najeh davenport and reuben droughs for rb’s. ahman green and derrick ward are on the waiver wires right now, but i know that ward might not start. brian leonard is availabe and so is chris brown who might start since henry’s out. any advice?

  29. Who would you start at RB: LWhite, KJones, JFargas? Start 2
    And at WR: RWayne, HWard, BEngram, DPatten, KCurtis? Start 3

  30. Another trade offer for RMoss: DAnderson, SSmith, and AGates for RMoss, JCutler, and Dallas Clark? Again, my QBs are MBulger and JCutler. My WRs are RMoss, RWayne, HWard, DPatten, and KCurtis. Can I survive the remainder of the season with those 2 QBs, or should I try it on RMoss’s shoulders?

  31. Questions on QB start – Warner, Cutler, Garrard, Young, Garcia?

    RB start – JLewis, JFargas, RJohnson, FTaylor, TJones?

    Def start – Patriots, Bucs

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