Grab Bag: Week 7

Crazy week at work with some conferences, so this is coming at you late.

Better late than never, though. Here is an abbreviated Grab Bag for week 7:

  • Cleo Lemon, QB, Dolphins: Keep in mind, Lemon did lose his best wide receiver in Chris Chambers to the San Diego Chargers via trade this week, but he could make a good spot starter going forward if you are in a pinch. Not sure about this weekend’s matchup against New England, though.
  • DeAngelo Williams, RB, Panthers: He probably is owned in your league, unless he had a frustrated owner for the first quarter of the season. Last Sunday’s performance could be a sign of things to come.
  • Devin Hester, WR, Bears: If you are in a very deep league, now might be the time to get Hester as a potential WR fill-in. He should see more looks in the offense from here on out.
  • Lance Moore, WR, Saints: Moore became a starter last week and did pretty well in his first action as a full-timer. He could be valuable in a pass-happy New Orleans’ offense.
  • Kevin Faulk, RB, Patriots: If Laurence Maroney misses another game this weekend, Faulk is next in line to get the bulk of the work following Sammy Morris’ chest injury last weekend. Pats’ RB = Solid production.

13 Responses

  1. who should i start at qb

    bulger vs sea
    cambell vs are
    cutler vs pit


  2. I would choose b/w Bulger and Campbell, and my gut says Campbell right now.

  3. would you start henry and/or barber this week knowing they have to play min and pit

  4. Tough decisions. I think you gotta start Henry for sure, but maybe hold off on Barber.

  5. will you post Start/Sit or should we post here?

  6. It will be up by tomorrow morning at the latest 🙂

  7. thanks for all your help?

    should i start Ronnie brown vs NE, or Kevin Jones vs TB?? I know Brown has nothing but reliable, but NE rush defense is pretty real.

    What is the latest status of Dominic Rhodes? I picked him up last week hoping he would get some reps, but didnt do much? Do you think he will ever be an impact player or should i put him back on waivers?


  8. Start Ronnie Brown. Miami will have to utilize Brown often if they want to hang with the Pats.

    Wait on Rhodes. I would not judge his status going forward off last week. See how the Raiders use him the next couple weeks then decide.

  9. What two WR should I start?

    Terrell Owens vs Min
    Plaxico Burress vs. SF
    Roy Williams vs. TB
    Javon Walker vs. Pit

  10. Owens and Burress, two of the best WRs so far this season.

  11. Who should I start?

    Derrick Mason vs Buf
    Brandon Marshall vs Pitt

    Also, which RB should I start?

    Kevin Faulk vs. Mia
    Travis Henry vs. Pitt

  12. forgot to mention dwayne bowe, so which two out of the three: Derrick Mason, Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Bowe


  13. Mason, Bowe and Henry.

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