Start & Sit: Week 6

Five weeks down, and bye weeks continue to bite fantasy teams. Here are some guys to start and sit this weekend:

Start ‘em


  • Derek Anderson v. Miami: Anderson has been effective as a fantasy starter and gets another favorable matchup this weekend against the struggling ‘Phins.
  • Kurt Warner v. Carolina: From now until the end of the season, as long as he is healthy, Warner is an every-week starter.


  • Reggie Bush @ Seattle: Bush returns to the spotlight Sunday night on the (sorta) West Coast. Expect fireworks from the now every-down back.
  • Larry Johnson v. Cincinnati: Start your studs. But LJ has been anything but a stud this season. However, he gets a good draw in a poor Bengals D this weekend.


  • Dwayne Bowe v. Cincinnati: Just like LJ, except Bowe has been a stud. He, too, benefits from the matchup.
  • Bobby Engram v. New Orleans: The Saints pass D is bad. With Deion Branch ailing, Engram should see his share of targets.

Sit ‘em


  • Vince Young @ Tampa Bay: Vinsanity just needs to manage the game for the Titans to win, which means minimal fantasy production. The Bucs D will be up to the task of containing VY.
  • Phillip Rivers v. Oakland: Good game last weekend in Denver, but this game might be closer and sloppier than most expect.


  • DeShaun Foster @ Arizona: The Cardinals have proven they can shut down any running game.
  • Marion Barber v. New England: Barber had a light effort last weekend against Buffalo. His struggles should continue against a much better Pats’ D.


  • Ronald Curry @ San Diego: With Daunte Culpepper starting for the Raiders, Curry struggles.
  • Antwaan Randle El @ Green Bay: Last week was nice, for a half. The lingering hamstring injury and the reappearance of Santana Moss into the starting lineup hurt Randle El’s potential.

Note: The Hazean will try to answer any and all start/sit questions until quitting time Friday afternoon.


19 Responses

  1. i have three wide recievers and one spot, who will have the better week?

    v. jackson vs. oak
    d. mason vs. stl
    d. bowe vs. cin


  2. actualy if i should sit barber, i have two wr’s i can play, which two would you start?

  3. Definitely start Dwayne Bowe. I like Derrick Mason as the other WR.

  4. What up haz-
    1) I need to pick up a TE here are my options
    LJ Smith or G. Olsen

    2) Need 1 WR/R Flex – here are my options
    K. Watson vs KC
    V. Jackson vs Oak
    D. Wililams vs Ari


  5. i picked up greg olsen yesterday off the waivers, but health miller is now aavilable. should I pick up miller? or is greg olsen a better prospect? thanks

  6. should i start tony romo or phillip rivers?

  7. Nokia: Pick up Greg Olsen. Minnesota gives up a lot of fantasy points through the air, and Olsen is establishing himself as a receiver in the Chicago offense. I would go with Kenny Watson in your flex, hands down.

    Pat: Heath Miller is a better bet for this season. I like Greg Olsen, but he is a rookie, so I would temper my expectations a little bit. Miller should be more consistent.

    Marcman: Romo is a must-start, even against a tough D.

  8. should I start Jason Wright, Dennis Northcutt, or Ahman Green for my w/r spot this weekend?

  9. Tough call, but I like Jason Wright the most if Jamal Lewis does not play. Otherwise, I might go with Northcutt.

  10. Too soon to throw Rhodes in…assuming Jordan doesn’t play? What’s the latest on that, anyway?

    Other RB choices this bye-weekend are Ward, Morency and Norwood.

  11. It would be risky, but I might do it over the other options, although Ward is a safe choice for touches. Jordan is going to be a game-time decision in my estimation. The good thing for you is that you can afford to wait until then to decide since you have Rhodes and Ward.

  12. Cool. One other question at WR. Do you think Santana Moss or Ronald Curry is the better play Sunday. I know Green Bay is playing some good D and think Moss COULD be good for a shocker and I am always worried about the “new” Culpepper – what with the 12 attempt game recently – but expect Oakland to be forced to throw more especially if the Chargers play like they did last week. What say you?

  13. I like Santana Moss. I understand the concerns, but Washington is a good team right now and I like a healthy Moss more than a healthy Curry.

  14. Word.

  15. top two backs are henry and rudi so its not a good week for me, i must choose between earnest graham vs. TEN or kenny watson vs. KC. which one? leaning towards watson just because of KC but who would you pick. thanks

    or i could play rhodes

  16. Hazean, should I pick-up Kevin Faulk vs. Mia or Dante Hall vs. Ari. this weekend?

  17. Kevin Faulk probably is a good start even if Laurence Maroney returns to action.

  18. Week 7 – Derrick Mason or Brandon Marshall? Drew Brees or Brian Griese? Also, I have Andre Johnson on my bench and I’ve been offered a trade for Joey Galloway. Should I accept?

  19. Mason, Brees, and heck no. 🙂

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