Grab Bag: Week 6

The injuries in the NFL are piling up. Vigilance is the key for fantasy owners, especially during this long stretch of season with all the bye weeks.

Here are some guys to take a look at on the waiver wire this week:


  • Kurt Warner, Cardinals: This is a no-brainer. Warner has been the best passer on the Cards so far this season, and now that Matt Leinart is expected to miss 6-to-8 weeks with a broken collarbone Warner should put up solid fantasy numbers. He becomes and instant fantasy starter for most teams and could save a season.
  • Jason Campbell, Redskins: Campbell looks like a guy who is improving every week. He should be a good bye-week filler for just about any fantasy team right now.


  • Earnest Graham, Buccaneers: If he has not been scooped already, his value is even higher today after Michael Pittman’s ankle/leg injury yesterday. Grab him if you need some depth at RB.
  • Handcuffs (Kenton Keith, Selvin Young, Brian Leonard, etc.): The injury bug is going around the NFL and hitting the RB position hard. Make sure you handcuff your best RBs from here on out.

Wide Receivers

  • Bryant Johnson, Cardinals: With starter Anquan Boldin ailing, somebody other than Larry Fitzgerald needs to catch passes. Johnson has done well in the past filling in for injured starters, so he should see his share of looks.
  • Lance Moore, Saints: In a deep league, Moore is worth a look. Devery Henderson, though he topped 100 yards this week, is losing his starter job faster than he can drop passes, and Moore looks to be the beneficiary.

Tight Ends

  • Greg Olsen, Bears: He still is not the starting tight end in Chicago, but the Bears tipped their hand a little last night as to how they plan to use Olsen going forward. He lined up at wide receiver several times against the Packers and saw a number of looks from Brian Griese. Right now, he is a good bye week filler at tight end, with potential to be an every-week starter if the Bears continue to utilize him in the passing game.
  • Jeff King, Panthers: King is a decent bye-week filler if you are desperate for a tight end.


  • Washington Redskins: The ‘Skins D held the Detroit offense to three points. That is pretty solid. This could be a good unit to use in certain weeks with good matchups.
  • Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks play the turnover-friendly New Orleans Saints next weekend at home. If this unit is unowned in your league, now is the time to grab them off the wire.

13 Responses

  1. Hazean, good call on Owen Daniels in week 5, that dude got me 96 yards. If he’s available leagues, grab him, he’s a big target.

  2. i recently picked up jason campbell and then dropped him to pick up warner, good move?

  3. Good move. As good as Campbell has been lately, Warner is in a better passing system in Arizona.

  4. I am looking to pick up a spot starter for week 6. Do you suggest Michael Jenkins, Dennis Northcutt, or Dante Stallworth (or any other suggestions). Also, I just picked up Ahman Green for RB. Good move?

  5. I like Northcutt because he is the go-to receiver on his team, and he has been pretty consistent so far this season. And heck yeah picking up Ahman Green was a good move, he should return to action this weekend.

  6. Wondering which #2 rb i should start

    I have:

    Lamont Jordan
    Maurice Jones-Drew
    Marshawn Lynch – bye week

    Definately starting LT and not sure on Jones-Drew or Jordan.

    Which would you start?

    Jordan did practice today and looks like he should be back playing this week, jones-drew popped out of his shell last week as well though.

  7. I would continue to play Jordan.

  8. Someone in my leauge just dropped David Garrard and I picked him up which I feel is a good move considering the season he is having so far. However now I have three quarterbacks – Brian Griese, David Garrard and Drew Brees. I want to add Jason Wright for this weekend but I’m not sure which I should drop, Brees or Griese?

  9. Do not drop Drew Brees yet. I would drop Griese first.

  10. Yo, Hazean…..

    Should I start Lamont Jordan or Shaun Alexander at RB3?

    (LT and Westbrook are 1&2)

  11. Jordan is a little banged up. If he is at all doubtful on gameday, I would go with SA against my poor Saints.

  12. How about Ahman Green or Jason Wright on gameday?

  13. I like Jason Wright b/c of the matchup, but only if Jamal Lewis is inactive. If Ahman Green does not play, though, you may have to take your chances.

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