Start & Sit: Week 5

Nearly a third of all fantasy regular seasons are in the books now as we move into the middle of the season. With four NFL weeks behind us, fantasy owners should be getting a clear picture of who should start and who should sit by now.

Of course, there always are tough matchup decisions. Here are a few for week 5:

Start ‘em


  • Drew Brees v. Carolina: You drafted Drew Brees early for a reason. Start him this week as he should use the extra week of preparation to rebound against the Panthers.
  • Joey Harrington @ Tennessee: Harrington is playing well so far this year and is flying under the radar. If you need a spot starter, he should be good for 15+ fantasy points against Tennessee.


  • Selvin Young v. San Diego, Kenton Keith v. Tampa Bay: IF, and only IF, Travis Henry and/or Joseph Addai are sidelined this weekend, Young and Keith make good spot starters. Both backups showed flashes of goodness last weekend and could put up some nice looking fantasy numbers if they get the nod.
  • Reggie Bush v. Carolina


  • Antwaan Randle El v. Detroit: With Santana Moss ailing, someone has to torch the Lions’ secondary. Why not Randle El?
  • Santonio Holmes v. Seattle: Holmes is becoming the big-play guy on the Steelers’ offense. With Hines Ward hurting, Holmes becomes Big Ben’s best target in the passing game.

Sit ‘em


  • Marc Bulger/Gus Frerotte v. Arizona: At this point, it should not matter who starts for the Rams. Both of these guys are not in a position to succeed behind St. Louis’ awful offensive line.
  • Brian Griese @ Green Bay: Griese was a popular pick-up and play last weekend, but he is not much better than Rex Grossman. Going on the road, with the way the Packers are playing right now, is not a lucrative situation for Griese and the Bears.


  • Laurence Maroney v. Cleveland: If Maroney was not healthy enough to play on Monday night, he might not be ready to go Sunday against Cleveland. And it is not like the Pats are desperate without him, he may as well get healthy.
  • Travis Henry v. San Diego, Joseph Addai v. Tampa Bay: IF, and only IF, they do not suit up this weekend. Otherwise, get them in your starting lineup. Be sure to tune in early on Sunday morning to determine the status of both players.


  • Patrick Crayton @ Buffalo: Not sure if he was a one-week wonder or not yet, but he did poorly leading up to last weekend’s game. Maybe he turned the corner, maybe not. Keep him on the bench at least one more week.
  • Vincent Jackson @ Denver: Champ Bailey > Vincent Jackson. ‘Nuff said.

Note: The Hazean will try to answer any and all start/sit questions until quitting time Friday afternoon.


20 Responses

  1. FIRST!

    Should i start Hasselbeck vs PITT


    Matt Shaub vs MIA

  2. I like Shaub better this weekend.

  3. If travis henry is unable to go, would you feel confident starting earnest graham(TB) vs. indy?


  4. If that is your best option, then yes.

  5. Got a couple questions for you, Haze…..

    Who should I start?
    (LT is RB1, Driver and Roy Williams are WR1 and WR2)

    RB2: Lendale White, Derrick Ward, or Earnest Graham?
    Flex: White, Ward, Graham, Plaxico, or Brandon Marshall?

  6. Chris: Some tough calls here. I would go with LenDale White as my RB2 and put Derrick Ward in the Flex. I might consider going with Plaxico at Flex if I was you, too. Decide on gameday, when we (hopefully) know more about how the G-Men plan to use the RBs.

  7. Also, which TE should I play?

    Shockey vs. NYJ
    Gonzalez vs. Jacksonville

  8. Wow, you have lots of Giants … and because of that I would go with Gonzo at home.

  9. I have Heap, who might be out this week. Free agents available are:

    Desmond Clark vs GB, Donald Lee vs CHI, Justin Peelle vs HOU, Owen Daniels vs MIA, or Bo Scaife vs ATL … there are a few others available but too many to list.

  10. lol…He does have a lot of Giants. What’s up Hazey?

  11. alisbasement: Owen Daniels is your guy. He is getting the most looks of any receiving threat in Houston right now, and will continue to do so until Andre Johnson returns.

  12. Ok WR issue atm.

    Two of my main receivers are out this week.

    TJ Housh is on bye
    and Boldin looks like he’ll miss one more week.

    I picked up Roddy White to take housh’s place and was wondering if you would pick Andre Davis or James Jones for the other fill in spot just for this week?

    I’m thinking Davis atm because Shaub is limited in the number of targets.

    What do you think?

  13. Lee Evans is also a possibility btw.

  14. WR question:

    TO is my #1, and I need to fill 2 & 3 from among the following:

    S McDonald @ WAS
    C Johnson @ WAS
    A Randle El v DET
    A Davis v MIA
    D Henderson v CAR

    Whaddya think?

  15. hey Haz-
    I need help on WR spot

    I have Reggie Wayne and need 2 more

    Here are my other options
    D. Branch @ PIT
    S. Mcdeezzy @ WAS
    D. Mason @ SF

    League #2 same question as last week.
    Think its better to have S. Morris vs CLE instead of V. Jackson for WR/R spot?


  16. Ava: I like Andre Davis too, but Trent Edwards needs somebody to throw the ball too. I might roll the dice on Evans.

    The Kid: Of those choices, I like Randle El with Santana Moss ailing, and McDonald on the potent Lions’ offense.

    Nokia: Branch is a must-start of that group and I would go with McDonald in the other spot. I like Sammy Morris more for the flex spot, even if Maroney is playing.

    Alright, that is all I can get to this week. Good luck to everyone!

  17. I have both Drew Brees and Joey Harrington for my QB’s. If you had to start one, which I know is a tough call, who would you pick?

  18. for my flex spot:

    d. bowe vs jac
    e. graham vs ind
    d. mason vs sf


  19. Gore,Lynch,Jones-Drew,F.Taylor and Chris Brown…need 2 or 3 to start?

    also have Coles,Andre Davis,Jennings and James Jones…need 3 to start?


  20. Laurence Maroney, Ahman Green, or Deangelo Williams. Not the best options but there are no waver RBs.

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