Start & Sit: Week 4

The first bye week of the season is upon the fantasy football nation. If you are looking for some spot starters, you might find a few below.

Start ‘em


  • Brian Griese @ Detroit: IF you need a spot start, Griese is a hot play this week. The timing for his first start is perfect as he goes against a Lions’ secondary that got torched by Donovan McNabb and the Eagles last weekend. This is a perfect opportunity for Griese to assert himself and the long-term solution at QB for the Bears.
  • Steve McNair @ Cleveland: Even if he cannot last the entire contest, McNair should have enough time to bolster his fantasy numbers against the weak Cleveland secondary.


  • Thomas Jones @ Buffalo: It is TJ’s turn to run against a fantasy-friendly rush defense.
  • Ron Dayne @ Atlanta: If Ahman Green is a no-go, Dayne should light up the Atlanta defense.


  • Chris Chambers v. Oakland: Three straight weeks of consistent production. He is averaging 100 yards per game. He should throw in the same production this week, and a touchdown to boot.
  • Dwayne Bowe @ San Diego: Bowe clearly is establishing himself as the go-to WR in the Chiefs offense. Kansas City may be forced to pass the ball — a lot — to keep up with the Chargers this weekend, who are out for redemption.

Sit ‘em


  • Matt Leinart v. Pittsburgh: It is never good when the coach starts talking about taking the starting QB out on a regular basis, particularly during passing scenarios. And that appears to be the case in Arizona, where Leinart is expected to split some time with Kurt Warner at QB. Leinart is a must-bench from here on out until he proves he can lead the passing game.
  • Brett Favre @ Minnesota: Favre and the Packers have been a great story so far this year. But Favre’s trouble indoors are well documented. He may set the all-time TD record this weekend, but expect a few turnovers as well.


  • Jamal Lewis v. Baltimore: Lewis gets to square off against his former team and claims to know some of the weaknesses in the Baltimore defense. My bet is the Ravens’ D knows more about Lewis’ weaknesses.
  • Kevin Jones v. Chicago: Temper your expectations, KJ fans. I know everyone is excited this guy is coming back sooner than later, but his coach questioned his mental readiness and going against the Bears D — though depleted — is a tall order for anyone.


  • Marvin Harrison v. Denver: I know, I know. It is Marvin Harrison, and he is your stud WR. If you do not have two better options in a 2 WR league, then you have to start him. But against Champ Bailey and the league’s No. 1 pass defense, I would sit Harrison if you have the options.
  • Vincent Jackson v. Kansas City: Jackson finally did something last week, but the Chiefs defense is an under-rated unit. Until Jackson and the Chargers show some consistency in the passing game, he is going to be a hit-or-miss guy. Too risky to play this weekend.

18 Responses

  1. Good morning and TGIF!! I’ve got a bye-week dilemma brewing…

    Should I roll the dice on Derrick Ward (who seems as though he may get the start) seeing as though he’s somewhat injured and Jacobs has returned to practice? My other option is Droughns (only if neither can play) or Norwood. I guess dilemma became nightmare real quick, didn’t it?

    Also, give Coles or Djax the starting nod this week?

    As always, many thanks!

  2. Freebird: I think you have to roll the dice on Ward. He is your best option. He has not been getting goal-line carries so far this year, and that is all I can see Jacobs getting this weekend if he plays. So no lost value — yet — for Ward. I would go with Coles, as the Jets passing game has been much better than the 49ers to date.

  3. Who should i start?

    Hasselbeck vs SF

    Shaub vs ATL

    I’m torn atm, SF has a good secondary but how would shaub do missing his best receiver?

  4. With Portis on the bench, I’m trying to decide between 2 waiver wire pickups at RB2 – Droughns (v. Phi) and E. Graham (@Car).

    I’m thinking Droughns, but thought I’d check with you, since you’ve been on point all along.

    Also, I may as well gut-check my DEF – MIN (v. GB) or DAL (v. StL)?

  5. Ava: I too am kinda worried about Shaub without WRs. I would go with Hasselbeck and take my chances.

    The Kid: Geez, tough tough call. I do not like Droughns this week if Jacobs plays, and I am not sure how the Bucs are going to use Graham. It is a toss-up, but my gut says Graham.

  6. Oh, and I like Dallas’ D against a depleted Rams’ offense.

  7. whats up haz

    need help on my line up for this week.
    2 RBs, which i currently have W. Parker and Edge
    3 WR, which i have D. Branch, B.edwards and V. Jackson
    1 W/R, which i have S. McDeezy
    my bench right now is davenport, green (injured) and S. morris

    What do you think?
    Should i bench V. jackson and move S.mcdonald in the WR and put Morris or Davenport in the WR/RB Flex? or should I keep the line up?

  8. Nokia: I like the way you think. Benching VJax and moving McDonald into WR and Morris into Flex sounds like a good plan to me.

  9. It looks like my TEs Alge and Tony G are finally starting to look good. With both having strong plays this week, who do you think looks better? Also, Bulger is my QB2, but that offense makes me nervous this week against the Cowboys, despite their secondary. Should I pick up Griese and start him or take my chances with Bulger? Thanks!

  10. in my flex spot:

    Kenny Watson vs NE or Derrick Mason vs CLE???

  11. other options for my flex spot

    dwyane bowe vs. SD
    vincent jackson vs. KC
    chester taylor vs GB


  12. Haz, Thats what I figure too. however, are you just basing that bcuz of TDs? My league gets rec pts and yard pts for WR, while RBs only get Rush Yards. Think Morris will get more points than Vjac with that setting?

  13. Brian Griese is a gift to those this week that have been looking for that bye week/injury fill in.

  14. OK, I have injury issues. My 2 RB are R. Johnson and A. Green. Both are out, or Green may get some reps. So, my backups are D. Ward, L. White (Bye week), and I picked up R. Dayne because he’ll get most of the carries w/ Green injured.

    So, I am forced to start D. Ward and R. Dayne. I thought about picking up Watson since Rudi is out. But they are playing the Pats, and I think Dayne will have better luck against the Falcons.

    I am screwed this week. Luckily I have the Tom Brady, Randy Moss connection. hopefully they will save me.

    But suggestions for my running game would be great! What do you think?

  15. I know the Hazean probably has better things to do, but I think that I, along with everyone else that visits this site, would appreciate it if you would leave a message saying when you are no longer answering questions. It looks like this is going to be the 3rd week in a row that you have left people hanging without notice. It is obvious that people respect your advice or they wouldn’t be here. I’m just asking for the same respect in return.

  16. My apologies. Unfortunately, I do not get paid to run this blog and I have other responsibilities. But I will try to give the readers a time-table, from here on out, where I will answer Start/Sit questions.

    If you need immediate Start/Sit advice in the future, I would consult the Start/Bench forum on the Fantasy Football Cafe:

  17. yo haz-this was your post..

    Nokia: I like the way you think. Benching VJax and moving McDonald into WR and Morris into Flex sounds like a good plan to me

    That did it for me! i won by 2 points cuz of morris. good one haz!

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